Stickman Uphill Water Slide 3D Stickman Uphill Water Slide 3D

Are you prepared for uttermost water slide adventure of Water Park games? If you are concur, then we tell you that uphill rush water park racing with a lot of water sliding action is here to entertain you too most.Water park racing is a fun of swimming in water: like water slide extreme. So as want to outlast in this water sliding stunt race, and performs all of your passionate water pool stunts in free water of pool in this free water game of water sliding.…/id1540545209

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Size: 220.90 MB
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Baby Shark Run Away Baby Shark Run Away

The wonderful and beautiful sea that stretches out endlessly is also mysterious.
But no one knows what’s going on in the deep sea.

What happened?

Shark family friends are in danger
The mysterious and beautiful sea is turning into a strange and dangerous sea.

A mysterious journey in the sea on a submarine!
Save your friends from the bad guys in the dangerous waters.

Who can run further!
Do you collect more points?
See if you can save more friends!
Compete with users from all over the world and get the best points.

Run right now~

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RMB Games – Race Car for Kids RMB Games – Race Car for Kids

*** Let your kids create a car and ride on the track with the new adventure educational game “Funny Race” from RMB Games.

*** Each level is voiced by a native speaker to help the child hear the correct pronunciation and learn new words.

An adventurous trip with favorite cars is all set to begin! Ready, set, go!
Designed for children from 1 year and older, kindergartens and preschools, it will develop babies’ and toddlers’ imagination and fine motor skills.

Which kid doesn’t love cool cars? Especially, when he can create unique cars for the race, drive faster than lightning, and cross obstacles on the road!

• Select a vehicle from 8 different models;
• Paint it with favorite colors;
• Choose the various kinds of wheels;
• Decorate with cute stickers;

• Ride through 23 funny levels
• Drive in different landscapes: in and out the city, snowy mountains and beautiful beach roads
• Cross obstacles on the road
• Jump on trampolines
• Collect stars, shapes and numbers while racing
• At the end of each race the winner gets prizes.

Have loads of fun with amazing vehicles!

CLASSIC – Retro car and others
MODERN – Police car, Fire rescue vehicle, Ambulance etc.
FUTURISTIC – Ice Cream car
FANTASY – Monster truck, Superhero machines etc.
CONSTRUCTION – Tractor and others.

This app will make your kids laugh out loud.

The games will help your boys and girls to:
• learn counting;
• learn the alphabet and new words;
• study the basic colors and shapes;
• develop new talents, creativity, and motor skills;

This is the best game that children love so much!
Millions of children and mothers around the world have praised our games!

No Ads! Babies and toddlers can have fun for a long time without stress and time limits.

Kids can have fun while learning! Our games will entertain and educate them.

We are constantly adding new educational games to our application stores around the world, which you can find on our website:

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Start endless fun and education now! Try it!

Thanks to everyone who plays our games and appreciates them!
RMB Games…/id1528896180

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Construction Excavator Game 3d Construction Excavator Game 3d

Welcome to the excavator games 2020 . It’s Time to work with loader ops to become a real excavator operator and a construction worker on steep hill climb areas. This heavy excavator crane game will bring you real off-road challenging game play. In this game you have to operate heavy machinery in steep hill climb areas. Excavator game 2019 will offer you to drive your loader excavator and dumper truck to carry mud and stones from one place to another in order to clear road.

In this heavy excavator crane game you will have to play role of crane operator or a loader and a dump truck driver in hilly off-road area. You may have played truck games, trailer driving games and loader simulator, but this excavator simulator is really challenging and really daring for the beginners. Use your pro skills of operating heavy machinery and enjoy amazing drive of excavator trailer rescue simulator on sharp hilly paths. Every child dreams about controlling heavy excavators and cranes. So this excavator simulator 2020 is best driver and parking simulator game for youngster, teenager, and mature people who love to play and controlling such machines.

Sometimes we often come across natural catastrophes happening every now and then, there will always be casualties, effecties and also survivors. Why don’t you become a part of rescue excavator team off road drive adventure in this extreme dump truck driver. So get ready and use your unique skills of operating heavy machines to help some survivors in this excavator games 2020. It’s not some ordinary dump truck games , But you actually have to work on construction sites with huge construction machines like excavator crane and dumper truck. In truck driving simulator 2020 game you will have to test your driving and excavator operating skills on off-road construction areas if you can handle all kinds of construction machines and drive heavy machines with care, then this loader simulator game is for you.

• Amazing off road landscapes.
• Smooth real trucks driving games controls.
• sand excavator and loader extremely easy to handle.
• Realistic weather condition, sunny day or raining.
• Detailed interior.
• Different camera angles, makes trailer parking a lot easier.…/id1528936096

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Mad Cars Mad Cars

This season the cars have all gone mad.
Steer a bunch of cars on a highway without rules and try not to crash them, at least not all of them.
Fill the road with your hoard of cars and complete the fun levels. You’ll be dodging rocks, pipes, holes in the road, trucks and many more, that will send chunks of your hoard of cars flying and explode.

Mad Cars features:
◉ Gameplay like no other
◉ Beautiful handmade 3d graphics
◉ Multiple environments to discover, including winter
◉ Various cars to unlock
◉ Plenty of handcrafted levels
◉ Funky soundtrack
◉ Haptic Feedback
◉ Optimization for all screens…/id1540479217

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Version: 1.0
Size: 34.62 MB
Seller: Popa Radu
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Paw Puppy Traffic Racing Paw Puppy Traffic Racing

Drive on Adventure bay and skip obstacles with paw puppies, collect bones and earn enough to upgrade your vehicle and pup.

If you are smart driver you will unlock fast new paw patrol characters, and see how far and fast you can run!

How to play:

– Collect some bones per level and drive a required distance to pass or win each level.…/id1538144920

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Version: 1.0
Size: 100.79 MB
Seller: David Tourino
Released: 2020-12-03 08:00:00

American Ambulance Simulator American Ambulance Simulator

Those who like to ambulance games! Are you ready to play the real ambulance game? Immediately respond to incidents that require emergency. Do your missions as the emergency service.

Game Features:
• 7 Ambulances (no wifi)
• Ultra HD graphics (no wifi)
• Offline game
• Interior driving
• Realistic ambulance sirens
• 3 sirens
• Rainy, night weather options
• Realistic car controls
• 500 missions
• Completely free

Have you been dreaming of being an ambulance driver all your life? Then it’s time to download this ambulance simulation. Our game, which is in the category of ambulance games, is completely free.

As soon as you receive a notice, get on your ambulance and move towards the scene. It is very important that you arrive at the scene on time. In high traffic roads, you can use your sirens to open the road and ask other drivers.

Our game that first comes to mind when it comes to ambulance games is one of the best simulation games of 2020. Carry your patients to the hospital on time. Be a true lifesaver. Get ready to play real ambulance simulator with ultra HD graphics.

You can control your ambulance vehicle with the steering wheel or direction keys. Don’t forget to turn on your sirens while going on missions.

• If you want to see more ambulance games, don’t forget to share and comment on our game.…/id1541495683

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Version: 1.0
Size: 159.07 MB
Seller: Eren Arslan
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Updated: 2020-11-29 12:51:12