Car Mechanic Junkyard Tycoon Car Mechanic Junkyard Tycoon

Be a car mechanic on a realistic car build or car fixing games environment; where you have to become car mechanic and modify cars on junkyard of tycoon auto car workshop. Modify model kit along with oil change or show your car build or car mechanic skills and modify or build a car like a pro along with car fixing games or car repairs ideas on sizzling junkyard of tycoon games atmosphere. You would have played many mechanic games but this car mechanic job 2020 is best among all other car builder games. Enhance your junkyard simulator skills and be pimp my ride car repair into workshop and customize car like a pro mechanic.

**Key Features**

• Thrilling auto mechanic games levels
• Car Mechanic 2020 games with realistic HD graphics
• Amazing gas station huge workshop for car garage
• Real time gas station auto mechanic shop
• Earn money and car upgrade or car workshop…/id1495308050

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Version: 1.0
Size: 176.53 MB
Seller: Umar Dilawar
Released: 2020-04-17 07:00:00

Virtual Animals Family Games Virtual Animals Family Games

Welcome To Virtual Animals Family Games !

Live the life of a Virtual animals family free simulator game. Raise your family, breed cubs, build a beautiful family sim is a free RPG adventures game of wild animal. Fox hunt with your family in beautiful biomass including savanna, island, forest. Play with your family. Become stronger by each level in this adventure game.

Hunt lots of enemies and including chicken, fruits, fish, vegetables, seeds, berries, rabbits, fungi, carrion and mammals much more will come with new locations soon! This is the best and most fun animal simulator out there.

Feature Of Virtual Animals Family Games

– Take care of various different types of animals
– Raise your own fox clan
– Lots of animals and other surprises
– Breed your virtual family, teach fox how to hunt and let them go into the wild
– Free animal shelter game experience for children and adults
– Hunt with your mate to support family…/id1494868727

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Version: 1.0
Size: 173.41 MB
Seller: Mohsin Raza
Released: 2020-04-15 07:00:00

Football Kick Shooter Football Kick Shooter

The 2020 season starts playing football! and scoring goals as the best soccer players in the world. Put the ball into the back of the net and make the goalkeeper or the smell. Get ready for the game to throw kicks and penalties most addictive of the world football! Become the most decisive player of the year 20 and become the true hero of your team. Build your dream player and play in the best leagues in the world.


Do not miss the opportunity to be a star football and play the biggest game that every football player should have. Take your team to the top! Make amazing goals and be a soccer hero!

Start earning money to bet better Cups. Feel the excitement of football fans and build your football team to become the star of the best football leagues. Football kick Shooter in every football manager can be the top scorer.

Fight against the goalkeeper and learn new tricks to score goals impossible! Celebrates victory as the champions of football famous European leagues.

Play as a Footballer Kick Shooter and enjoy an original game with the essence of the great games in the history of penalties released.

Download now!…/id1491468572

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Version: 1.0
Size: 81.95 MB
Seller: FROM THE BENCH, S.L. (From The Bench, SL)
Released: 2020-04-07 07:00:00

Chef Cooking Craze Game:Tycoon Chef Cooking Craze Game:Tycoon

Welcome to Chef Cooking Craze Game: Tycoon 3D

Hey! Welcome to your own kitchen where you can do all the cooking fun & madness you every time desire to do in cooking games. so grab your golden ticket to an astonishing cooking exploit. Your restaurant is located in the middle of the city. your most customers are a citizen. Ask for the orders & prepare them in the given time. Intensify your cooking skills and use all kitchen contraption to make some flavourful cupcakes, pizza, donuts & fresh juices, etc. Be the great cook of the municipality and make a fresh batch of cookies. Consider every consumer to clear each level.

Features of Chef Cooking Craze Game: Tycoon 3D:
Interesting gameplay.
Many recipes to cook
Food delivery truck missions to sell food.
Earn money to make other more delicious dishes.
Deal customers according to the demands.
Multiple cooking Levels
Amusing sound effects…/id1493288130

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Version: 1.0
Size: 174.52 MB
Seller: Zafar Hayyat Khan
Released: 2020-04-01 07:00:00

Thief Robbery Simulator Games Thief Robbery Simulator Games

Let’s start your real thief expedition! thief robbery simulator games, you might have played disparate
thief heist and sneak robbery games but this thief robbery simulator is not just to burglary in neighbor homes, you can also rob a bank, casino and other then also steal some major confidential files from the collaborate offices in thief robbery simulator. Useful game play smooth control with staggering the robber or thief games assign tasks to entire in robbery master of this sneak robbery games.Have fun to take title of executive serial heist of this thief robbery simulator games. Show your mansion robbery adroitness and sneak neighbor houses or other city banks to become the well liked robbery interactive of this era.At present, what are you stand by for come and quickly download this surprising game of thief robbery master 2020.

Features Of Thief Robbery Simulator Games:

* Collaborate offices robbery stealth missions .
* Real thief does and make memorable adventures.
* Time base robbery missions
* Loot everything that comes to your way.
* Rob Many houses .
* Hacking device for electric locks .…/id1492997810

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Version: 1.0
Size: 299.23 MB
Seller: Mohsin Raza
Released: 2020-03-31 07:00:00

Pottery Simulator Games Pottery Simulator Games

Create your own pottery using your own imagination.

DIY pottery using different predefined styles or simply your own creativity!

Form and shape any ceramic and decorate it the way you like from colors, stickers and add-ons.

You can either save your collection in your library or sell them to different auctions and get the highest bid price as a reward for your work and innovation.…/id1492906493

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Version: 1.0.1
Size: 132.78 MB
Seller: Tech Consolidated INC. (Tech Consolidated Inc)
Released: 2020-03-31 07:00:00

Granny Evil Nurse:Chapter 2.2 Granny Evil Nurse:Chapter 2.2

Welcome to Granny Evil Nurse: Chapter 2.2.

Granny Evil Nurse: Chapter 2.2 is a horror, adventure game. You start your game in an empty room after amnesia. You don’t know what happened. You start exploring abandoned hospital / haunted asylum, but you realize that you are not alone. You need to find some door keys and tools to succeed.

The door out is locked and you need to find ways to get out in a few days. You have to try to get out of her house, but be careful and quiet. If you drop something on the floor, he hears it and comes for you and he will be more granny nurse than usual. The mansion has many floors, including a cellar with secret doors to unlock.


– The environment is very dark, you will feel like playing in a night
– Terrifying atmospheric music and sounds
– Fearful and tension atmosphere
– You will feel the terror and fear in your bones
– That evil man gives the creeps…/id1492283861

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Version: 1.0
Size: 228.75 MB
Seller: Zafar Hayyat Khan
Released: 2020-03-22 07:00:00

Granny Evil Nun:Chapter 2.1 Granny Evil Nun:Chapter 2.1

Welcome to Granny Evil Nun: Chapter 2.1.

Let’s start the granny evil nun: chapter 2.1 haunted mansion story with this game. So, you are stuck in the mysterious haunted scary house because you are a friend kidnapped by the haunted granny & evil nun. You need to escape from this horror granny & evil nun trap. You are trapped in the haunted granny evil nun creepy house and you are feeling full scary. You are all alone this horror escape story house.

Horror & adventurous granny evil nun: chapter 2.1 game is fully shielded by shadowy & horror activities.haunted & scary forest escape by feeling the cold & annoying noises of evil nun spirits.

Features of Granny Evil Nun: Chapter 2.1

• Smooth and easy gameplay controls.
• Accomplish the level for your survival missions.
• Haunted escape house simulator game.
• Scary background sound effects.
• Collection of keys for unlocking the next missions.
• High-quality startling music.
• The environment is terrifying.…/id1491588328

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Version: 1.0
Size: 177.23 MB
Seller: Zafar Hayyat Khan
Released: 2020-03-19 07:00:00

Cooking World: Kitchen Diary Cooking World: Kitchen Diary

Join us in the most epic culinary adventure on Cooking Frenzy! Learn to cook burger, hot dog, pasta, and other dishes. Seat, serve, and collect coins from your customers. Build cafes and restaurants to become a star chef. Cooking Frenzy is an addictive and satisfying game for players of all ages.
**Cooking Frenzy is an epic cooking game with stunning graphic and satisfying gameplay.**
Chef Dash is a story of a young girl who has just graduated from a cooking school and dream of building her own restaurant and café empire. Before she achieves her culinary dream, she has to start small and learn to cook simple food that everyone loves. Her first café is a small diner that serves burger and hot dog to hungry customers who are always in the rush. Then she expands her business and open new restaurants that serve various dishes. At dinner time, she has to dash here and there to satisfy all customers. Cooking and serving the customers have to be done quickly, whether they are ordering burger, hot dog, or even gourmet dishes. There is no time to spare or she will get “chopped” from the culinary world.
Aside from being a start chef, you have to be able to manage time and money. Building a restaurant empire is a hard work. You have to learn to cook various dishes without reading recipes from the cook books. You also have to serve customers and make them happy within a very short time limit. You also have to achieve the minimum amount of coins per level. Then you have to use your earnings to upgrade your kitchen and restaurants so you can fulfill the requirement of the next level. It’s a crazy kitchen adventure but it’s so exciting and fun!
*Be a star chef and play our game for FREE
*Learn to cook, serve customers, and upgrade your restaurants.
*Stunning graphic and appealing main character.
*Enjoy exploring the culinary world and build various cafes and restaurants.
* Intense, addictive, and exciting.
*Many levels with different challenges.
*Intuitive game control.
*Get FREE gems by watching videos and connecting your account to Facebook.
If you don’t know how to cook the food from recipe book, don’t worry. Star Chef Ashley will guide you in the tutorial. If you don’t manage to achieve the desired result, you can also replay the level so you can achieve the perfect 3 stars.
If you are ready to join us on our culinary adventure, download our game NOW! It’s free and fun.

NOTE: Our game is forever FREE to play. However, if you want, you can buy some gems through in-app purchase.
We want to give the best gaming experience for our players. That’s why we work hard to keep updating the game with better features and remove errors from the game. If there’s any issue in the game, please let us know via email so we can fix the problem as soon as possible.

Love our game? Leave us a rating and review to support us!

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Version: 1.0
Size: 348.15 MB
Seller: Ha Tam
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Scary Granny Nun:Chapter 2 Scary Granny Nun:Chapter 2

Welcome to Scary Granny Nun: Chapter 2.

Let’s start the scary granny nun: chapter 2 haunted mansion story with this game. So, you are stuck in the mysterious haunted scary house because you are a friend kidnapped by the haunted grandmother. You need to escape from this horror grandmother trap. You are trapped in the haunted scary granny creepy house and you are feeling full scary. You are all alone this horror escape story house.

Horror & adventurous Scary Granny House – The Horror Game 2020 game is fully shielded by shadowy & ominous activities. Experience the haunted & scary forest escape by feeling the cold, creaking sounds & annoying noises of evil spirits.


3D haunted escape house simulator game.
Scary background sound effects.
Smooth and easy gameplay controls.
Collection of keys for unlocking the next missions.
High-quality 3D graphics.
Addictive activity gameplay.
Accomplish the level for your survival missions.…/id1489595400

Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.0
Size: 141.67 MB
Seller: Zafar Hayyat Khan
Released: 2020-02-28 08:00:00