Waterslide Uphill Park 3d Sims Waterslide Uphill Park 3d Sims

Water sliding is a real fun in summers. Do you love to go to water parks in uphill rush? Here is the perfect crazy water slide in this amusement water sliding park. Enjoy extreme stunts in the summer. Go as up as you can and then get ready for the most amazing adventure. Whooshhhh, go deep in the water pool. But be careful the slides are very slippery so be very careful on the sharp and curvy turns as you can fall from them and get hurts. There are some more swings like the biggest roller coaster and ferries wheel.
Adventurous water slides to have real fun and enjoyment
Smooth and realistic tilt control to avoid hurdles in water slide
Slippery and thrilling water slides
3D real water sliding amusement park view
Have a chance to perform real water sliding stunts
Enjoy jumps into water and play with water boats


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Version: 1.0
Size: 319.12 MB
Seller: Usama Ahmad Butt
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Play NBA NOW 21 – An Officially Licensed NBA Basketball Game
NBA Stars Await You in NBA NOW 21! Join the League and Show ’em What You Got!

[NBA NOW 21 Features]

– Experience an exciting NBA experience by playing on real NBA courts with real NBA players

■ Simple and Easy Gameplay ■
– Precisely control the ball while going in for a dunk
– Play with one hand, and win the NBA Championship

■ Play a Realistic NBA Experience ■
– Play with all NBA teams in every stadium across the full ’20-’21 NBA season schedule
– Live cards update player stats according to each player’s real-life performance- And much more!
– In Prediction you can predict the result of real-life NBA games

■ Build Your Lineup with Your Favorite NBA Players ■
– Collect players from All-Stars to retired, legendary players to complete your lineup
– Manage and build your own championship team

■ Compete Against Users from All Over the World ■
– In Ranked Battle, it’s you versus the world
– Challenge yourself all the way to a championship
– In Friend Battle, play with your friends across the globe


Become a great player like Stephen Curry, Jimmy Butler, Joel Embiid,
Nikola Jokić, Brandon Ingram and Zach LaVine and enjoy thrilling games in NBA NOW 21!


Mobile Phone Access Permission Notice

▶ Notice per Access Permission
The app needs permission to access the following to provide game service.

– None

– PHONE: The permission is required to proceed with in-game events and rewards and will not affect calls.


Language Support:
English, 한국어, 日本語, 中文简体, 中文繁體, Deutsch, Français, Português and Español


• The game offers in-app purchases for some game items. You may be charged with real money when you purchase items and some paid items may not be refundable depending on the type of item.
• For Terms of Service/Refund Policy, visit http://terms.withhive.com/terms/mobile/policy.html or refer to Terms of Service/Refund Policy in the game.
• For questions or customer support, please contact our Customer Support by visiting http://customer-m.withhive.com/ask.


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Version: 0.2.3
Seller: Com2uS Corp.
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Anime School Summer Sports Day Anime School Summer Sports Day

Athletics is a collection of sporting events that involve competitive running, swimming, throwing, and basketball. The most common type of athletics competition is track and field, but also includes football, basketball and swimming. The high school management announced a virtual summer sports day festival for the students. Participate in multiple games like running competition, basketball, swimming pool water race, and martial arts. You will get a chance to become sportsman of the year in this school sports day.

* Features *
• Multiple summer sports for all school girls & boys
• Amazing anime high school characters customization
• Challenging high school sports activities for all
• Enjoy basketball competitions with anime school girls
• Show your martial arts skills for winning the title
• Addictive game-play with pretty anime school characters
• Thrilling and stunning swimming pool water race competition


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Version: 1.0.0
Seller: Tahir Mahmood
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Sumo Wrestler Fighting 2021 Sumo Wrestler Fighting 2021

Sumo Wrestler Fighting 2021 is Japanese wrestling game of sumo fighters playing in a ring and will smash down the opponent out of the ring.

Download now and play this new stylized wrestling of sumo fighters. Beat the opponent so hard that throwing them out of the ring is easy for you. You will have different attacks like punches, kicks, super powers, uppercuts and lower-cuts. And block when the opponent is attacking so your energy will not be going down.

Choose in many sumo fighters so they will be scared of your entry. Your level will be slowly and gradually increased by the up gradation. Compete the world sumo wrestling legends and become a world champion.

This is a freestyle newly featured wrestling game of sumo wrestlers fighting for the sumo championship trophy. Be prepared to participate in the world contest of sumo wrestling championship.

Get ready for the thrill and fighting of grand sumo wrestler fighters in this dohyo arena game. Be a heavyweight sumo wrestling legend and express the sumo fighting combat action against the opponent sumo fighters, defeat them in many chapters and be the champion of this sumo fighting Championship.

The crowed is cheering, the opponents are scared, the fans are excited! Now it’s up to you!

– Dohyo Ring Fighting.
– Sumo Japanese Fighters.
– Choose in many sumo heroes.
– Different and well architected fighting arenas.
– Entertaining Gameplay.
– Detailed designed 3D models.
– Different combat attacks.
– Super power varies with buying new fighters.
– Upgrades and Rewards.
– The Best Sumo Fighting Game.


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Version: 1.0
Size: 152.32 MB
Seller: S Tanveer Hussain
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Martial Arts Fight Games 21 Martial Arts Fight Games 21

Let the madness take control over your fighting moves! This extreme martial arts action game requires all your PRO player strategies when you fight in a duel like a ninja. Pick a fighter that best fits your personality and start fighting. Clear all the levels to unlock more, and keep winning to come face to face with the gang boss. Your strikes will require all the strength while defeating such powerful world rumble wrestlers.

Do not fall back, keep on fighting and knock out all the enemies. Each level has multiple rounds to complete the round to go to the next level. The grand crowd is here to cheer you up while duel fighting, give your fans in the crowd some ninja action move to bear witness to. The awesome background music and realistic action sound coverage will deepen your interest in this rumble fight game.

Gather your friends and show them how it’s played. Remember to collect daily rewards. They will add up to your coins from which you can unlock a new ninja PRO fighter. Punch out all the enemies and take the victory. Double your duel rewards after each win by watching a video. Enter the world of real action, where the world’s most trained fighters meet. Practice your taekwondo or other martial arts-styled moves well, so you can be ahead of your rivals & rumble. Beat all the opponents and become the duel champion that you were born to be!

This game has amazing sound quality and background music to keep you interested. Its realistic graphics and top-of-the-world action moves will blow your mind away. The game is very easy to get a hang of, moreover, its easy-to-use UI controls will make movements in the game easy for you. The environment of the game has been specifically designed for the arena fighting lover. Do not miss out on this hit ninja rumble fighting game!

Fight like a master against powerful rivals and show them who is a clash king. Use your karate, punch boxing, taekwondo moves. Fight like a trained samurai and compete against all the powerful wrestling champions. Your Muay Thai and Kung Fu will come in very handy when you will stand against the heavyweight fighters. Get ready to defeat the rival gang with your powerful warrior stunts. Do not let them beat you, strike first and hard so that you have a clear shot of winning.

There will be a lot of twists in your action fight. Your enemy will try to overpower you in this duel through their PRO fighter’s moves. Knockout all your rivals and get your hands on victory. You can use multiple punch boxing and mixed martial arts style in this mega fighting game. Step out of the shadow of defeat and take over this combat like a hero you were always meant to be. Reveal your inner warrior in this game and wrestle till your last breath. The martial arts world is waiting for you to step in and show off your killer fighting. So start playing now and send your enemies to their defeat.

Martial Arts Fight Games 21 Features:

-Realistic graphics and background environment
-Amazingly designed characters with an awesome crowd for cheering
-Easy to use on-screen UI controls
-Awesome background music and sound effects
-Realistic fighting moves with never before played gameplay
-Daily rewards to unlock new fighters
-Multiple players to pick from and play


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Version: 1.0
Size: 337.62 MB
Seller: Little Play (RollingStudio)
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Soccer Derby Soccer Derby

Ragdoll Soccer Derby is a frantic mixture of a casual soccer and a fun ragdoll physics simulation game in all-in-one. You have to dribble around a football pitch and try to score goals against your opponent.


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Version: 0.5
Size: 211.21 MB
Seller: FIRE CHICKEN STUDIOS LIMITED (Fire Chicken Studios Limited)
Released: 2021-08-06 07:00:00

Moto Stunt Bike Race Xtreme 3D Moto Stunt Bike Race Xtreme 3D

Multiple bikes, multiple game modes multiple Tricks stunt ramp racing areas, and missile option. You can play and in time you unlock other bikes and racing highways master ramps. You have the best and fastest stunt bike in the world, so enjoy it. Keep your stunt fever on and play the best mega racing stunt game. Your furious driving skills & make you feel like a hero & champion winner. You would bet in here and chase your dreams. You have plenty of super-fast modified stunt bikes to choose from and get on the ramp to race through traffic, challenging overtaking cars & performing stunts master like a true champion hero

Face Challenges As a bike stunt racing game trickly master rider, you must be careful on mega ramps, because your rider is much faster than any other traffic rider and bike stunt racer. Keep in much that you should not crush any bike or motorcycles. All the bikers and fast-paced furious racers get ready to test your driving, stunt, racing, fighting &. Racing games carry multiple levels from easy trials to the path of perseverance. Are you a fan of free bike stunt games? stunts skills against the most dangerous & brutal bike drivers & racers around as here you would be on the mega ramp, the most brutal ramp with heavy bikes & driving at really fast speed. Drive, race & fight around the mega ramp city to prove that you are the best bike driver & racer.

There are 2 traffic modes in this bike racing game. Race, perform stunts, and avoid a variety of obstacles! From rolling barrels to cannon balls you will be facing plenty of obstacles on your way to victory in this adrenaline-pumping bike racing game. Adventure Bike Stunt Free 3D Moto Stunt Bike Race Xtreme 3D modes You can play multiple racing modes in this game. in one way mode, you try to avoid bike crushes by moving to left and right or by firing your missiles which you have in your bikes Two ways mode also has these options in the game.

The following features make it one of the best and unique games on the market:

Moto Stunt Bike Race Xtreme 3D Features:

– Easy to Use
– Missiles
– Unlock highways and bikes
– Multiple motorbikes, motorcycles.
– Multiple environments. Locked and unlocked environments.
– Flexible controls
– Multiple game modes
– flexible and comfortable usage and gears through which you can control it easily
– Nice and clear graphics


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Version: 1.0
Size: 256.09 MB
Seller: Hamza Sher
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Paintball Shooting Arena Games Paintball Shooting Arena Games

Paintball Shooting arena is PvP online battle royal game. Its fast paced and real challenging game for gun shooting games lovers,

This game will let you experience paintball arena with different features and goals.

Modes and features:

1:Shoot e’m All:

This mode give you opportunity to play against top players in a battle royal fight. this is best 1 vs 10 players arena where you can show your real skills.

2: Cage Fight:

Inspired from Wrestling , this cage fight mode give you little space to run and shoot your opponents.

3: Cowboy :

As a huge fan of cowboys, we made this level in traditional cowboy fight style. you stand, you get ready , and you shoot first, 

4: Eliminator:

This arena let you fight against other players , your friends from around the globe. you enter the arena and your only target is to keep your self safe and eliminate others.
this is best mode to show the world who is boss..

if you love paintball airsoft guns or tag team games, this game is for you. download and show us your skills.


1: Minor bugs Fixed
2: New Paintball arenas added
3: New Multiplayer modes added
4: Enjoy airsoft gun battlefield action

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Version: 1.0.3
Size: 152.93 MB
Seller: Ikram ullah
Released: 2021-07-31 07:00:00

Boxing Star Fight: Hit Action Boxing Star Fight: Hit Action

Get ready to be a part of an excited crowd, and impress them with your excellent boxing styles to prove to them that who is the greatest fighting world boxer. Real punch boxing game is designed for fighting enthusiasts and loves that idealize a good ring fighting. This game will let you go face to face with heavy weight boxers, get yourself trained to be able to stand a chance against them. You have the option to customize your player by giving them new fighting accessories like shorts, gloves, tattoos etc. Upgrade the strengths of your fighter now to knockout your opponents. Learn how to hook, face punch and jab with this game’s help. Get ready to start a creed wrestling tournament sports.

This game has different modes:

1. Career Mode:

If you are able to take risks and defeat the world strongest fighters then play in the career mode. Defeat all your opponents and be quick while making kick and taking shots in this mega brawl. Become a legendary creed ring boxer and win. Dodge your opponents and use your power and excitement for the match while playing martial arts sports.

2. Tournament Mode:

In tournament mode which features boxers competing in different weight divisions. Fight using your best moves and through kick and punches at the opponents like a champion that you are. Dodge them, fight and take multiple shots to defeat them in this brawl.

This game provides a personalized experience by giving option to customize your avatar. Intuitive touch controls and smooth gameplay will keep you hooked. Game has multiple creed challenges and levels play through to reach to the end. Awesome background music and environment will keep you engaged till the end. Get promoted in the game by defeating all the fighters. Try to survive in knockout levels to unlock more.

Use your Martials arts boxing moves like a PRO wrestler. Your opponents might use expert punches and heavyweight fighting techniques. Beat them to their own fight and let them know who is a champion at boxing game. Feel every jab, KO and hook uppercut because of the most intuitive controls in top world fighting games on your mobile phone. They may be coming from kung Fu, taekwondo, samurai or UFC background, but you’ve got the ultimate boxing gloves fight like a star and become a new hero like Rocky.

Real World Boxing: KO Star Features:

• Select and customize your boxer with latest fighting gears
• Real punch boxing fights & training simulation game
• Unlock super punches to surprise your rivals
• Competition against strongest fighters to become superstar
• Ultimate action packed punch boxing challenges
• Realistic actions and genuine punch boxing moves


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Version: 1.0
Size: 221.39 MB
Seller: Bulky Sports
Released: 2021-07-31 07:00:00