Heroes 2 The Bible Trivia Game Heroes 2 The Bible Trivia Game

The amazing Heroes Bible Trivia Game is back! Instead of wasting time with useless games or polarized social media feeds, why not learn about the greatest heroes of all time? Their stories will shape the way you live and the decisions you make in real life. And you’ll have lots of fun in the process. Sharpen your knowledge with the ultimate Bible trivia game. Download and start to play now!

Heroes 2: The Bible Trivia Game will help kids, youth and adults alike to get to study and to know more about the amazing stories of the Bible, to realize that you and I are also called to be heroes today, just like these characters from the past. It’s a lot of fun for the whole family, a challenge made for all ages.

You start with Adam and Eve, the first heroes who ever lived. As you collect experience points (XP) you will unlock all other heroes, all the way to John, the Son of Thunder.

Your score is how fast you can answer a 12 question game session. But you’ve got help. There are 10 special effects that help you save time and progress faster. From the Elijah Effect that gives you a Double portion of XP to the Friday Effect which gives you Double Manna. By the way, you need manna to buy effects.


With Heroes 2 you will be able to challenge your family and friends by sharing a simple link. You can even challenge all of your friends at once. They will have to play and answer the same exact 12 questions you just did and try to beat your best score! Heroes 2 will keep a ranking screen for your own game session so you can find out who is the best. You will love challenging your pastor, priest or youth leader.

Are you ready to master this trivia quiz game?

Challenge yourself through this Bible trivia game on a Biblical journey. The more XP you have the more heroes are unlocked. You start in the book Genesis and continue exploring with Heroes from the Old and New Testament you end up with John in the book of Revelation.

It’s easy and fun to play!

Each game consists of 12 questions and your score is how quickly you can answer them. Watch out! Extra time will be added if you answer incorrectly.
At first, the questions are really easy. But then the questions get much harder. In fact, the last level of question is labelled as “Absolutely impossible Questions!”

Before starting a game, you can take up to 3 effects in your satchel. Effects are power-ups that help you on your journey. To buy and upgrade your effects, you will need manna. Collect manna by knowing the Bible stories and answering correctly.

Use manna to buy effects that will help you answer the questions more quickly and efficiently. Some of the effects are:

– Daniel Effect: reveals the Bible verse where the correct answer is found.
– Joshua Effect: freezes time for 5 seconds just as the sun stopped for Joshua.
– Jonah effect: skips the question just as Jonah skipped the mission.
– Lazarus effect: gives you a second chance… get it?
– Jesus effect: It shows you the way, pointing to the correct answer.
– Friday effect: doubles how much manna you get per question!

Want to get to know your Bible heroes better?

To help you answer the Bible game questions correctly, you can learn about these Heroes on our website: www.heroesbibletrivia.org

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It’s time to play! Invite your friends and family and find out who is the master on Heroes 2: The Bible Trivia Game! The more you play, the better you become.


New Challenges Mode!

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Version: 1.1
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Guess The Song Lyric Quiz Guess The Song Lyric Quiz

Test your music knowledge by guessing the name of the song based on the lyrics that appear on the screen.

-Guess the song gives you with the opportunity to guess the name of the song by signing some lyrics.

An app designed for music lovers.

Simple & Fun :
*Can you identify the song just by reading the lyrics that appear on the screen?

*Includes over 4300 levels ranging from all time favourites, rap, pop, rock, metal, old school rap music and many more.

*Install this awesome free music quiz app, read the lyrics on the screen and guess the name of the song.

*Finish the Levels and unlock new stages.

*Contains songs from every decade : 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, up to Today’s top-hit songs.

*Use the helpful hints to pause the countdown timer or remove any invalid answers.

*Choose to test your knowledge on your favourite type of music.

*More Updates with new levels coming soon with over the air updates through the application.

*We would love to hear your feedback or suggestions regarding future improvements or song/music categories additions. You can either leave a review or contact us directly through our website.

*Download for free and enjoy!


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On Pipe Agent On Pipe Agent

it is a on pipe Agnet game users can easily play this game by one tap touches. And it is one of the dream pipe games with astonishing graphics and easy play. Try to clean the trashes on the water pipe. Enjoy the best pipe game in store

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Find The Difference Ⓞ Find The Difference Ⓞ

Ready for emoji puzzles and brain training fun? Find the difference – spot odd one is an exciting new find difference game where you look at pictures and try to spot the one that doesn’t belong. A simple difference finding game to play, but an impossible brain puzzle to master!

Think you’re good at finding the mistake? With Find The Difference your goal is to look at the puzzle pics of emojis and spot the odd one out. If you can solve the level in the limited time you might be a genius! You’ll need sharp eyes and a fast brain to solve the odd one out emoji puzzles game.

Have fun finding the differences in these crazy modes:
1. Arcade – Spot the odd one as fast as you can!
2. Emoji – Find the odd emoji among other emojis.
3. Multiplayer – Play real-time multiplayer PvP games.

Fun features in spot the differences free puzzle game:
– Over 100 categories to find the difference!
– Three different fun game modes
– A huge variety of images, pictures, and emojis
– Hints to help you find differences when you get stuck
– Leaderboards that track high scores
– Play with or without timer
– Powerful brain teaser puzzles
– Achievements and bonuses to unlock

Find The Difference is a challenging, unique, and fun puzzle game. emember this is a brand new variation to find the differences types of game. The fun part of the game is you don’t have to find differences, you simply have to find the odd one out image. Spot the maximum number of differences within limited time in this addictive brain workout puzzle. Spot the differences quickly to earn free rewards. This is an addictive puzzle game you’ll love!

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Combo Toy Worlds Combo Toy Worlds

Combo toy world is an adventure funny game of the angry panda toy. This game is about running jumping and slide in the combo worlds. Your challenge is to collect coins, keeping the panda safe from obstacles, collect more coins to let you unlock more skins of your favorite toys and tag a new character and also can let you move to another city world.
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Fix Ads and other bugs.

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Unblock : Red Block Sliding Unblock : Red Block Sliding

“Unblock : Red Block Sliding” is a challenging mobile puzzle game where you must move the red block all the way to the right side of the game board. Other blocks must be moved out of the way of the red block in order for it to escape!

● Drag blocks on the board in order to clear a path so the red block can escape.
● Undo button so you can undo previous block moves.
● Reset button so you can reset the board back to the beginning and try again.
● It comes with Level Creator Editor Window to easily create new levels.
● Organize levels into Bundles / Packs.
● Each completed level earns a star, collected stars can be used to unlock level packs.
● Packs can be locked, you must spend coins, earn stars, or make an in-app purchase to unlock them.
● You can use hints which will show them how to complete the level.
● Coins are rewarded for completing levels, coins can be used to purchase Packs or to use hints.
● Game saves its state so you don’t lose their progress.

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Pixeltor Adventure Pixeltor Adventure

In the World of Pixels, run run and run and get fruits by defeating every enemy. You have two different worlds with different levels. Levels will never end ,i.e., they are infinite and you have to fight against enemies. Unlock new characters with more lives and play.


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Version: 1.0
Size: 61.62 MB
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Released: 2021-02-18 08:00:00
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Super Draw – Puzzle Game Super Draw – Puzzle Game

Illustrations that are missing something …
Let’s think about something that is missing and draw to complete the illustration.

*To the game commentator
We allow the live performance of this app.
Please enjoy yourself.


-Bug fix

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Version: 1.0.2
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