Jewizz – Le Grand Quizz Juif Jewizz – Le Grand Quizz Juif

Savez-vous quel personnage de Friends est juif ? A quoi sert la Kippa ? Qui est le frère de Moïse ?

Venez tester vos connaissances en vous amusant !

Avec Jewizz, devenez incollable sur la Bible, les acteurs juifs, la religion, l’histoire d’Israël, et bien d’autres…

– Plus de 700 questions de type QCM, images, ou mots à deviner
– 11 thématiques parmi lesquelles religion, film, musique, histoire…
– 7 niveaux de difficultés : de bébé à prophète
– Un système de score pour défier vos amis
– Des centaines de photos d’époque recolorisées

Jewizz va vous apprendre tout ce que vous vouliez savoir sur la culture juive. Chaque réponse est commentée et illustrée pour un apport pédagogique assuré.

Qu’attendez vous pour atteindre le niveau Prophète ?…/id1557251502

Nouvelles questions ajoutées.

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Draw Rescue: Dog vs Bee Draw Rescue: Dog vs Bee

Draw Rescue: Save The Dog Bee is funny puzzle game
You need save the dog by drawing the line to protect the dog from the attack of the bees, hold on and you will win the game.Use your brain to save the doge
With thousands of different challenges that will help you train your mind and bring great relaxation moments.
So what are you waiting for without downloading Draw Rescue: Save The Dog Bee game to join our thousands of challenges today…/id1637469662

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Presenting the quiz game application that will test your otaku knowledge!

Become a member of ‘Otaku Academy’ and try questions from various categories such as manga, anime, video games, tokusatsu, and cosplay. Try to achieve the top ranking!!

Practice Questions:
First choose the category and field of knowledge, then the difficulty level of the questions you want to try!
(i.e.) ‘Easy’ questions in the ‘Battle/Fighting’ genre of ‘Manga’

After answering a few practice questions, players will be introduced to new titles and can view or read the works themselves, as well as learn new information about the series. Find out more about new and upcoming titles from Japan while challenging you knowledge on stories you know!

Points earned from quiz questions will be totalled, then the Japan and global rankings will be announced!
Show your impressive otaku ranking to all your friends!!

You can look forward to lots of updates, including special tests, chances to submit your own questions, and collaboration events with popular works!…/id1624642253

bug fix.

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Make Your Own Trivia Make Your Own Trivia

Answer trivia questions and create your own trivia categories and questions. This game comes with sets of questions and lets the player create their own trivia game! No in-app purchases ever! When you download you get it ALL! Make Trivia Night even more special with your own game. You can even put images from the internet on your own game!…/id1634974865

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Daily Bible Trivia: Quiz Games Daily Bible Trivia: Quiz Games

DOWNLOAD the best Bible trivia games!

Daily Bible Trivia has exciting trivia games for Christians and Believers! Daily Bible Trivia starts as an easy Bible Trivia app game and gets harder as you level up!

– Thousands of Bible Trivia quiz questions
– Have fun as you learn more about the Holy Bible
– Read the Bible Verse of the Day to help your Bible study
– Can’t figure out the answer? Use coins to get a hint and win the level!

– Daily bonus coins for free hints!
– A Bible Trivia App game like no other
– Over 1000+ Levels of quiz games!
– Answer over 10,000 trivia questions!
– Fun for the faithful and a great addition to your personal bible trainer
– Play Bible Trivia Quizzes OFFLINE or ONLINE – anytime, anywhere, a fun game without wifi
– For trivia games about the word of God and Jesus Christ download Daily Bible Trivia for free quiz games Now!

Get Daily Bible for the best trivia game apps. Designed for quiz game and Christian game fans, and more!
Play trivia games now in Daily Bible Trivia- Amen!

The prizes in this word game are not exchangeable for real-world money or prizes. Having an issue with these trivia and quiz games for iPhone and iPad? For immediate support, contact us at [email protected]

– Daily rewards when you play!
– Bible Verse of the Day to help your Bible study
– New Improvements and Fixes

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Version: 1.104
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Word Search – Word Game Word Search – Word Game

This is a wonderful and fun word game. We give you a list of hidden words. You must find them in a grid of letters. The words may be placed horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

This game requires a sharp mind and a good attention span.


– 25,000 levels of 3 Difficulty Levels: Easy, Medium, Hard
– Beautiful game backgrounds with Light Mode and Dark Mode
– Works in both Portrait and Landscape Orientation
– Game available in multiple languages
– Use the Magic Wands whenever you get stuck
– Cloud Save, so you can always pick up where you left off. Your data will be synchronized across your multiple devices
– Local Statistics & Global Leaderboards
– Local & Global Achievements
– You can compete with people around the world. Check the online leaderboards after each game to see your global standing.


– One way to find words is to go through the puzzle left to right (or right to left) and look for the first letter of the word. After that search for the next one and so on.
– Another way is to look for the least common letter within a word. E.g. X,Z,Q and J.
– Words that contain double letters can be easier to find. Once you spot 2 identical letters side-by-side there is a high change that you have also found the word you were looking for.


If you have any technical problems please email us directly at [email protected] Please, don’t leave support problems in our comments – we don’t check those regularly and it will take longer to fix any issues that you might encounter. Thank you for your understanding!…/id1629077212

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Into The Backrooms Into The Backrooms

Welcome to The Backrooms.

As a new employee of Maglabs. Your first mission is to enter the Backrooms and take pictures of anything within. We don’t know what you will encounter there, we only wish you good luck. Don’t forget to wear your hazmat suit…
Keep exploring, you may end up in a new level, new world or a even a new universe.. Nobody knows where it leads..…/id1629533666

Fix minor bugs

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Pet Shelter Trivia Crack Pet Shelter Trivia Crack

Come rescue puppies and kittens in Pet Shelter! Prove you can save them by answering trivia questions! They are waiting for you!

Do you love fun games? Don’t miss this new adventure by Trivia Crack’s creators!

RESCUE – Be the one the pets need.
The escaped pets are in trouble and it’s up to you to find them.
Team up with Jack, a street wise dog. Find out together what happened to the Guardian and follow him to new adventures.

ANSWER TRIVIA – Lots of trivia.
A new trivia adventure with over two million questions! Tease your brain with new quizzes proposed by users and curated by the team behind Trivia Crack. If you enjoy fun games and trivia games, don’t miss Pet Shelter

CUTE PETS – Each one specially crafted.
Restore the local pet shelter using your wits and knowledge. No one in town is as ready as you are. Are you ready for the trivia challenge? Beat the questions and discover the truth behind town mysteries.

MEET – Dozens of neighbors to challenge.
Talk to neighbors and overcome their quizzes, receive clues and uncover whatever happened to the shelter. Experience a unique narrative through towns meeting unique characters.

CHILL – Enjoy the art and the trivia.
Have a peaceful moment and relax while playing while keeping your brain exercised.

So if you are looking for fun games, what are you waiting for? Download Pet Shelter now and rescue puppies and kittens while becoming a trivia expert!…/id1550173760

New levels, extra decorations for your shelter and more space for lost pets. Keep playing the best trivia, from the creators of Trivia Crack!

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Audio vocab builder – Menura Audio vocab builder – Menura

Menura is the easiest way to learn English words and extend your vocabulary in the background.
Vocabulary learning is the basis of foreign language learning. Researchers found that memorizing the first 1000 words of a language will let you understand 80% of the language content.

How Menura works:

1. Start learning new words by completing small challenges every day.
2. Use different quiz modes to keep you engaged while learning.
3. Get recommendations for your vocabulary based on the topics you are interested in
4. Create your own word sets and add custom words to learn
5. Use our audio player to learn in the background
6. Track your progress

We use spaced repetition – you only learn the words that you are about to forget.

Smart AI algorithm analyzes words you learn to make personal recommendations for new word collections to stay focused on your vocabulary context.

More information here:
Have a question? Contact us: [email protected]


Privacy Policy:

Terms of Use:…/id1523618981

– offline mode – learn when you travel!
– playback queue and quiz customization – combine queue/quiz from selected words and collections
– random words collection – explore more words to learn
– mistaken words collection – practice the words where you make the most mistakes
– new learning language – Spanish
– more images for translations
– improved words pronunciation
– Ukrainian language on UI
– bug fixes and app stability

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Version: 1.8.2
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Skin Ape CSGO: Skins Cases Skin Ape CSGO: Skins Cases

Join the SkinApe community!
Why? Skin Ape gives you a chance to win your favorite CSGO skins completely for free! Take CSGO quizzes to earn coins. Next, use them in the item shop or for case opening! There are many skins and cases waiting for you. The skins will be sent directly to your Steam profile. It’s so simple! Check it right now and power up your CSGO inventory!

Terms of use:
Privacy policy:…/id1573899068

Improved skin market
New questions in the quiz

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