Billionz – A Quiz With A Twist Billionz – A Quiz With A Twist

Billionz It’s a quiz game where you can challenge your friends and enemies to answer questions from many categories!

Whether you’re at home or on-the-go, it’s the new way to play a classic game that we have transformed into a eSport.

Play against real people for free then switch to cash games when you’re ready to compete and win!

No longer a solitary experience!

• Games can be played Head to Head with other players or in large, multiplayer tournaments.

• Challenge people around the world with eGoGames, a competition platform complete with leaderboards, trophies, Cash or virtual currency prizes, and an amazing loyalty program that rewards you for playing!


Do you have any questions?

You can email us to [email protected]

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RMB GAMES – Baby alphabet abc RMB GAMES – Baby alphabet abc

Welcome to the 2nd series of educational and loved by the whole world Kids Games “World of Alphabet – 2”.

We certified own methodology in the UK and US for teaching kids from 1 year old, which was highly appreciated by:
• Millions of moms & teachers of kindergartens world wide!

This best game will help your boys and girls:
• independently learn new words,
• learn letters,
• develop motor skills and attention,
• develop coordination of movements,
This is the Best game that children love!

It is very useful for children from 1 year and older, for kindergartens and preschool institutions.

This bright, interactive, educational game consists of 9 fun developing levels in which your kid with his familiar and lovely characters will visit the famous cities of Europe and 3 adventure mini-games:
• “Smart builder”,
• “Sunny day”,
• “Fascinating walk”

In the game “smart Builder” the character needs to demolish old buildings as soon as it possible so that new ones can be built on their place. To do this, the character gets into the crane and begins to demolish the house, getting the ball in the correct letters.

In the game “Sunny Day”, a favorite character with your child walks through the sunny, colorful parks and streets of Paris filled with recognizable architecture. The character gets hot from the sun and he uses his super ice cream to cool off by firing letters.

In the game “Fascinating walk”, lovely characters with your child will walk along the narrow European streets, jump over puddles, laugh, admire the architecture and, the most important, practice the letters of the Alphabet. No weather conditions will prevent your child from enjoying the walk and learning the Alphabet.

Simple and intuitive understandable control will make the first acquaintance with the letters easy and fun. Also, amazing characters will entertain your child with various sound effects and animations.

Pay attention to how children learn. Babies and toddlers can have fun for a long time without stress and time limits.

Also, we would like to tell you about the interesting process of creating educational games for children. So you will have a better idea of the hard work that we put into each game.

1) It starts with the searching and designing of the ideas for our own certified methodology for teaching children from 1 year and older. For example, a game may contain at least 12 levels. As soon as the design of the idea is completed, the next stage may begin.

2) The stage of creating sketches is a great way to quickly try different options for each illustration of the game. This gives us a better idea of the visual images of children’s game.

3) As soon as the sketches are approved, we proceed to the search for the artist. With particular significance, we approach the choice of the style of the future game, as we know how important is the balance between education and getting pleasure from the game for children from 1 year old.

4) Meanwhile, the composer creates a melody based on the idea of a future game. Both the game and the artist’s illustrations serve as a source of inspiration for creating music.

5) Then, we translate our educational games for children into other languages.

6) When all the steps are completed, it is important to see how the game looks on the device. You need to check all the texts, pictures, animations, sound effects, voice-overs, glitches, and so on. Our professionals (programmers and testers) do this.

7) Only after successful tests we release our educational games for children. This whole process can take from two to six months. This is a very interesting trip and we love what we do!

We are constantly adding new educational games into the application stores around the world, which you can find on our website:

Start endless fun and education now!…/id1495554378

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ABC pre k learning – RMB GAMES ABC pre k learning – RMB GAMES

Welcome to the 2nd series of Educational and beloved Kids Games “World of Numbers – 2”.

The game will help your little boys and girls:
• learn to count
• develop motor skills,
• develop thinking,
• develop patience attention,
• learn new words.
This is the best game that children love so much!

Millions of Children and Moms around the world have praised our games!

It is very useful for children from 1 year and older, for kindergartens and preschool institutions.

These fun educational games consist of 9 fun educational mini-games:
• “Funny jump with the numbers”,
• “Smart jump rope”,
• “Funny hide and seek with numbers”,
in which your baby will learn to count.

In the game “Funny Jump with the Numbers”, your baby, together with the characters, will play different children’s jumping games with numbers, which are called Classics.
In this game you need to find the right number and jump beautifully to it.

In the game “Smart jump Rope”, your child, together with his favorite characters, will jump through the rope at different playgrounds, in beautiful city parks and learn to count from 1 to 10.

In the game “Funny hide and seek with numbers” – the child will look for numbers of different colors and shapes that will try to hide from him behind various colorful places in numerous playgrounds.

Simple and intuitive controls will make the first acquaintance with numbers and math easy and fun, fantastic characters will entertain your child with various sound effects and animations.

Pay attention to how children learn. Babies and toddlers can have fun for a long time without stress and time limits.

We are constantly adding new educational games to our application stores around the world, which you can find on our website:

Start endless fun and education now!…/id1499242620

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Seller: RMB INVESTMENT COMPANY, INC (Sladco: Free Learning Apps for Toddler Boys & Girls – Educational Baby Games for Little Kids)
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Word Search Smash Word Search Smash

Learn new words while having fun or just play classic word search with different categories.

No Ads!

A great game with 4 different levels; easy, medium, hard & super hard.
Meaning for every word that you search (in dictionary mode) will be displayed, so you increase your vocabulary while having fun.

A fixed amount of hints will be available at the top right corner for every level which you can use to help find the next word.

Have fun!…/id1500245034

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Version: 2.0
Size: 82.61 MB
Seller: RedMax Solutions
Released: 2020-03-30 07:00:00
Updated: 2020-03-30 14:17:32

Amazing Jumping Frog Amazing Jumping Frog

Amazing Jumping Frog is an endless running game where you have to jump over obstacles .

The popular game Amazing Jumping Frog has come to App Store!
What are you waiting for? Come and experience this crazy game-Jumping Frog for free now!
All you need to do is helping the little quaver of obstacles
One thousand players called a thousand! Share with your friends, listen to what they called.
This is a strongly recommended app.Besides, you will have experienced with Amazing Jumping Frog !!
Please don’t forget to rate our app and give us your feedback to let us improve the game for you.…/id1504287954

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Wordrobe Crossword Game Wordrobe Crossword Game

Become a crossword puzzle expert while having tons of fun!

* Wordrobe puzzle contains 9000+ ready to play levels.
* It’s so fun and easy to start, and then gets more challenging when you progress.
* Learn new words and improve your vocabulary with dictionary.

* brgfx
* alicia_mb
* Ddraw
* freepik
* macrovector
* anggar3ind
* Terdpongvector
* denamorado
* pikisuperstar
* prosymbols
* smashicons
* Jaz_the_MAN_2
* Soughtaftersounds
* FunWithSound
* DDmyzik…/id1504546273


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Version: 1.2
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Updated: 2020-03-30 18:00:49

Thinkvote – Would you rather? Thinkvote – Would you rather?

Social network with fun games of would you rather , this or that , never have I ever and more. “Thinkvote” will help spark fun and interesting conversations that lead to you learning more about your friends and family.

Create and answer would you rather questions like ” Would you rather have a golden voice or a silver tongue?”

Have fun with friends and family voting on would you rather questions and more. See what people around the world vote on and what their opinion is.

Play “never have I ever” and learn what your friends and family have done or have not done, leading to a great conversation or an interesting story.

“Thinkvote” is built to express your opinion on variety of topics and get a look into what other people think about certain things in life.

Key Features:

– Create posts of varies kind “Never have I ever” , ” This or that” , “Would you rather?” , ” Agree or Disagree”

– Vote on posts.

– Get posts created by your friends and votes they have casted on the feed in chronological order.

– See statistics on posts and who voted for which choice.

Current post templates:

– Would you rather
Choose between two options, from questions ranging from deep to fun and hilarious.

-Never have I ever

Tell things you have done and haven’t done, use it as a gate way to tell an interesting story from the past.

– This or that

Choice between two simple options

– Agree or Disagree

A statement is presented simply vote to agree or disagree with it, great way to start a debate on interesting topics


This product is in no way associated with Spin Master Games that own the “Would you rather” trademark or any of its products.

Questions or statements in this app doesn’t represent any challenge to be achieved.…/id1503982046

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Version: 1.0
Size: 30.94 MB
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Space Expert Space Expert

Guess the words in space on a fantastic spaceship. Planets, space and stars, you will come across words on all these cosmic topics. Explore new worlds flying on a spaceship. Become the discoverer of new cosmic words. But the most important thing is that you should know that for every mistake your spaceship is damaged and may completely break down. So be careful when guessing words so as not to be in outer space.…/id1504900927

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Version: 1.0
Size: 49.52 MB
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Krzyżówki Gazety Wyborczej Krzyżówki Gazety Wyborczej

Krzyżówki Gazety Wyborczej wracają! Z wydania papierowego przenosimy się do Waszych telefonów i na Wasze tablety.

W naszej najnowszej aplikacji znajdziesz:

Klasyczne krzyżówki po polsku
W krzyżówkach klasycznych wyrazy pionowe krzyżują się z poziomymi. Każdy wyraz ma przyporządkowaną liczbę, oznaczającą gdzie należy go wpisać na krzyżówce i ułatwiający odnalezienie wyjaśnienia danego hasła na liście.

Jolki to krzyżówki, w których określenia do haseł nie mają podanych miejsc wpisywania. Szukasz trudniejszych wyzwań? Jolki są dla Ciebie!

Krzyżówki tematyczne
W krzyżówkach tematycznych większość haseł dotyczy jednego tematu. Dla przykładu, w krzyżówce “JERZOWIE” możesz spodziewać się zarówno Owsiaka, jak i Kukuczki.

Nie wiesz, na co się zdecydować? Z głównego ekranu wybierz opcję “wylosuj krzyżówkę” i zobacz, co dla Ciebie wybierzemy.

Sprawdź się i spróbuj rozwiązać każdą łamigłówkę na 100%. Pomogą Ci w tym funkcje takie jak:

Tu znajdziesz wyjaśnienie wszystkich ikon i dowiesz się, jak wygodnie rozwiązywać krzyżówki.

Chcesz zacząć od początku? Nie ma problemu, ta funkcja pozwoli Ci na wyczyszczenie całej łamigłówki.

Wybierz tę opcję, jeżeli chcesz upewnić się, czy poprawnie wpisałeś pojedyncze hasło, lub gdy chcesz sprawdzić jak poszło Ci rozwiązywanie całej krzyżówki.

Tu w wygodny sposób przejrzysz listę wszystkich objaśnień. Jeżeli wpiszesz tutaj hasło, pojawi się ono również w standardowym widoku.

Pytania? Propozycje? Problemy? Prosimy o kontakt pod adresem [email protected] lub z poziomu samej aplikacji. Twoja opinia jest dla nas ważna, a my dołożymy wszelkich starań, aby Ci pomóc.…/id1501833786

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Version: 1.0.1
Size: 50.78 MB
Seller: Agora S.A (AGORA SA)
Released: 2020-03-28 16:40:55