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Tamil Letters Tracing is a great app for Tamil language lovers. 
Trace Along with the Path, Learn the Language Easily, like how our parents teach us by holding our hands.
You And Your kids could learn and practice Tamil letters with great joy. 
No Age Limit.
Anyone Who Interested to learn tamil, just download the app.

Learn to write and pronounce Tamil alphabets easily.


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Word Play – Connect & Search Word Play – Connect & Search

Word Play is a puzzle game where you search and connect letters to spell words.

Hunt words, relax and feel free to become the best puzzles solver ever! Increase your iq! Word Play like a pro

Great brain training puzzle games to kill time and have fun. Simply connect letters to build words, finish level and get awesome rewards. You’ll never experience a dull moment after you try this addicting word search game!

Word Play game features:
– 2000 challenging levels, more than 10000 words to discover
– Beautiful graphics and smooth animations
– Relaxing music and sound effects
– Easy to learn and use game controls
– Find extra words to collect bigger bonuses
– Play daily to get free Golden tickets and collect bonus coins.

Need Help? Have Questions?
Please contact us at [email protected]


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Crossy Road: Kick The Buddy Crossy Road: Kick The Buddy

Sudoku Puzzle is one of the most popular calculation games. It is played by employing logical thinking. The calculation process does not require calculus or any special mathematics expertise. You only need to brainstorm and concentrate.The process of solving Sudoku is filling numbers from 1-9 into 9×9 grids. Numbers in each column and each row and each group (3×3 grids in rough-line boxes) cannot be repetitive.

Sudoku Puzzle also added two different modes. Diagonal Sudoku and Hyper Sudoku has more requirements. Numbers on more special group have to be numbers from 1-9 and cannot be repeated.

If you play Sudoku every day, you can improve your concentrated force and further develop your brain potential.


bug fixes and performance improvements

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Travel Trivia Test Travel Trivia Test

Are you an avid traveler? Get Travel Trivia Test now and prove how well you know your world! 

Travel Trivia Test is simple to play but difficult to master. You are presented with a pic of a favorite destination or cultural landmark. Your challenge is to find the answer from scrambled letters. Beware, each pic is hidden behind blocks, with more coins rewarded for fewer reveals.

Use your geographic reasoning to advance to the next level. 

Sounds easy? Think again!


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Word Joy: Brain up Word Joy: Brain up

No more confusion about which word game fits you most because ALL in ONE now!

Word Joy contains four types of popular word games, bringing various joyfulness!
You can have your own Brainsize Curve to record your progress every day! Compete with friends or other word experts from all over the world!
When your hands are full, just tell your answer words and earn your scores!

-Word Tiles: Swipe the words to crush blocks.
-Word Connect: Connect the letters to build words.
-Jigsaw Word: Drag the pieces to form words.
-Word Search: Mark the hidden words.

– A collection of 4 word games and thousands of well-designed levels!
– Voice recognition function to free your hands!
– Brainsize Numbers to track your improvement!
– Weekly Brainsize Ranking to compete with anyone from anywhere!
– Peaceful and cheerful music and pictures!
– Sign in with Apple accounts!
– Dark Mode available!
– New devices support!


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Looter Baldi Catch By Police Looter Baldi Catch By Police

Play as a real thief!

Sneak, steal from secured houses, disable security systems and rob every thing .

Lets start your real Thief journey! Rob most secured houses in the town.

Baldi have to steal everything at home to collect a lot of money without the police seeing you.

You can switch to a box so no one can see you.

But if they see you they will catch you,
Thus, you will annoy the neighbors.

You are about to rob houses, shops and buildings on Walton Street. Park your car at safe place near your target house.


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CandyBots Tracing Kids ABC 123 CandyBots Tracing Kids ABC 123

Tracing Letters Phonics – Writing Reading Activity Practice – Learning Game for Kids!

Candybots Tracing Kids ABC 123 is a fun tracing writing game for baby, toddlers and preschool kids! Teach your little baby girls and boys trace handwriting and write letters, alphabet ABC, numbers 123, and draw 10 basic shape forms. With baby bots – the cartoon characters and many practice activities, Preschool Kindergartners will fun exciting to learn the practice of writing letters, uppercase letters, lowercase letters A to Z, tracing the numbers 0 to 9, drawing the square shape, the rectangle shape…And reading English phonics.

Handwriting letters for kids has never been so easy and fun with cartoon animated baby bots characters.
Candybots Tracing Kids educational app is the best tracing app for your little child learn to read and write English phonics letters, words, numbers with fun activity. Toddlers preschoolers start beginning to learn writing the basics of 26 letters alphabets, 10 letters numbers, 10 basic shapes before go to school.
Kids love fun Handwriting, and this Magic Tracing Game is one of the best drawing colorful book for children!

Writing The Alphabet A to Z and The Number 1 to 9, BABY! THE MAGIC TRACING GAME
– Best tracing app for kids to practice basic of English writing. Puzzle drawing for kindergartners before go to school.
– Fun Tracing: for each letter, toddlers can easily trace with their finger. The fun animated baby bots characters will help kids remember and recognize the letters quickly and funny.
– Practice Drawing: kids preschool can draw 3 different fun ways with each letters, numbers, shapes.
– Learn to pronounce English phonics: ABC phonics sound, numbers 123 sound and shapes basic names for children learning vocabulary.
– Write Number – Tracing 123 and Write Alphabet – Tracing ABC is based on the concept of Learning with Fun.

• Candybots Kids – ABC 123 World
• Candybots Animals Friends Game
• Candy Shapes – Colos
• Candy ABC Alphabets – 123 Numbers

Tips: Find more Candybots apps and games by entering “Candybots” in the search bar.

We are a small studio that makes beautiful educational experiences for 2-8 years old children, which are fun and encourage kids to learn about the world through playing.

Dear moms and dads, among us are parents and we make games for our children as well as children around the world. Our goal is to educate and entertain every child near and far. We deeply appreciate your support by rating us on Apple store.

We at Candybots take data privacy very seriously. To know more of how we deal with this, please read our privacy policy at candybots.com/privacy.

If you need help, have questions, or want to say ‘hi’, get in touch at [email protected]


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• Follow on Twitter at: www.twitter.com/candybotsgames
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AToZ – Game AToZ – Game

Experience a fun, challenging game. Fill out words that start with a given letter under specific category.

With each level, letters become more and more challenging.

You can choose between Multi-player and Single-player modes.

This game helps you in learning a language and acquiring general knowledge through interactivity and gamification.

Never worry again about your children grabbing your phone!


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Version: 1.0
Size: 37.97 MB
Seller: Charbel Chaer
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Updated: 2020-05-30 15:02:12

Toddler & Baby Learn (lite) Toddler & Baby Learn (lite)

Toddler & Baby Learn (lite) is the free version of Toddler & Baby Learn: a fun, engaging and safe way to entertain and encourage your child’s development. Now also available on Apple Watch!

The free version allows you to see 5-10 HD photos of each flashcard and listen to the sounds that farm animals make by tapping cards that open full screen in an easily navigable interface useable by children of all ages. All without any annoying advertising.

An in-app purchase unlocks the complete archive with over 500+ stunning photographs in 4 categories, each flashcard is accompanied by sounds that stimulate children’s development in a safe and fun way. More categories are added regularly!

The app uses spaced repetition and other smart learning techniques to help recognition, reinforcement and development of vocabulary.

Other categories include photos and sounds of safari animals, transportation and musical instruments. Teach your toddler what an airplane, cello, alpaca and truck sound like in a way that they will love.

Each flashcard has between 5 and 10 images each so that children can develop their understanding of objects and the associated sounds through repetition.

In an every increasingly multilingual world, the app also comes pre-built with 15 languages that include voice-overs and text labels per flashcard. Easily controllable within the app settings, more languages are added frequently.

Available languages:

English — USA, UK, Australia, Canada
German — Germany
French — France
Spanish — Mexico, Argentina
Portuguese — Portugal, Brazil
Japanese — Japan
Simplified Chinese — Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong
Hindi — India
Russian — Russia
Indonesian — Indonesia
Korean — South Korea
Finland (Suomi)

* New – Apple Watch!

** Icons from:


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Version: 1.0
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