Healthy Keto Diet Carb Manage Healthy Keto Diet Carb Manage

Keto Diet Planner & My Health App! Are you ready to lose weight and change your life with diet doctor? This app will make your life style fast, easy and enjoyable!

Loosing weight has never Benn so simple! It is best-designed app without all of the clunkiness and bugs that come with other apps. In this app you make your own keto nutritionist in the palm of your hand.

– Easy-to-Nevigate and Eye-pleasing Design.
– Simply just register yourself with your current body type, your goal and activity level.
– Create meal plan goal and track your food consumption.
– You can add Calorie Counter.
– Create your own custom meals and save it for later.
– Here we have large section of keto recipes.
– Built in Cooking timer.
– Track the amount of water you drink each day to stay hydrated.
– Calculate your nutrition intake.
– Lots of exercise with different levels.
– Compare Your self
– Increase knowledge about ketogenic diet

– Food List with Zero Carbs.
– Food list with moderate carb for your delicious meal plan
– Easy to prepare Keto Recipes incl. All-important nutrition info
– Foods to avoid while doing keto

– 50+ Keto recipes
– Lunch And Dinner recipes
– Soup and Salads
– Breakfast and Dinner
– Different Drinks

Download now powerful macro and crab tracker and make your journey into easy fat burning and enjoyable one!…/id1524415872

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BetterSleep: AutoSleep Tracker BetterSleep: AutoSleep Tracker

Better Sleep is a FREE app including NO ads!

“Better Sleep” automatically tracks and analyzes your sleep using your Apple watch. It detects your sleep pattern and tells you about the duration and quality of your sleep stages. People need to have healthy routines for their sleep cycle. Better Sleep app helps you have a healthy sleep and be energetic all day.

AUTOMATIC: You will certainly need to install the app! Then wear your Apple Watch to bed and that’s it. Better Sleep integrates with the Health app, receiving data from your HealthKit, to let you track your sleep automatically.

SLEEP DIAGRAM: The graph we provide is very straightforward so that you can easily check the duration of light sleep, deep sleep, and awake stages. We use HealthKit data, like active energy and heart rate, to detect total Sleep Time, Total Restful Sleep Time, Sleeping Heart Rate, Sleep Disruptions, and Sleep stages.

SLEEP HISTORY: You can explore the history of your last nights’ sleep. By history we mean the time you sleep, when you are restless and the disruptions you may have during your sleep. You can improve the quality of your sleep by exploring your sleep history.

SLEEP SESSIONS: “Better Sleep will show you how many times a day you get into sleep and provides you with detailed sleep analysis.

Better Sleep is fully integrated with the Health app so that you can have an automatic sleep tracking while using your Apple Watch.

You do not need any subscription as Better Sleep is totally FREE. Enjoy tracking your sleep!…/id1493351309

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Released: 2020-08-20 07:00:00 Guided Journal Guided Journal

Writing turns your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and experiences into words. Reflecting on your past month and year is how you can find peace, learn, and grow. is uniquely designed to make both journaling and regular reflection accessible for all.

With you can begin a meaningful reflection practice with a journal that helps you:

+ Foster Gratitude: Identify and celebrate what brings you joy with Highlights

+ Accept and Grow: Learn from your challenges and setbacks with Lowlights

+ Find Clarity: Let your authentic voice shine with Free Writes


Unlike other note taking, journaling, mood-tracking, or diary apps, is based on a tested framework that guides both your journaling and reflection. It is designed to help you build a journaling habit and makes learning from your past simple, easy, and enjoyable.


+ Enter your daily Highlights (things you are grateful for), Lowlights (setbacks or challenges), and Free Writes (whatever else is on your mind).

+ Your daily entries then resurface into a Monthly Review.

+ Your Monthly Review will also help populate your Annual Review at the end of the year.


+ Your account is only accessible by you; you are the sole owner of your data.

+ Your entries are protected in transit with SSL and encrypted at storage.


+ Access your journal anywhere there is an internet connection using your phone, tablet, or computer.


+ Inspiring Prompts: Get access to hundreds of free writing prompts to help kick-start your writing journey.

+ Effortless Search: Quickly find any entry with’s powerful search.

+ Data Portability: It’s easy to export your journal as JSON or CSV file at any time.

+ Gentle Notifications: Customize the timing and frequency of reminders to keep you on track with your journaling goals.

+ And more!

All of the core features above are—and always will be—free for you to use. There are no ads in the free version. However, if you love the app, and would like to support its future development, there is a Premium option with additional bonus features available.


Upgrade to Premium to support’s development and unlock all features, including:

+ Add Photos to Entries

+ Unlimited Synced Entries Across Platforms


We want to grow this app with you. If you have questions or feedback, please let us know!

Get in touch at [email protected]


Holstee provides inspiration and tools to help you live a more meaningful life.

Since 2009 Holstee has created products to help people to live fully and mindfully. Our products encourage people to live with intention, compassion, resilience, self-care, gratitude, and mindfulness. is designed to help you better express your feelings, capture your dreams, confront your anxieties, and most importantly, build a journaling habit–all important elements for your mental health and holistic well-being.

// Through reflection, we have the chance to appreciate, learn from, and find peace with our past as we take steps toward the future. //

Start your journey today with

Read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy:…/id1504547616

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BootyQueen: Butt Workout BootyQueen: Butt Workout

Dreaming of bootylicious bottom like Kim Kardashian’s or Beyoncé’s? Is it possible to get one without having the right genetics or taking plastic surgery? Absolutely!
Right workouts will help to get your booty in shape.

Our challenge is specifically designed to firm, tone, and ​boost your booty into shape in just 30 days. BootyQueen app will be your virtual trainer and help you target major muscle groups in the lower body from every angle and improve muscle growth and symmetry. It’s so much fun you’ll forget your working your butt off!

Firming your glutes is also important for overall health and fitness. Glute strength can help protect your back from injury and reduce hip and knee pain. It also improves your performance in nearly any workout.

Workouts are made up of safe bodyweight exercises, making them ideal for all fitness levels – and for doing anywhere. 

Our killer exercise regimen will turn your booty into a firm bubble butt in 30 days. Ready to sweat? Kickstart your transformation today!

BootyQueen app is free to download but access to the challenge will require payment.

Privacy Policy:
Terms of Use:

BootyQueen is one of the apps by full body fitness app SlimQueen. Check out SlimQueen for holistic approach to home workouts.…/id1523672406

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Home Workout (No Equipment) Home Workout (No Equipment)

HomeWorkout: Build Muscle and Lose Weight.

HomeWorkout makes it easy to accomplish your fitness goals at home through classic no-equipment exercises that help you build muscle, lose weight, and get fit and toned.

Select your workout and let the timers and animations guide you through each exercise.

Features Include:
– Different Workouts to Fit Your Needs
– Easy to Follow Multi Exercise Workouts
– Beautiful Demo Animations for All Exercises
– No Equipment Required for Any of the Workouts
– BMI Calculator in Standard and Metric to Check Your Weight
– Timers and/or Trackers for All Exercises Make Things Easy
– Wide Variety of Exercises in the Different Workouts
– Full Body Workouts (Quick and Extended)
– Upper Body Workouts
– Abs / Midsection Workouts
– Lower Body / Legs Workouts

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Terms of Use:…/id1523237472

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Dr. Kong Dr. Kong

Brand new Dr. Kong mobile app is specially designed for members! You can check membership
points balance, latest promotions and e-coupons anytime, anywhere!

About this App:
• E-membership card – Simply register as a member in the App to enjoy all
membership benefits.
• Latest Promotion – Check out the latest news and offers from Dr. Kong.
• E-coupon – Offer e-coupons from time to time.
• Branch – Easy to find Dr. Kong’s stores information and location search for
nearby stores.
• Push Notification – Receive news, E-coupon, foot checkup and birthday offer
reminders via the App.…/id1519414455

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Updated: 2020-08-06 12:18:06

Lemuria Lemuria







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Repeat Fitness Repeat Fitness

The Repeat Fitness app will help take your fitness to a new level. This is the first gym app to offer a truly personalised experience that is designed to work in and out of the club – you’ll see personal content recommendations for workouts, individual exercises and hundreds On Demand classes that you can do from home.

Other great features included:
** Access club via smart QR code system **
** Cashless payments – simply unlock vending machines directly from the app **
** Book class spots directly from the app **
** Personalised dashboard with content recommendations and class reminders **
** Personalised workouts, built around your preferences and goals **
** Workout perform mode, to guide you through each workout, step by step with exercise videos **
** Full exercise library with over 350 exercises and advanced search functions **
** Scan QR codes in the club to find exercises for every piece of equipment **
** Advanced metric tracking; including gym visits, calorie burn and even exercise specific metrics **

Note: Provided you give permission, the app will use HealthKit data to calculate your personal calorie burn using your height, weight, date of birth and gender (biological sex). It will also retrieve your step count so you can see how active you’ve been.…/id1488588900

This update fixes an issue whereby class bookings were not being correctly cancelled.

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