BetterSleep: AutoSleep Tracker BetterSleep: AutoSleep Tracker

Better Sleep is a FREE app including NO ads!

“Better Sleep” automatically tracks and analyzes your sleep using your Apple watch. It detects your sleep pattern and tells you about the duration and quality of your sleep stages. People need to have healthy routines for their sleep cycle. Better Sleep app helps you have a healthy sleep and be energetic all day.

AUTOMATIC: You will certainly need to install the app! Then wear your Apple Watch to bed and that’s it. Better Sleep integrates with the Health app, receiving data from your HealthKit, to let you track your sleep automatically.

SLEEP DIAGRAM: The graph we provide is very straightforward so that you can easily check the duration of light sleep, deep sleep, and awake stages. We use HealthKit data, like active energy and heart rate, to detect total Sleep Time, Total Restful Sleep Time, Sleeping Heart Rate, Sleep Disruptions, and Sleep stages.

SLEEP HISTORY: You can explore the history of your last nights’ sleep. By history we mean the time you sleep, when you are restless and the disruptions you may have during your sleep. You can improve the quality of your sleep by exploring your sleep history.

SLEEP SESSIONS: “Better Sleep will show you how many times a day you get into sleep and provides you with detailed sleep analysis.

Better Sleep is fully integrated with the Health app so that you can have an automatic sleep tracking while using your Apple Watch.

You do not need any subscription as Better Sleep is totally FREE. Enjoy tracking your sleep!…/id1493351309

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Idle US Army Training Base Sim Idle US Army Training Base Sim

Enter in the army base camp to take basic combat training In the Russian military training academy. It formally known as the boot camp initial army training; where you have to clear us army training basic courses of physical and mental training in this US army training school 2020. Basic army training course is design in the highly intense of assault sergeants and follow the order chain of commands of boot camp that is the challenging task to do. Get ready to absorb in the us army training and be the part of the of us army military. Show your power and accomplish toughest tasks to be the best combat army training hero in this amazing game of army training.

**Key Features**
• Thrilling environment along with challenging hurdles
• Easy and tough missions for army training school lovers
• Amazing solider obstacle course stunt animations with visual 3D graphics
• Customise the commando characters for more fun…/id1510688936

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TimeOut Sports/Fit & Analytics TimeOut Sports/Fit & Analytics

“TimeOut Sports fitness & Analytics by T.E.A.M OTG LLC” brings awareness to health, fitness, and technology. This app brings a unique experience for performance, training, and recovery using integrated technologies.

TimeOut Sports, fitness & Analytics utilizes and provides resources for everyone: Fitness workouts, athletes, coaches, trainers, sports organizations and more.

*Understand you and celebrate your goals

My workouts

Captures trends, body energy metrics, and goals to create a recommended approach for your training
As an athlete, workout enthusiast or just want to burn some calories, select drills from numerous sports or fitness drills

Recorded Routines

Integrated tech analyzes, supports and provides feedback during and after your workout
Progress and improvement comparisons on previous workouts
Share your goal completion with others within our community and social media

*Be The Team – Coach Center

Full athletic and single team management from athletic director to coaches and coaching staff
Provide feedback of drills of a single player or full team
Live in-game or practice tracking with Key player
Recruitment management
Link with your team athlete’s accounts via the player’s my portal

*Training and Health – Trainer’s Notes

Client management portal for personal trainers
Build your client portfolio by increasing your profile rank
Provide subscribed users with quick tips
Link with your client’s accounts via my portal
Send full analysis and feedback produced by integrated technology


Mediation and yoga to stimulate the body before and after workouts
A robust injury and recovery center that educates you on your injury and recovery phases

*Get Support & Motivation – OTG (On The Go)

Compete privately amongst friends or compete in global competitions. Live view while your opponent competes
Invite your friends from social media to compete
Share your accomplishments to friends and competition opponents…/id1492304185

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Watch Sleep Tracker Watch Sleep Tracker

Sleep better tonight using the Watch Sleep Tracker, your #1 wingman for good sleep.

By automatically syncing to your Apple Watch, Watch Sleep Tracker provides detailed analysis of your sleep quality and cycles by monitoring your Heart Rate throughout the night. Using this data and your input, it can program an alarm clock to wake you up at the optimal time, giving you the ability to wake up feeling refreshed every day. Check your progress and improve your Sleep Score using our detailed Sleep Analysis Dashboard, using metrics related to good sleep from Apple Health.

Your privacy matters to us. Watch Sleep Tracker has no analytics tracking, no third-party code, and no data upload. We do not misuse your data. All information uploaded by our users is processed for the purpose of our Services. No data collected is sold to third parties or used in any capacity other than for the purpose of our products and mobile applications.

Our historical analysis enables you to see trends in your sleep and helps you identify patterns that prevent restful nights. Trouble falling asleep? Use soothing sleep sounds to rest your mind and drift into dreams easier. For the best results and accuracy, Watch Sleep Tracker integrates with the Apple Health app.

– Automatic sleep tracking through Apple Watch, using advanced algorithm and Apple Health metrics.
– Detailed analysis using the latest findings in the Science of Sleep.
– User-friendly charts & graphs show you your different stages of sleep.
– Sleep Score: can you improve yours?

– Smart Alarm wakes you up at the optimal time. Sleep Sounds help you fall asleep faster.
– Personalized recommendations to improve sleep and bed times.
– View your sleep history with overviews per night, week, month, and all-time.

Privacy Policy:
Any questions? Contact us: [email protected]…/id1505263837

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Joyster: Self-care tracker Joyster: Self-care tracker

– “Joyster helps me track my daily internal experiences, feelings, and activities to discover any patterns that could be helping or hindering my mental health.”

– “I’ve never been one to really journal. But I love Joyster, it’s really nice to be able to think through my entries and reflect. Plus, it’s so simple and easy to use, which is a huge bonus.”

– “It forces me to check in with myself, which I love”

– “I love tracking my symptoms as they happen. It’s good to be reflective several times throughout the day.”

– “Joyster is bringing me self-care by tracking my symptoms, patterns, triggers, meals, activities, and more.”


Understanding your story matters. Joyster is a smart mental health tracker and journal that allows you to track your symptoms (mental and physical) against food, exercise, activities, and social interactions happening in your life.

Joyster is designed to feel delightful, inspirational, and beautiful. Be prepared to reflect, gain perspective, and understand yourself.

Joyster is for anyone, but especially those who struggle with anxiety, panic attack, depression, PTSD, OCD, and bipolar disorder.


Track your physical and mental symptoms against activities, exercise, food, and social interactions. For example, if you have OCD, you can track how your compulsions are affecting your obsessions and mental health.

Visualize how your body and mind overlap to identify trends and triggers in your well-being. An example might be if you are bipolar and would like to track your mania symptoms against your day to day life.

We analyze your data and provide positive and negative influences, such as activities, foods, exercise, and social interactions to improve your well-being. This is key for someone who may be anxious, struggling with panic attacks, or wants to understand their triggers.

Joyster uses reflection, mindfulness, cognitive behavioural therapy, and data to help you understand yourself and build a habit of reflection & self-care.


– Symptom tracker
– Mood tracker
– Anxiety tracker
– Depression tracker
– OCD tracker
– Reflection diary
– Activity tracker
– PTSD tracker
– Self-care tracker
– Sleep tracker
& more


Efficiency. Simply do a quick check-in with yourself throughout your day, while still keeping it relevant and personalized to you.

Personalize it to your needs. You have full freedom to track whatever you want. If you want to track insomnia, against your daily caffeine intake, great. If you want to track how you feel each time you interact with a specific co-worker, you can do that too! It’s flexible and personalized to you.

Visual. We graph your entire well-being for you. This will show you how your symptoms and activities overlap and give you an in-depth analysis of best to worse influences in your life.

** SAY HI TO US **

We’d love to connect with you! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on social if you have any feedback or questions:

• Facebook –
• Instagram –…/id1511870808

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Soothing Pod – Calm & Sleep Soothing Pod – Calm & Sleep

Relax and sleep better with Soothing Pod for FREE

We provide hundreds of free original content, such as mindfulness meditations, nature sounds, beautiful music and soothing sleep stories to help you relax and sleep better.

Whether you have 2 minutes or 2 hours in your day, Soothing Pod can fit into any schedule and is easy to use, no matter your experience with meditation. And with a new 10-minute meditation every day, there’s no shortage of mindfulness to melt your worries away. In our mission to make relaxation and mindfulness available to all, we also created meditations for kids as a way to introduce them to the practice of mindfulness.

Enjoy various soothing sleep stories from classic fairy tales like Cinderella, be whisked away to the Garden of Europe, or enjoy a story of a romantic getaway to a private island. With our vast library of sleep stories, the choice is yours. We also provide sleep stories created especially for kids, such as an adventure to the African safari, whale watching in California and many more.

From instrumental piano, guitar, smooth jazz, classical music and meditative tunes, our beautiful music is created to accompany you to sleep and help you relax

Soothe your eyes as well as your ears with beautifully shot cinemagraphs and videos accompanying every soundscape. Escape to lush forests, flower fields, waterfalls, gentle streams and the most beautiful mountains and lakes. Enjoy hundreds of sounds that will let you escape, relax and lull you to sleep.

– Toggle easily between Adult and Kids mode to help your young ones drift off to sleep.

– Customize each meditation and sleep story — choose between male and female narrators and adjust the volume of music and sound effects according to your preference.

– Sleep timer — you can set a sleep timer so our relaxing scenes will continue playing to accompany you to sleep. When the timer ends, the scene will gently fade out.

For added functionality, try Soothing Pod’s premium subscription service completely free for 7 days and enjoy unlimited offline downloads and no more ads. If you love it, keep it for as little as $3.30 per month (billed at $39.99 per year). If you prefer a monthly subscription, our price is $7.99 per month.

*These prices are for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence.

*Your Soothing Pod Premium subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You can go to your Settings > iTunes Account & App Store > Apple ID > Subscriptions to manage your membership and turn auto-renew off. Your iTunes Account will be charged when the purchase is confirmed.

Read the terms and conditions here:

Read the privacy policy here:

We hope you enjoy resting and relaxing with Soothing Pod.

With gratitude,
The Soothing Pod Team…/id1508720931

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Sansara: medical test tracker Sansara: medical test tracker

Sansara will store the results of your laboratory tests. Just send the file with the laboratory report to a special email and after a while all the results will appear in the application.

With the help of Samsara, you can quickly find your test results, as well as analyze the dynamics of them. Even if you downloaded the data in different units, Sansara will convert everything to a single system.

Load any medical test results, even the rarest, and track the dynamics of changes.…/id1508156733

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Fan Noise: Sleep Sounds App Fan Noise: Sleep Sounds App

Fall asleep in 15 minutes, we understand what you are struggling with! This app is providing you with flawless fan sounds to enhance your deep sleep!

√ Different fan noises for your comfort.
√ Background relaxing musics for your mindfulness.
√ Different fan designs/colors to give your the best choice.
√ Set timming for auto-stop.
√ Adjust volume & level of fan speed for personalized sleep.

You do not need a real fan to provide relaxing sounds, you just need your iPhone and this app.
We hope you get a better sleep and relaxing time so that together we enhance our health.…/id1509856297

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SportsHousekeeper SportsHousekeeper

At present, the number of sub-healthy people is gradually increasing. At this time, regular and long-lasting exercise is needed to exercise themselves to achieve health. This application records various indicators required for human exercise and the footprint left by long-term exercise. Looking at your accumulated achievements bit by bit, you will be more and more healthy and more passionate about sports and life.…/id1513175589

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Step – Health, Walking Tracker Step – Health, Walking Tracker

Step will turn your every-day walking into a fun game.
Can you walk a marathon in one week?
Just put your phone in your pocket and you are ready to go.


• Automatic step counter
• Apple Health integration
• Beautiful drawings
• Lots of different workouts
• Timed workouts
• Notification whenever you finished a distance
• No extra hardware required
• It runs in the background so no need of constantly looking at the app
• It tracks walking, jogging, running and hiking
• Step will motivate you to walk further
• Set the goal-distance per day yourself
• See easily if you reach your daily goal or not
• It doesn’t rely on GPS, but actual steps, so the battery will not be affected a lot
• The iPhone’s pedometer will make the step counting very accurate

• Automatically synchronise your activity data such as running and walking via Apple Health
• Whenever your Apple Watch is connected to your iPhone, Step will get the data from any workout

Step respects your privacy: All your personal fitness data is only read by Step and NOT shared in anyway via network connection or any other technically way.

As always when it comes to my apps, I listen to you as a user. If you have any issue or any feature that you miss, just contact me through the app and I will reply to you faster than you walk a mile…

And remember, Every Step Counts…

Steps Privacy Policy:

Steps Terms of Condition…/id1508599615

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