Dream Dad Happy Life Simulator Dream Dad Happy Life Simulator

The virtual dad is a loving and dutiful person who takes care of the entire happy family. He is the one who fulfills our needs and wishes without any complaint that is virtual dad of dream family. The virtual super dad is a very hardworking person and doing home hold tasks. And doing his duty honestly in the virtual home for the happy virtual family. The virtual dad wakes up early in the morning and to do some exercise in the virtual home for their virtual family. The super dad doing multiple tasks for virtual family to take care of them. In this best virtual father game, you will see that a billionaire dad how to manage his virtual family daily tasks in the absence of mother.

* Main Features *
• Accomplish multiple happy family tasks as a virtual dad
• Takes care of his sick wife and doing dream home tasks for dream family
• As a virtual dad manages all virtual home daily assign tasks
• Smooth and easy gameplay with realistic sound effects
• Amazing character customization option and animations
• Takes care of dream happy family and provide all facility as a happy dad


Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.0
Size: 194.45 MB
Seller: Fahad Mahmood
Released: 2021-10-30 07:00:00

Virtual Mom- Happy Family Life Virtual Mom- Happy Family Life

Mother is the heartbeat of the virtual home and without her, there seems to be no heartthrob. Because she take care of a virtual happy family with household daily tasks to do. As a perfect virtual mother, you should take care of all needs of the dream family and manage your daily activities. The virtual mother ready to perform all happy virtual family assign activities to do. Perform multiple tidy tasks like clean the virtual home, wash the clothes or cooking delicious dishes for their dream family sim. The single mom take care of the baby and when he was crying so starts playing with the newborn to become the baby games lovers.

* Key Features *
• Multiple stunning happy virtual home tasks for virtual mother to do
• Takes care of happy virtual family as a real mom
• Change the diaper of the newborn baby with multiple tasks to do
• Feed the virtual baby and make yummy food for dream family
• Amazing and beautiful dream home daily tasks to do
• Become a good caretaker of dream home


Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.0
Size: 181.10 MB
Seller: Muhammad Akram
Released: 2021-10-28 07:00:00

Fire Dragons War Training Game Fire Dragons War Training Game

Have you ever dreamed to take care of and train your little dragon? If yes then warm welcome you to take care of cute little dragons by making houses for them and breed them with healthy foods. When your flying dragon grows then teach them how to spread the fire to your enemies through the dragon’s mouth. Multiple flying dragon tasks to do as a trainer. SO get adventurous fun and learn how to train the little dragon and start fighting with the enemies. That game especially for those who really want the pet dragon and take care of them to build a home for them and breed them with good food. Help them to grow from the cute little young dragon into the powerful fighter.

* Key Features *
• Be the helping hand of the cute little dragon by growing them into power warriors
• Build the home, breed, and take care of them as a pet dragon trainer
• Accomplish your assigned tasks as a trainer
• Start fight with other enemies and wins from them
• Multiple dragons await you to join their team


Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.0
Seller: Ahsan Sharif
Released: 2021-10-21 07:00:00

Angry Gorilla Bigfoot Monster Angry Gorilla Bigfoot Monster

Prepare yourself for this thrilling contest that is big foot gorilla along with their family in the jungle. So your task is to save the family of gorilla from other wild animals such as zebra, rhino, goat and eagles. Eagle have to catch the gorilla son, so go and get back the gorilla son. Multiple amazing tasks to do in the jungle and show your fight skills to win the fight against the other wild animals of the forest. Enhance your power by drinking the water and kill the rhino, wild goat, and other zebra. SO be the care taker for your family to feed them and save them from other wild animals.

* Key Features *
Multiple tasks to do as a gorilla Kong in the forest
Save your family from other wild animals
Enjoy to play with bigfoot along with 3D graphics and animations that will give you more fun
Start fight with the rhino, zebra and king lion


Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.0
Size: 184.42 MB
Seller: Muhammad Akram
Released: 2021-10-20 07:00:00

Real Granny- Dream Family Game Real Granny- Dream Family Game

Play a vital role as a virtual granny and doing the household activities to manage the happy family tasks. Be the best grandma and take care of the children. Multiple super granny task to do when parents are out of station, take care the kids by manage their routine work. Go to the kids room and awake up them because they are already late from school in this granny life games. After that make breakfast for the kids and ready them for virtual school. Be the helper grandma and give the bag to kids when that are going to school.

* Main Features *
• Takes care of the dream family sim as a virtual granny
• Accomplish multiple household dream family tasks with 3D addictive graphics
• Multiple daily activities to do as a virtual granny
• Smooth game-play with visual sounds effects and animation for more fun


Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.0
Size: 227.81 MB
Seller: Fahad Mahmood
Released: 2021-10-17 07:00:00

Crime City Police Detective 3D Crime City Police Detective 3D

Warm welcome you in this sizzling contest of police investigation branch; where you have to start your duty as a detective police officer. Stunning and thrilling tasks to do as a policeman. You will become the best virtual cop and arrest the criminal gangs or investigate the murder case. Miami city is full of gangsters, criminals, city and robbers. The job of the virtual police officer controls the city crimes and saves the life of people. The virtual cop chases the people who do not follow the traffic rules. The criminal people will done lots of destruction in the city and doing robberies in a different place.

• Enjoy multiple stunning and thrilling missions
• Fight with the city gangsters and catch or chase the criminals
• Search operations in the famous places of the city
• Arrest suspicious people and solve criminal murder cases


Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.0
Size: 213.86 MB
Seller: Umar Dilawar
Released: 2021-10-13 07:00:00

Mafia Drug Dealer- Weed & Pawn Mafia Drug Dealer- Weed & Pawn

We will explain a poor man’s story that will spend tough time in his life and start the drug dealer business. You will see that how to involve in different city crime and start your business with mafia and sell them on the pawn shop. Your story and life dream is a luxury house, multiple businesses, lots of money, brand new sports cars. Then he starts a business and earn a lot of money. Now you can afford expensive thing and easily fill your needs. You will take multiple task to selling and dealing with mafia. You have a businessman and increase day by day and you will get lots of profit from this business.


Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.0
Size: 580.44 MB
Seller: Muhammad Akram
Released: 2021-10-08 07:00:00

Border Patrol Police Security Border Patrol Police Security

We trained a new squad of border police forces that will do take care of your border security in the brave border force game. Stop the criminal people, gangsters, terrorists, and other people who are smuggling illegal weapons from one country to another through border. The criminal gangs do smuggle different illegal goods like gold plates, non-custom vehicles, accessories, and other electronics goods. The job of the border patrol police is to control them and save your boundary line from the gangsters. The border police officer constantly looks at everything in the boundary area and stop the smuggling of drugs.

* Features *
• Stop smuggling and illegal goods from one country to another
• Arrest the lots of smuggler and non-customs vehicles
• Take control on drug dealers and clear all country
• Search drugs and illegal weapons from the vehicles


Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.0
Size: 167.83 MB
Seller: Fahad Mahmood
Released: 2021-09-30 07:00:00

Stickman Dual Sword -Dead Hero Stickman Dual Sword -Dead Hero

The city police trained the new special hero that is stickman dead hero and take the charge because city crimes are increased day by day. The works of this stickman dead force will be to catch as many criminal gangs or kill them. The people are worried because of these crime city gangs, the whole city situation has deteriorated. The power dead spider catches them and shut in the prison in this ultimate contest of super heroes. The gangster mafia doing multiple crime such as street crime, bank robbery, attack on the high school, and kidnap the kids.

* Features *
• Catch the gangster and save innocent people
• Thrilling and stunning fighting missions for all super heroes lovers
• Rescue the injured people and take revenge from gangster to become ultimate hero
• Realistic animation of the stickman hero for more adventure
• High quality graphics and cut-scene that will give you more thrill
• Challenging missions for stickman hero


Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.0
Size: 690.25 MB
Seller: Fahad Mahmood
Released: 2021-09-16 07:00:00

Miami City Gangster Crime Auto Miami City Gangster Crime Auto

Play a role as a crime gangster of the town and start your journey as a gangster to join the mafia gang groups; where you have to doing multiple criminal acts and show your loyalty to kingpin. You need money for the survival in the mafia, so go and supply drugs to earn money by accomplish your assign tasks. After that when you will earn money then go to the weapon store of Vegas city and buy some guns also get spy pocket knife for your safety. Go to stop the smuggling of drugs and guns, so visit the dock and stop smuggling. After that sell that weapons to the market & become the rich.

* Main Features *
• Go and stop deporting of drugs along with mafia gang 3D graphics and amazing sound effects
• Start fight with the mafia gangs in the criminal city
• Easy to play along with interesting rescue missions
• Multiple weapons to choose from
• Select your favorite characters and start to rule the city


Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.0
Size: 260.18 MB
Seller: Syed Muhammad Bilal
Released: 2021-08-30 07:00:00