Seven Grams Seven Grams

Have you ever wanted to see the way your phone works? Have you ever opened it and marveled at this treasure trove of technology that fits in the palm of your hand, sleeps under your pillow, and lights up under your gaze more than 2000 times a day? Have you ever wondered how it was made and what resources were needed to make it work? Seven Grams is an augmented reality experience by journalist Karim Ben Khelifa (The Enemy) that provides a radically innovative way to understand the link between your smartphone and the often dramatic conditions in which the rare minerals it requires are mined, particularly in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

When the world’s most powerful economy, the United States, was valued at $20.5 trillion in 2018, the total value of mineral resources in the DRC was estimated at $24 trillion. So how is it possible that, on the HDI (Human Development Index) ranking, the DRC is only 176th out of 181 countries? For the Congolese people, the DRC’s wealth seems to be a curse, rather than a blessing. For over 25 years, the Congo has been the stage for one of the deadliest conflicts since World War II, with nearly six million deaths. Meanwhile, other countries have grown rich off of the Congo’s wealth, due to the growing demand for minerals essential to the production of phones and other devices that have become part of our daily lives.

Mixing augmented reality and animation sequences, Seven Grams tells you this story, inviting you to discover the minerals used in your smartphone and their unique characteristics. Through a poignant and moving story, Seven Grams takes you up the production chain of our smartphones and gives you an insight into their human cost.…/id1592542947

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iDaily · 2021 年度别册 iDaily · 2021 年度别册

iDaily 一年一度的「年度别册」再一次重磅登场,全新设计提供更出色阅读体验!

每一天,我们从全球超过 50000 张图片中选出10个最能够拓展视野、打动人心的视觉记录。一年 365 天,你所看到的「iDaily · 2021 年度别册」即是这 1500 万张图片中最出色的 5000 个画面,5000 个瞬间。


年终岁末,iDaily 用 5000 张全球最卓越的记录图片,与你一同重温这颗星球上人类文明的 2021 年。


1.超越视觉极限的体验:3000px 超高清晰图片,首次支持多图模式
2.时间轴:365 天,纵览全球事件,里程碑标记
4.分类 & 地图:11 个领域类别,六大洲、南北极、外太空浏览
6.护眼模式:支持 Dark Mode

这颗星球上发生的每一件事情,与你的距离都不会超过 20,000 公里。

iDaily 年终巨献,iDaily Media 每日科技荣誉出品。



您可以在程序内使用 iTunes 自动续订功能获取会员专属功能,我们提供「按年订阅」套餐。

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· 细节改进与优化

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مانجا للشباب مانجا للشباب

The magazine presents a range of creative productions, including the creation of characters who tell local stories with societal values ​​emanating from the Arab reality, and some of the characters produced in Japan, which we will present with an innovative local template that fits our culture and thought. It provides an enjoyable and safe experience, with high-end content and a simple Arabic language.…/id1592356485

Adds arabic language for localization
Minor bug fixes and enhancements

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Streaming Schedule Streaming Schedule

Are you tired of having to check multiple resources to see when those new releases drop on your favorite streaming platforms? You need Streaming Schedule.

Streaming Schedule is designed to make it easier for you to keep track of when new titles are added to your favorite streaming services, whether it is the next season or a brand-new show or movie. The app aggregates information from the top streaming platforms – Netflix, HBOMax, AppleTV+ and Prime Video. (Although there are just four featured on the app right now more will be added in future). One of the biggest differences between this and a lot of other apps out there is that rather than providing you details about what shows and films are currently on your favorite platforms, Streaming Schedule actually tells you details of shows and films that are not currently streaming but are coming soon.

Key Features

User-friendly with a convenient layout, this app is designed to make it easy for you to find out what is currently streaming on your favorite streaming services. It benefits from a comprehensive range of excellent features, including:

Titles Coming Soon

As well as the titles, it provides you with a full description of the title, its genre, the year it was released, and when it will be added to the specific streaming platform.


To help make it easier to find the titles coming soon to the streaming services you use. Filter by streaming service, genre and country.

Search Bar

If you are already aware of an upcoming release of a title that you’d like to watch just quickly search for it to see if the release date has been announced. And don’t forget to set a reminder!

Reminders and Notifications

The team here behind Streaming Schedule understands that you may not always have time to spend searching for the titles of shows and films and when they might be added. To help make it easier for you, you can set reminders for specific titles that send you notifications altering you to when those titles are ready to view.

You can edit those reminders at any time and adjust them to your own schedule.

Creating reminders is as quick and easy as clicking on the bell icon next to the screenshot and information about the title you are interested in.

Streamlined Design and Easy to Navigate

Instead of being a blur of too many colors and confusing menus and a disorganized layout, we have designed Streaming Schedule to be very streamlined. We not only want it to be easy to use but fun to use. We don’t believe you should have to work hard to find the shows and movies you want to watch.

Trademark Legal Notice

All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners in the United States and/or other countries. All company, product and service names used in this application are for identification purposes only. Use of these names, logos, and brands does not imply endorsement.…/id1596523225

– fixed country selector issue on certain devices

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Freewinds Magazine Freewinds Magazine

A magazine for Scientologists from the motor vessel Freewinds, a 440-foot religious retreat. The Freewinds app is accessible to anyone with an IAS membership number.

Leave the chaos of the world behind and take a virtual voyage to the Freewinds. It’s a ship awash in life-changing wins. The Caribbean setting, the exclusive services and the soaring success stories are at your fingertips with the Freewinds app.

Read now or download for later
Freewinds magazine is enhanced and optimized for viewing on your phone or tablet.

Bookmark your favorites
Save any article or video for viewing anytime.

Access exclusive videos
You are transported to the sun-splashed decks of the Freewinds with exclusive videos. Passengers rave about the services, the setting and the staff and all the ways their lives have changed thanks to trips aboard the Ship. You’ll be buoyed by their stories.

Stay on course
Whenever a new issue or new video drops, you’ll be notified. You’re just a tap away from the Freewinds.

Journey off the crossroads of the world
You are virtually on board, immersed in the spiritual atmosphere. Meet passengers who are taking the helm of their lives, gaining competence and leadership and soaring to freedom with Freewinds-exclusive services. Explore the first-class accommodations and get a taste of the fine dining offered on board.

Get the Freewinds magazine app today
It’s as easy as 1,2,3
1. Download the app
2. Log on with your IAS membership number to gain access to content
3. Start your virtual voyage aboard the Freewinds

Cast off for freedom

Get the Freewinds magazine app today…/id1596174553

Routine maintenance update to improve the app.

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Just the News App Just the News App is committed to just reporting facts from journalists with a long record of public trust and excellence. In an era where opinion and supposition are too often substituted for fact and where journalists rush to get things first and hope their stories are correct, tries to stand out by returning to the bedrock promise of getting news first, but first getting it right. We try to deliver exclusive news you can trust. is a back-to-the-future initiative where old-fashioned, honest and exclusive reporting is delivered in a neutral voice, but delivered through the modern channels of YouTube, podcasting, e-books and social media. And in a twist of old and new, journalists deliver unprecedented transparency by offering a Dig Deeper tool on their Web site that allows consumers to see the underlying core materials and evidence that substantiate each story. These embeds replace the shaky promise of modern journalists to “just trust us, we’re right” with “we trust readers to look at the facts and make up their own minds.” is sticking just to the facts, without regard to outcome or personal bias. We will construct original, exclusive content with a neutrality and transparency that lets readers, viewers and listeners make up their own minds. is based in Washington, with an eye toward covering events in the capital for those who live outside it. It consists of four divisions dedicated to Web reporting, exclusive news, podcasting and long-form nonfiction book publishing.

Its mission can be succinctly summarized by three brand statements:

Honest Journalism, Trusted Reporters
Information Without Indoctrination
Rising Above Rhetoric…/id1583113720

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Starke Global Starke Global

Starkeglobal’s motto is to develop an inter and inter learning platform where the idea is to let people share their knowledge about various things existing around us. We also aim to rejuvenate the idea of learning at all ages as it helps us build confidence and a positive approach as the mind becomes indulged into positive thinking based on knowledge and something new to look up too on a regular basis.

It is also very important that the seeds of curiosity are sowed into the hearts of the youth at an adolescent age so that they can identify their passion and we can help nurture these young dreams to become strong individuals who shall pioneer our nation into greater heights of success.…/id1586656436

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Sebastian Daily Sebastian Daily

Get all the latest news and events for things to do in Sebastian, Florida. Sebastian Daily is a local newspaper in the City of Sebastian delivering the latest news and events for things to do around town.…/id1594394798

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