Doctor Simulator Hospital Game Doctor Simulator Hospital Game

Well Doctor ! Lets get on a life saving mission, as you are the only senior doctor on duty. hurry up doctor the city is relying on your expertise, don’t fail the city. In this Doctor simulator you will be playing as a 3D doctor simulator, as well as ward boy, and in the starting levels you will be playing as a ambulance driver on a life saving mission. drive to the accidental sites on time and provide the basic first aid on the spot to save lives of the patients. Furthermore drive them to the hospital where you will provide them with the required medical assistance. complete all the levels of hospital simulator to experience the life of doctors.

Features of Doctor Simulator Hospital Game
-Highly detailed big city environment
-Highly detailed 3D Doctor & other medical characters
-Multiple medical care missions
-Interesting Story line
-Complete hospital game…/id1487600605

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Version: 1.0
Size: 224.66 MB
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Scary Doctor:Horror Hospital Scary Doctor:Horror Hospital

Welcome to Scary Doctor:Horror Mental Hospital.

Scary Doctor keeps you locked in hospital room.
Now you have to try to get out of his hospital, but be careful and quiet.He hears everything.
If you drop something on the floor, he hears it and comes running.
You can hide in wardrobes or under table.Find a way out from this Mental hospital and beat the evil doctor.
Be careful!

Features Of Scary Doctor:Horror Hospital:

• Horror theme of Mental Hospital.
• Different Survival Strategy.
• Multiple Fighting Missions.

Enjoy Playing – Good Luck !…/id1484446252

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Version: 1.0
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Tele-Doctor24 Tele-Doctor24

Tele-Doctor24 macht den Arztbesuch so bequem wie noch nie zuvor: Lassen Sie sich ganz einfach via Video, Chat oder Telefon von einem Haus- oder Facharzt beraten. In nur wenigen Minuten haben Sie Ihren ersten Termin für eine Online-Konsultation. Telemedizin ist die Zukunft – erleben Sie als einer der Ersten die Vorzüge.

Tele-Doctor24 hat das Ziel, Telemedizin so zugänglich und umfassend wie möglich zu machen. Daher bieten wir Ihnen:

• Termin oder direkte Konsultation
Machen Sie entweder ganz einfach Ihren Wunschtermin direkt in der App aus, oder kommen Sie bei dringenden Angelegenheiten jederzeit direkt in eine Konsultation mit einem verfügbaren Arzt. Tele-Doctor24 können Sie dabei an 365 Tagen im Jahr erreichen.

• Elektronische Rezepte und AUs
Lassen Sie sich von unseren Ärzten ganz einfach elektronische Rezepte ausstellen, und lösen Sie diese bei über 7.000 Partnerapotheken bundesweit ein. Auch elektronische Arbeitsunfähigkeitsbescheinigungen können ausgestellt werden – dank qualifizierter elektronischer Signatur 100% rechtssicher.

• Sicherer Zugang zu Dokumenten
Auf Ihre digitale Patientenakte haben Sie mit Tele-Doctor24 immer Zugriff. Sehen Sie jederzeit e-Rezepte, e-AUs, Rechnungen, Medikationspläne usw. in der App ein. Auch können Sie Dokumente jederzeit ganz einfach und verschlüsselt mit der Tele-Doctor24 App übertragen.

• Dutzende Fachrichtungen
Tele-Doctor24 arbeitet mit Ärzten verschiedenster Fachrichtungen zusammen, um ein möglichst breites Spektrum an professionellen Beratungen anbieten zu können. Dazu gehören unter anderem Allgemeinmediziner, Hautärzte, Zahnärzte, Frauenärzte und viele weitere.

• Höchste Datensicherheit
Datensicherheit sollte in der Telemedizin das oberste Gebot sein. Deshalb setzen wir auf aktuelle Standards in der Übertragung und Speicherung von Ihren Daten. Ihre medizinischen Daten liegen auf einem separaten, hochgesicherten Server, welcher von außen nicht zugänglich ist. Sämtliche unserer Server stehen in einem deutschen Rechenzentrum und werden stetig überwacht.

Wir entwickeln die Tele-Doctor24 App stetig weiter, um Ihnen ein noch sichereres und angenehmeres Erlebnis bieten zu können. Über Ihr Feedback würden wir uns daher freuen.…/id1474780924

Wir haben zahlreiche interne Optimierungen vorgenommen, um die App noch schneller zu machen.

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Version: 1.4
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Newbie log Newbie log

Newbie log helps you to keep track of your baby activities. No account needed, start tracking instantly!

Extremely easy to use, made by parents for parents.

No ads!

– Bottle food
– Breast feeding
– Food
– Diaper
– Sleep

– Apple Watch support
– Dark mode support
– Offline support
– Show / hide activity types

Supported languages
– English
– Finnis
– French
– German
– Italian
– Russian
– Spanish
– Swedish…/id1471016429

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Version: 1.0
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RX HealthCare RX HealthCare

The first health and beauty store delivery app in Egypt
Rx connect users with the nearest pharmacies, so they can order medicines, cosmetic health and skin care products from the comfort of the homes
Order any medicine and have it delivered immediately to your door step from the nearest pharmacy.…/id1486138769

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Version: 1.0
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METhealth Ghana METhealth Ghana

Welcome to Metropolitan Health Insurance, Ghana. Metropolitan Health offers unmatched benefits, world class healthcare administration and seamless service delivery.

This App enables prospective clients to-
– Access info about our healthcare plans
– Request a proposal/quotation/call back

This App enables our members to-
– Access your E-membership card
– Access your claims history
– Track your family’s benefit usage
– Locate a service provider
– Access your dependant’s history
– Receive vital info & updates from Metropolitan Health Insurance

Metropolitan Health Insurance Ghana is a subsidiary of MMI Group Ltd., an authorized financial services provider listed on the Johannesburg stock exchange.

This METhealth Ghana app is powered by the Holistic Insurance Platform Mobile Solution developed by 2Cana Solutions.

Physical Address: #81 Tabon Link, North Ridge Crescent, near DHL, Accra.
Telephone: +233-288-376997; +233-285214040; +233-261-664516…/id1483644389

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Version: 1.0
Size: 65.27 MB
Seller: Momentum Metropolitan Life Ltd.
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Foxo Foxo

Foxo – Secure messaging, powerful collaboration, simple and easy to use.

Real-time Communication
Say goodbye to faxes, phone calls, and long email threads. Save time and level up your connectivity with powerful tools that bring together cross-functional and cross-organisational teams.

Collaboration without boundaries
Collaborate across your entire business or rapidly build teams that span multiple organisations.

Secure Messaging
More than just single and group messaging, communicate in context by sharing cases and media over a secure, encrypted connection. Your data is safe and security is our priority.

Referral & Handovers
Intuitive workflows facilitate fast and efficient communication and clinical care. Intuitive workflows facilitate fast and efficient communication and clinical care.…/id1438482470

The new brand is here! Welcome to Foxo.

For realtime help and support, search new Foxo Contacts for “Foxo Help” or contact us at

In this update: Minor bug fixes.

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Version: 1.5.8
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MedScore MedScore

With MedScoreReady, you only test once a year. Our assessment service is completely free to caregivers. Testers will have an easy access to our app-based assessment with one-swipe. You will have all the required healthcare testing available through our app membership.

Testers will have access to Skills checklist – Specialty exams – Joint Commission mandatory annual exam, and Practice test available 24/7. Score results are ready to share with any employer with your express code. Let’s become test buddies!…/id1487842070

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Version: 1.0
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2019 한국병원약사회 추계학술대회 2019 한국병원약사회 추계학술대회

2019 추계학술대회 모바일앱 이용 안내

▣ 모바일앱 제작 배경

본회는 정보화 시대에 발맞추어 다양한 통신기기를 활용하여 학술대회에 접근하고, 행사 당일 학술집 대신 스마트폰 등을 이용하여 행사일정 및 심포지엄 주제발표 자료 등을 편리하게 확인할 수 있도록 2015년부터 학술대회 모바일 자료집 서비스를 개시하였습니다. 2015년에는 모바일웹 서비스를 제공하였고, 2016년부터 모바일앱을 새로 구축하여 서비스를 제공하고 있습니다. 학술대회 모바일앱 서비스는 차후 학술행사에도 점차 확대해 나갈 예정입니다.

▣ 모바일앱 이용안내

가. 이용대상
▷ 모바일앱 서비스는 2019 추계학술대회 유료 참가신청 회원에 한하여 이용 가능합니다.

나. 이용방법
① 앱 다운받기
▷ “앱스토어” 검색창에서 “병원약사회” or “KSHP” 검색,
앱 목록 중 “2019 한국병원약사회 추계학술대회” 선택하여 다운로드 설치
② 로그인
▷ 모바일앱 화면 우측 상단에서 본회 홈페이지 아이디/비밀번호로 로그인 후 이용
(로그인 시 학술대회 등록여부 체크하여 등록회원에 한해 서비스 제공)
③ 모바일앱 서비스 이용기간 : 기한 제한 없이 사용 가능

다. 모바일앱 메뉴 상세 안내

– 등록안내, 교육평점 및 사무국 연락처 확인 가능

– 추계학술대회 강연일정을 한눈에 표로 볼 수 있음
– 강연제목 클릭하면 발표 자료를 뷰어화면으로 바로 이동함

▶행사장 안내
– 행사장 위치(오시는 길 방법 포함), 행사장 배치도, 전시장
– 전시장 배치도 및 광고 참여사를 확인할 수 있음

– 11/23(토) 심포지엄/연구논문 발표자료를 볼 수 있고 PDF 파일 다운로드 가능함

– 구연 및 포스터 목록 및 초록을 볼 수 있음

– 심포지엄 연자 정보를 확인할 수 있음

– 행사일정 중 관심일정 등록 (등록 시 5분전 알람 제공)
– 메모기능 중 발표와 관련 메모와 사진 등록하여 조회 가능

– 추계학술대회 및 모바일앱에 대한 만족도 조사

▶등록 바코드
– 기존 문자메시지(MMS) 방식과 함꼐 어플 사용자를 위해 어픈 내부에 바코드를 추가하여 등록 편의성 개선

※ 모바일앱 이용에 관한 만족도 등 설문조사를 진행 중이오니, 많은 참여 부탁드립니다.…/id1488062517

Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 6.20 MB
Seller: Korea Hospital Pharmaceutical Education & Research Center (한국병원약사회)
Released: 2019-11-16 23:28:38