MPS – Paediatric Guidelines MPS – Paediatric Guidelines

This app has been developed in unison between the Myanmar Paediatric Society (MPS) and the Royal College of Paediatrics UK. It offers you free up-to-date MPS guidance as well as a tool-kit of useful functions to help you provide effective paediatric care in your every-day practice. The app has been kindly funded by UNICEF.

The app is useful for ANY doctor or nurse who cares for children in Myanmar. It’s a paediatric survival pack – in your pocket!

The app includes :

– Neonatal guidelines

– Paediatric guidelines

– Jaundice Calculator – automatically plot bilirubin levels on the relevant graph to decide if a baby will require phototherapy or transfusion.

This app is FREE OF CHARGE and is AVAILABLE OFFLINE – it will be in your pocket whenever you need it and wherever you need it!

Current guidelines included (but being expanded all the time!) include:


– New-born life support

– Neonatal sepsis treatment

– Admission to the neonatal unit checklist.

– Apnoea managemetn

– Birth asphyxia management

– Hypoglycaemia treatment

– Kangaroo Mother Care guidance

– Neonatal intravenous fluid management

– Neonatal jaundice management

– Neonatal seizures treatment


– Paediatric resuscitation (collapsed child)

– Treatment of very sick child (Airway/Breathing/Circulation/Coma/Dehydration pathway)

– Acute Gastroenteritis (AGE)

– Asthma

– Anaphylaxis

– Bronchiolitis

– Burns management and surface area calculation

– Dengue

– Diabetic KetoAcidosis (DKA)

– Drowning

– Enteric fever

– Epiglottitis and upper airway obstruction

– Head injury

– Febrile Convulsions

– Infective endocarditis

– Intubation checklist

– Intussusception

– Malaria

– Malnutrition

– Meningitis

– Myocarditis

– Pain relief pathway

– Pneumonia

– Pyrexia of unknown origin

– Rheumatic fever

– Seizure management

– Sepsis management

– SVT (supraventricular tachycardia)

– TB (tuberculosis)

– Triage of the sick child

– Vitamin deficiencies (A, B, C, D)


– Automatic bilirubin plotter for babies aged 28 weeks’ gestation and above. Just input the gestation, age and bilirubin level and the app will plot the bilirubin graph for you – letting you know if the baby requires phototherapy, exchange transfusion or nothing.

Please download this app and use it to help treat children and neonates. Please remember that it is always your responsibility as the clinician to ensure appropriate treatment and whilst this app can give guidance and support, it cannot be used as a diagnostic tool or relied upon to dictate management of every individual child.…/id1559696162

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Vanuatu Guideline Host Vanuatu Guideline Host

Vanuatu Guideline Host has been developed for health practitioners in Vanuatu to provide access to locally developed standard treatment guidelines at the point of care.

– Easy navigation through topic headings
– Search functionality across all navigable terms
– PDF view of each guideline page
– A bookmark function to quickly access frequently used topics
– A creatinine clearance calculator
– Fully accessible offline after the initial download

This app contains guidelines and other resources which have been endorsed by the Vanuatu Ministry of Health for use by registered health practitioners in Vanuatu. Permission to include these resources on the app has been provided by the Vanuatu National Drugs and Therapeutics Committee.

This app is intended to help health practitioners in Vanuatu make decisions about the care of their patients. The guidelines included in the app form an acceptable basis for the management of patients, but there may be sound clinical reasons for different therapy in individual patients. Users must exercise independent professional judgement when basing therapy on these guidelines and seek appropriate advice where necessary.

The guidelines included on this app are intended for use in Vanuatu, and may not be applicable in other settings.

The content of this app is not intended to serve as health, medical or treatment advice for individuals – please seek the advice of a qualified health practitioner for diagnosis or treatment information or when making medical decisions.

To provide feedback on the app, click on the survey link on the information page (internet access required). Feedback provided this way is anonymous.

For feedback on the guidelines contained in this app, please contact the authors listed in the relevant guidelines or the Vanuatu National Drugs and Therapeutics Committee.

Vanuatu Guideline Host was developed by Therapeutic Guidelines Ltd (TGL) in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Government of Vanuatu with funding from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.…/id1522252397

Updated COVID-19 Protocols and ED Protocols

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Injury Finder Injury Finder

What is injury prone? The Injury Finder leverages PlayerProfiler’s expansive database and predictive analytics firepower to determine injury probabilities. The app determines the likelihood that a skill position player is injured on any give touch as well as the likelihood that the player misses multiple games due to injury during the regular season.

Injury Predictions (In-app Purchase): Why is Christian McCaffrey more likely to miss games than other NFL skill position players? Using a player’s physical attributes, projected usage and injury history, Injury Finder determines the chances that a player misses multiple games or is injured on any given dropback, carry or reception.

Fragility Comparison Center: Challenge injury prone narratives with Injury Finder’s interactive player comparison tool, which compares injury histories, fragility ratings, and injury probabilities back through time.

Mobile Database: Access a detailed injury history on hundreds of players stretching back 10+ NFL seasons. Mine data to better understand league-wide injury trends by position, by body part, by type and severity.…/id1603097195

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HelloGO Hearing HelloGO Hearing

The HelloGO Ready-To-Wear hearing device, delivers exceptional hearing performance with life-enhancing technology for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. Our easy-to-use companion app guides you step by step from initial setup to advanced personalization in just a few taps. In-the-moment controls mean volume adjustments and program changes are always at your fingertips. Plus, the seamless built-in Bluetooth® keeps you connected in this digital world. Enjoy hands-free calls, streaming music, podcasts, audiobooks, and more. We’ll even help out by sending reminders on how to make the most of your HelloGO Ready-To-Wear hearing device. Hearing looks good on everyone. Have a listen.…/id1503230991

* Performance Improvements
* Bug Fixes

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EMTS Doctor EMTS Doctor

Проводите телемедицинские консультации с пациентами по видео;
Общайтесь с пациентами в чате в любое время, обменивайтесь файлами;
Управляйте своим расписанием онлайн-консультаций на текущий день.
Провести удаленный прием можно, даже если рядом нет компьютера.
Постепенно будем дополнять приложение другими функциями, чтобы сделать работу врача еще мобильнее.…/id1531723232

• Исправили ошибки в работе чата
• Другие небольшие улучшения и исправления

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Salud Total EPS-S Salud Total EPS-S

Te damos la bienvenida a tu APP Salud Total EPS-S. Seguimos mejorando nuestros canales para que podamos brindarte un servicio RÁPIDO, SEGURO y SIN FILAS.

Conoce las nuevas funcionalidades:

– Tu Historia Clínica por año y especialidad.
– Información al instante al celular sobre tus atenciones en salud.
– Radicación de autorizaciones solamente con la foto de la orden médica.
– Actualiza tus datos de contacto o tú IPS primaria.
– Chatea con Pablo, tú asesor en línea.
¡Y más servicios!…/id972508544

Esta versión incluye mejoras en aspectos generales de la aplicación:

Si olvidas tu contraseña, ahora podrás recuperarla en la opción “Olvidé mi contraseña” y solicitar un código de seguridad a través de correo electrónico o mensaje de texto.

Tu salud y seguridad es lo más importante para nosotros.

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Dietitian Exam Flash Cards Dietitian Exam Flash Cards

Are you studying for the RD Exam, and you like to study with flash cards? If so, then the Dietitian Exam Flash Cards app is for you! Dietitian Exam Flash Cards is an essential tool when wanting to prepare for the Registration Exam for Dietitians (RD Exam) on the go!

Dietitian Exam Flash Cards contains over 1,100 total cards! Cards are grouped by domain for the RD Exam:
• Domain 1: Principles of Dietetics
• Domain 2: Clinical
• Domain 3: Management
• Domain 4: Foodservice
• You can even review cards from all domains in one set in the Mixed Set category. This will pull cards randomly from each domain

The questions are a mix of challenge level, and the answers are very detailed to learn more about the topic

App Features:

Just like hard copies of flash cards, with this electronic version, you can also:
• Bookmark cards for later review
• Choose a deck from a specific domain, or combine all the decks together to be asked all of the cards
• Build a card stack of 10, 25, 50, 100, or all cards from the domain
• Shuffle the current deck of cards to re-review them in a new random order

And unlike hard copies of flash cards, with this electronic version, you can also:
• Change the text size for ease of reading
• View a progress report of how many cards you’ve viewed from each domain and how many are remaining
• Change up the colors of your app with six built-in color schemes! Choose between Rainbow, Beach, Sundown, Ice Cream, Tomato, and Forest!
• Help save the environment by studying electronically and reducing paper usage

All Visual Veggies Software applications are created entirely by a Registered Dietitian!…/id1634467008

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Dentapp Dentapp

Dentapp es un programa de incentivos dirigido a odontólogos que adquieren productos 3M, donde podrán ganar por las compras realizadas y aprender sobre temas relacionados a su profesión.
A los participantes se les enviará la invitación por medio del correo electrónico, desde ahí solo deben seguir las instrucciones para ingresar al programa y empezar a participar!
Ganan puntos por subir las facturas de compra de productos 3M, los puntos se otorgarán de acuerdo al valor de la compra, algunos productos dan puntos extra y adicional por cada capacitación realizada, podrán ganar puntos.…/id1574716462

– Ajustes generales

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Toscana Salute Toscana Salute

La App del Servizio Sanitario della Toscana

Toscana in Salute è la App che ti offre l’accesso ai servizi on line della sanità toscana attraverso dispositivi mobili.

Con Toscana in Salute attualmente puoi già accedere a queste funzioni:
– Consultazione Referti esami di laboratorio
– Consultazione Referti esami di radiologia
– Consultazione Attestato di esenzione per reddito o fascia economica per il calcolo del ticket
– Autocertificare il tuo reddito
– Consultazione dei  tuoi dati anagrafici
– Numeri utili Toscana in Salute e numeri utili delle Aziende sanitarie

Alcune funzionalità sono ad accesso libero, altre sono protette per rispettare la tua privacy. Per usare la App in tutte le sue funzioni attiva la tua Carta Sanitaria Elettronica e attiva il tuo Fascicolo Sanitario Elettronico. Puoi farlo ad un totem o accedendo la prima volta al tuo fascicolo sanitario, dove puoi anche abilitare l’accesso a questa APP.

Istruzioni per l’installazione…/id980271732

Integrazione del canale Chat per le comunicazioni con il supporto.
Libretto Vaccinale Multilingua.
Correzioni minori.

Price: Free
Version: 3.0.6
Size: 46.83 MB
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Updated: 2022-07-13 10:30:35