TidalWave Music Festival TidalWave Music Festival

The 2022 TidalWave Fest app is here!

Download the app for info about our artists like Morgan Wallen, Luke Bryan, Dierks Bentley and more. Plus, customize your schedule; register your wristband; access festival maps with key locations; learn more about our food and craft vendors + activities on site. Make sure to turn on your push notifications for first access to pop up events and surprises throughout the fest weekend. While you’re here, check out our official 2022 Playlist on Spotify.


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Version: 1.0.0
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Updated: 2022-08-08 13:46:28


NeSTREAM LIVEはDolby Atmos(ドルビーアトモス)/ハイレゾ・ロスレス/4K映像に対応したストリーミング再生アプリケーションです。

■Dolby Atmosに対応!
Dolby Atmosのサラウンド技術でさまざまな音が頭上を含むあらゆる方向から聞こえ、驚くほど鮮明かつ豊かな高臨場感をもたらします。









*1 配信コンテンツにより、利用可能な最大品質はことなります。

*2 ストリーミングのチケット情報に関しては、別途お客様にてご準備が必要になります。また、NeSTREAM LIVEサービス以外のチケットはご利用になれません。







●Dolby、ドルビー、Dolby Atmos、Dolby AudioおよびダブルD記号はドルビーラボラトリーズの商標です。




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Version: 1.3.1
Size: 32.93 MB
Seller: radius co., ltd.
Released: 2022-08-08 07:00:00

Dancy Pups Dancy Pups

- Many characters and songs to choose from.

Choose a song, choose a pup and start your dance! The rhythm will appear in front of you in the form of beats to tap at the right time. The better you can do that, the more coins you will collect at the end of each game. Use them to unlock new pups and new songs!

– Accessories and Achievements.
Choose from the many accessories that the pups can wear! Collect them all by reaching their corresponding achievements!

- Record your gameplay and take screenshots.
You can record your game, or part of it, with just the tap of a button. Watch it again (it will show without the interface and the buttons) and choose the best screenshots to save! Then, just continue playing!

- Compare your highscores.
At the end of the song, check your dance level and see if you have beat your highscore!

Every song has its own set of highscores: one per difficulty level.

– Four Difficulty Levels
The difficulty settings are designed to allow everyone to enjoy Dancy Pups at their own pace. From the easiest to the most challenging, test them out and choose what works best for you. Enjoy!


There are three major additions to this release:

– Accessories:
A whole new section has been added to the character selection screen, now featuring accessories that the characters can wear!

– New UI:
The UI has been redesigned completely, now featuring rounder buttons, colors and user experience improvements.

– Achievements:
All accessories can be unlocked for free by reaching their corresponding achievements!

Price: Free
Version: 1.2.1
Size: 144.36 MB
Seller: Aldo Andriani
Released: 2022-08-08 07:00:00
Updated: 2022-08-08 19:38:23

Roland Piano App Roland Piano App

*To customers using Roland “Piano Every Day” app*
You can continue to use purchased sheet music on “Piano Every Day“ by transferring it to “Roland Piano App”.
If you wish to continue using your purchased sheet music in the Roland Piano App, please create a Roland account using the same email address that you registered with Piano Every Day.

Compatible Pianos:
LX708, LX706, LX705, HP704, HP702, RP701, RP107, F701, F107, FP-90X, FP-60X, FP-30X
※Region Limited Models: RCP800, MP200
Make sure your Roland digital piano is updated with the most current system program. The latest system program and set up instructions can be found at the support pages at https://www.roland.com/.

The Roland Piano App elevates the Roland piano experience, allowing you to take your musical education and enjoyment even further with a smartphone or tablet. This next-generation app is our best ever, combining wireless remote control with enhanced learning features and an updated interface that’s simple, streamlined, and intuitive for everyone in the family to use.

• Powerful companion app for select Roland home pianos with Bluetooth® connectivity
• Control piano functions such as transpose, split, key touch, ambience, and more
• Select and explore different sounds, including many non-piano sounds that may not be available from the instrument’s panel
• Visual metronome for timing practice
• Recorder function for self-evaluation
• Fun flash card and ear training exercises to build skills
• Select songs and view musical scores for your piano’s onboard song library
• Use the One Week Master feature to gradually learn a new piece in seven days
• Play along with a full-band sound using automatic accompaniment that’s controlled with left-hand fingering
• Unlock over 300 pieces of sheet music with a Roland Cloud Core, Pro, or Ultimate membership

– To use all functions in this app, a connection with a compatible piano model is required.
– Communication between a compatible piano model and an iPad/iPhone requires a Bluetooth connection.
– When using Roland Piano App with a compatible piano for the first time, an Internet connection is required. Some of the app’s functions—including recordings—require an Internet connection as well. Any communication expenses (packet communication fees, etc.) incurred while using this application will be charged to customers.
– We cannot guarantee full compatibility with all devices that meet the specification requirements.


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Version: 1.0.0
Size: 114.67 MB
Seller: Roland Corporation
Released: 2022-08-04 07:00:00
Updated: 2022-08-05 02:59:47


Nembrini Audio JMP Pro Guitar Amplifier plugin is based on a Marshall JMP1* preamplifier.
JMP Pro Valve Amplifier drives pure tone into each of its four uniquely voiced channels OD1, OD2, Clean1 and Clean2
OD1: This channel’s smouldering power will take you from the molten gold of a classic British sound, to searing metal and all points in between.
OD2: Tightly focused, high gain is served up here by the truckload. Modern and aggressive, yet fluid and toneful. This channel has all the distortion and sustain you’ll ever need.
Clean1: It is perfect for warm full-bodied chords, fat clean lead passages and jazz tones.
Clean2: It has the glassy edge of a classic British sound for those bright, jangly tones.

Powered by four EL34 virtual tubes with presence, volume and power switch in class AB push-pull configuration.

FILTER make the delay Lo-Fi and OFFSET create a time offset in left/right delay sections

select Chorus or Tremolo modulation

Hall reverb algorithm

Low and High cut filters PRE and POST amplifier

tuned for guitar and bass

keep your dynamics in check, whether just thickening the sound or keeping levels consistent

Works as a standalone app, AudioUnit v3 effect, or Inter-App Audio effect.

Legal Disclaimer:
JMP1 is a registered trademark of Marshall Amplification PLC. Nembrini Audio JMP Pro was developed by Nembrini Audio SRL based on its own modelling techniques. Marshall Amplification PLC has not endorsed nor sponsored the Nembrini Audio JMP Pro in any manner, nor licensed any intellectual property for use in this product.


Price: $9.99 USD
Version: 1.0
Size: 48.28 MB
Seller: Nembrini Audio S.r.l. (Nembrini Audio)
Released: 2022-08-03 07:00:00
Updated: 2022-08-04 06:37:19

Pure Upright Pure Upright

An upright piano sits perfectly in pop, R&B, Hip-Hop, and many more modern music genres. That’s why it’s heard in countless iconic tracks throughout musical history with the upright at the heart of the song. You don’t always need the splendor of a grand piano but the character and immediacy of an upright piano. Pure Upright captures the uniquely recognizable sound of the upright piano and makes it as wonderfully playable as our acclaimed Pure Piano for iOS.

Similar to an XY pad in its flat, tactile nature, the Morph Pad offers up nine different core upright piano timbres, including Vintage, Intimate, Reverse, Gated, and Pad, to name a few. The “pure” Upright sits untouched at the heart and center of the space, surrounded by eight more presets for you to explore as you guide your finger seamlessly through the wide-ranging tonal palette of the piano. As you do so, the various timbres blend together, allowing you to create your own sounds comprising combinations of neighboring presets for you to save and recall.

Pure Upright works as a standalone app or as an AUv3 plug-in within your DAW of choice, and extensive connectivity options allow you to easily connect to your keyboard controller via USB, direct, or Bluetooth MIDI to experience the sound of a professional grand piano through your headphones or speakers. The app also supports a direct connection to your Mac using Inter Device Audio (IDAM). This enables you to easily integrate Pure Upright into your desktop projects by sending MIDI and receiving audio with one single cable, as well as network MIDI and Inter-App Audio for triggering the piano from other apps that you might have installed.

Equipped with customizable reverb, EQ, and delay, sound creation becomes even more creative. Simply unlink any of the audio effects from the Morph Pad to dial in your own settings. Maybe you want to add a long reverb tail to add some extra atmosphere, tweak the EQ a little or add some delay to a particular sound. It’s up to you.

If all that isn’t enough, now you can adjust the pedal and key noise to taste, and there’s a host of flexible tuning options for when you need them. The stretched piano tuning is how a piano technician would tune the piano. The equal temperament tuning, on the other hand, is best for when layering Pure Upright with sounds like electric pianos, pads, or strings. Also provided is the ability to transpose the piano which comes in very useful if you are working with a vocalist who wants to sing in a different key!

For the best experience with Pure Upright, we highly recommend using a controller keyboard to trigger the notes so that it feels like you’re playing a real upright piano. The on-board velocity response page allows you to match the dynamic response of Pure Upright to your keyboard controller and your playing style so that you can achieve the right velocity response for you and the song you’re playing.

Pure Upright is designed and developed by Hamburg-based e-instruments, renowned for their high-end digital recreations of acoustic instruments.

Feature Overview:

– Interactive Morph Pad – Explore the different characteristics of the upright piano

– Nine different sounds – Navigate and blend between nine core sounds

– Studio Quality Audio at Ultra-low Latency

– Extensive Connectivity – Connect via USB, direct, or Bluetooth MIDI. Inter Device Audio (IDAM), Network MIDI, and Inter-App Audio also fully supported

– Standalone and AUv3 plug-in compatible

– Zynaptiq QREV Reverb – Have fun adding extra atmosphere and depth to your sound

– 3-Band EQ and Delay – Get creative with customizable EQ and Delay, or use the Morph Pad as a macro control

– Save, Load & Share Your Own Sound Presets

– Flexible Tuning Options

– Customizable velocity curve

– 24-bit, 44.1 kHz

– Requires iOS 13 or above

– 1.1GB installation


Price: $14.99 USD
Version: 1.0
Size: 1.18 GB
Seller: e-instruments lab GmbH
Released: 2022-08-03 07:00:00
Updated: 2022-08-04 06:40:19


TB MBC – the ultimate Multi-Band Compressor

TB MBC is a multi-band dynamics processor and analog saturator, providing a wealth of tools to sculpt your audio tracks. With up to 10 fully configurable bands, 2 compressor curves per band, positive and negative saturation, and external side chain support, it is the most complete and versatile multi-band compressor available for iOS today.

– Up to 10 frequency bands
– Every band has two compressor curves
– Upward and downward compression in each band
– Positive and negative (expansive) saturation per band
– Mid-side processing per band (for stereo input)
– External side chain compression per band
– Manual or automatic, program-dependent release
– Configurable compression knee and compression range parameters
– Audition mode per band
– 2nd order or 4th order cross-over network
– Dry/wet mixing control for parallel / New York style compression
– High Quality mode using internal oversampling
– Spectrum analyser with various graphic presentation modes
– Input and output gain parameters, and output digital VU meter
– AUv3 with resizable UI and dozens of color themes to choose from
– Preset management including import and export options
– Undo, redo, A/B switching
– Inter-app audio (IAA) support

What you should know:
– Inter-App Audio (IAA) can only use one instance of this app simultaneously. We recommend to use an AUv3 host to use multiple instances.
– Licenses acquired for this platform are not compatible with other platforms.
– Audio Unit (AUv3) extensions require an iPad mini 2, iPad 4 or later models.

How to use this app as AUv3 plug-in in Apple Garageband for iOS:

How to use this app as AUv3 plug-in in Steinberg Cubasis for iOS:

How to use this app as AUv3 plug-in in Audio Evolution Mobile Studio for iOS:

How to use this app as AUv3 plug-in in AUM – Audio mixer:


Price: $8.99 USD
Version: 1.0.2
Size: 8.08 MB
Seller: Dirk Breebaart (ToneBoosters)
Released: 2022-08-02 07:00:00
Updated: 2022-08-02 21:02:00

Abstract Clock Tracks Abstract Clock Tracks

‘Abstract Clock Tracks’ is an app that creates unique, abstract chord progressions by simply pressing a button. The app also generates riffs and beats via preprogrammed rhythmic patterns. Backing tracks are then created and can be used to work on soloing/improvising, write melodies, compose, or whatever you like.

The app creates progressions consisting of 8 note groups made up of 3 notes each using all 12 musical notes. Select measures of 4/4 at 133bpm, 3/4 at 100 bpm, or 5/4 at 166bpm. Each time signature/tempo has 7 different drum beats to choose from, and a click track.

You can also create a progression from scratch, depending on what tonalities you want to hear and work with.

To get a better idea of how to use the app, watch the tutorial at www.ronjarzombek.com/apptutorials.html

So if you’re just tired of using the same old progressions that you’ve heard before and are looking for some new and creative progressions to work with, or just want to brush up on your knowledge of theory, and what scales work over certain sets of notes, this might be the app for you!…



Price: $1.99 USD
Version: 1.0
Size: 27.85 MB
Seller: Ron Jarzombek
Released: 2022-08-01 07:00:00
Updated: 2022-08-01 16:32:41

LiveKara – Hát Karaoke LiveKara – Hát Karaoke

Livekara – mang cả phòng hát Karaoke vào điện thoại của bạn

Hát cùng bạn lúc nào chả vui hơn hát một mình. Và đặc biệt, hát trực tuyến trước hàng ngàn bạn bè, fan hâm mộ còn tuyệt vời biết bao. Livekara – ứng dụng chuyên biệt về Phòng hát Karaoke Livestream trực tuyến.

● Thay vì một mình tự hát tự nghe thật buồn chán, Livekara cung cấp cho bạn chức năng phòng hát để bạn có thể tha hồ thể hiên tài năng, giao lưu cùng bạn bè mình. Cảm giác sẽ cực kỳ sôi động, không khác gì phòng hát Karaoke ngoài đời thực.

● Bạn vừa livestream hát karaoke, vừa nhận được sự cỗ vũ từ hàng ngàn người hâm mộ. Cơn mưa quà tặng, trận bão like, cuồng phong comment là có thật. Hãy tự tin thể hiện bản thân và sẵn sàng trở thành ngôi sao cùng Livekara.

● Kho nhạc hàng triệu bài chất lượng cao. Bạn thích nhạc trẻ? Bạn yêu Bolero hay đam mê nhạc cách mạng? Đừng lo, dù là bài gì chỉ cần bạn muốn Livekara đều có.

● Kết nối bạn bốn phương bằng tình yêu ca hát. Livekara cung cấp những tính năng tương tác, chat giúp các bạn tăng cường giao lưu, tìm những người bạn cùng nhịp đập âm nhạc.

● Chế độ PK – tạo cuộc đấu vui vẻ với các người chơi khác. Các bạn có thể tự lựa chọn hình phạt vui vẻ cho người thua cuộc. Chú ý rằng hình phạt là do hai người chơi tự đặt ra và chỉ để cho vui vẻ.

● MỚI ! Từ phiên bản. 2.0.0 Livekara đã cho phép bạn tạo các bản thu bên cạnh việc hát LiveStream, đồng thời chức năng hát SONG CA cũng được hỗ trợ

Còn chờ đợi gì nữa mà chưa tải ngay Livekara về để thoả sức thể hiện tài năng âm nhạc, giao lưu cùng fan hâm mộ, kết bạn bốn phương.


– Them mot so chuc nang nho
– Sua loi

Price: Free
Version: 2.1.8
Size: 246.88 MB
Seller: Ha Thi Mai Dung
Released: 2022-07-31 07:00:00

Rainbow Delay Rainbow Delay

Rainbow Delay is a polyphonic harmonizing delay effect unlike any that you’ve played before. Harmonize full chords with multiple different intervals at once to create colorful soundscapes you didn’t know your guitar could create. Program your MIDI controller to control your harmonies and delay in real time. Switch it into Mono mode for vocals and other monophonic instruments.

F e a t u r e s:
• Fully polyphonic harmonies – WORKS ON ALL CHORDS
• Separate harmonies for real time input and delays
• Delay with feedback, filter, time division and tempo sync
• Creates harmonies above and below the input signal – mix and match them to taste
• All parameters are MIDI programmable
• The stripe in the middle contains buttons that can switch modes, shift intervals and sync to the host tempo
• The colored knobs adjust the volume of the harmonies on the input and the delays
• The gray knobs adjust the delay parameters
• Shift intervals on the fly with automation or MIDI input for greater control over your harmonies
• Mono mode for vocals or monophonic instruments
• Bluetooth MIDI compatible
• iRig BlueBoard compatible
• AUv3


Price: $2.99 USD
Version: 1.0
Size: 49.32 MB
Seller: Derek Mesecar (Primitive Digital Software)
Released: 2022-07-28 07:00:00
Updated: 2022-07-29 05:08:28