SEN: Seven Eight Nine SEN: Seven Eight Nine

SEN is a minimalistic zen puzzle game about recognizing patterns of numbers, colors and shapes.

The rules of the game are taught with absolutely zero instruction – the progression and design of the levels has been carefully balanced to introduce each rule, thereby giving players the sensation of discovering the rules for themselves.

Featuring easy to learn rules that are difficult to master, different game modes, and a beautifully relaxing soundtrack.…/id1477608800

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Version: 1.0
Size: 161.11 MB
Seller: All 4 Games Limited (All 4 Games)
Released: 2020-02-06 08:00:00

Block Master: Drop Down Puzzle Block Master: Drop Down Puzzle

Welcome to Block Master, a very simple jet challenging and fun block puzzle game.

The concept of the game is very simple. All you have to do is drop, slide and blast the falling blocks.

Download the game NOW and start blasting and smashing the blocks to become the ultimate puzzle master! Have fun and enjoy!…/id1484936348

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Version: 1.0
Size: 146.80 MB
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D Notation – A Music Keyboard D Notation – A Music Keyboard

D Notation is a musical notation keyboard and notebook that lets you write music notes easy and convenient.

Pre-order your subscription today, and you’ll feel the joy of typing music notes in the new decade.

Who is this for?

• Complete beginners
• Music students
• Music teachers
• Advanced and professional musicians


D Notation is a startup that develops innovative solutions for music writing and learning. Our team has top-class expertise in music composition, teaching, and theory.

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Are you having problems? Just email us:…/id1335762739

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Version: 0.1
Size: 8.67 MB
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Released: 2019-12-30 08:00:00

Tune Maker – Compose Music Tune Maker – Compose Music

Tune Maker is a music composition tool which helps you to understand the basic components of music and to quickly begin creating your own compositions.

Tune Maker can be used by musicians of all levels. Beginners can start using basic chords, rhythms and melodies. Professional musicians will appreciate the ability to construct very advanced chords, using non-standard time signatures, adding multiple melody lines, MIDI export, recording chords and notes from a MIDI keyboard and many more.

There is not any strict sequence of steps in music composition, but if you are just starting, you can begin by adding some drums to your tune. It will create a basic structure of the future composition.

Try to hear a melody in your head or sing it first. Then start drawing it on the melody track canvas. Hit Play and listen while you are working on it. To make it more dynamic, use the velocity tool to adjust volume of individual notes.

In music, the process of adding chords to a melody is called harmonization. Tune Maker allows you to construct almost any possible chord and it will help you to find chords that mach your melody.

In Tune Maker, an arpeggio track is a rhythmic pattern for your chord progression. You can think of it as a right hand pattern when you play on a guitar. It can be like strumming, bass & chord or a single-note pattern. Tune Maker automatically maps this pattern to your chords and produces appropriate note pitches.

Enable recording and start playing on the note editor’s scale buttons or use your MIDI controller connected over USB of Bluetooth. You can also record chords with your MIDI keyboard. Tune Maker will recognize chords you are playing and insert them to the chord track.

Select an instrument from the built-in collection. Play CoreMIDI-compatible apps. Or plug in any Audio Unit Extension Instrument available on the App Store.

You can duplicate an existing section and add some alterations to it or you can just repeat a section. For example, if you have some kind of chorus section in your song, you could repeat it in multiple places inside your song. And if you decide to modify this section later, the changes will affect all the repeats.

Tune Maker is a Document Based App. This allows you to organize your projects in the way that works best for you. You can store your projects on a local folder, on iCloud Drive, or on any other supported cloud storage like DropBox or GoogleDrive. You can share easily using AirDrop, Mail or Message. You can also export your project as a MIDI file if you want to continue working on it in a DAW like Ableton or GarageBand.…/id1489705836

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Version: 1.0
Size: 85.67 MB
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DM2 The Drum Machine DM2 The Drum Machine

DM2 is a synthesis-based drum machine with a dedicated graphic editor, for the creation and manipulation of sound . Yeah, blah blah blah… let’s start again.

Your lucky stars have all aligned. There are blue skies and smooth sailing ahead. So throw your worries away, and get ready for DM2 to bring endless fun and blissful joy to your face. Your colleagues and friends will be amazed at the new you, wondering how your fingers produce such ravishing beats. Strangers may come up to you in cafés and ask you, “That rhythm sounds like heaven. How do you do that?”. Life can be good, so tap your feet, shake your head and let’s start making some groovy electronic beats with DM2.

DM2 has been made by the core team that brought you DM1, one of the consistent best selling drum machines for iPad, awarded with an Apple Design Award in 2012. If DM1 was cool, DM2 is ice cold.

Now let’s talk business. DM2 contains 6 pages. Each page does 1 thing. Or perhaps 2.

A BIG, BIG STEP SEQUENCER. 16 or 32 step patterns. Or why not 7 or 25 steps? Or even polymetric tracks (poly what? no worries, just a fancy word for complex rhythms, yet super easy to make). And while we are at it, steps can also be singles, duplets, triplets or quadruplets for even sophisticated rhythms. Again it is all about drawing funny objects to make funky beats.

THE DRUMS PAGE. Where the sonic magic happens. Six touchable graphs to create sounds. Oscillators, LFOs, filters, noise generators, all the usual suspects in a drawable interface. This may look a tiny bit daunting at first, but the beauty is that whatever you touch, you’re not going to break anything. So give everything a whirl, and get experimental. And if you need some inspiration, DM2 contains plenty of ready-made sounds too.

THE PADS PAGE. Maybe you prefer finger-drumming? Sure, go ahead. Press REC and record your rhythms. Of course, there is an automatic quantize function, so that you’ll never miss a beat again.

THE MIXER PAGE. Big and beautiful, it will transform your iPad into a professional mixing desk for the price of a magazine.

THE FX SECTION. A powerful Effect processor. Just switch everything on and see where it takes you.

THE SONG PAGE. Last but not least, put all your hard work in the previous pages together in a shiny song.

DM2 is fully MIDI-mappable with more than 130 assignable parameters that can be controlled by an external MIDI controller.

Finally, because music makes the people come together and mixes both the bourgeoisie and the rebel, you can export your creations to share with the world. DM2 is packed full of save/import/export abilities. Ahh, the wonder of modern technology!

For anyone interested in immersing themselves in some tech specs, please see below. Otherwise, feel free to stop reading now, grab your copy of DM2, and get jamming. What are you waiting for?
Website :
Youtube :
Facebook :
Twitter : audionomyapps
• Graphic design by Jonas Eriksson, world class graphic master
• Drum kits can be saved, exported and imported (iTunes, iCloud, Dropbox, etc)
• 16 or 32 Steps Polymetric Sequencer
• Single, duplet, triplet or quadruplet step
• Audio Synthesis with graphic editor
• 1 oscillator + 1 noise generator
• 2 self-oscillating filters
• 2 volume envelopes
• Pitch modulation
• Distortion per track
• Stereo panning
• Copy, paste and swap sounds
• Pads to record patterns, with Beat Repeat effect
• Full Mixing Desk
• 4 Effect Pads : Compressor | Overdrive | Phaser | Chorus | Delay | Reverb
• Mode song
• Songs export and import
• Export audio
• Full Midi implementation
• Audiobus + IAA + Ableton Link compatible

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Version: 1.9
Size: 95.67 MB
Seller: Pascal Douillard
Released: 2019-12-08 19:37:31

Lekhakan Lekhakan

Lekhakan Mobile app is a Christian resource and news app on your finger tips. This app provides Christian News, Christians Radio 24×7, Articles on Life, Relationships, Health, Spirituality etc. This App connect you with Christian world.…/id1490657189

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Version: 1.0
Size: 37.55 MB
Seller: Revive Web Technologies Private Limited (REVIVE INDIA)
Released: 2019-12-08 16:00:32

Radio Bethesda Glory Radio Bethesda Glory

The good news is that Jesus is alive and that he cares for you and listens to us when we pray. Here at Bethesda Haitian Church, we believe in prayer! Let us know what is heavy on your heart, and we will make sure that you are prayed for by our pastors and dedicated prayer warriors!

Radio Bethesda Glory est une station radio chrétienne situé à New London CT, fondée par Pasteur Naasson Dorvilier 15 Mars 2018.

Cette station de radio à pour dévise: Évangélise, Édifier des Ames, Transformer les gens, Prier pour les gens, et bénir des coeur par des cantiques spirituelle dans l’adoration et louange, et par des messages Evangéliques.…/id1490597298

Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 39.12 MB
Seller: Evens Borno
Released: 2019-12-06 22:57:25

Music Player : Mp3 Player Music Player : Mp3 Player

There’s no doubt that listening to your favorite music not only lights up your mood but also brightens your day. Music is a vital part of everyone’s lives and people rely on music, whether it’s during the morning commute, a workout or a party or while cooking a meal, taking a shower, or even folding the laundry.

With this amazing app, you can easily experience your music collection like never before. The app allows you to tap, swipe, drag, touch, and shake so you will feel close to your beloved songs.

Music player is not only based on artists or albums. Music Player will guide you find all the music files in seconds.

The best music player and media player!

Music player can quick to search and access your music library directly, show you tracks by artists, albums, genre, playlist and the music folder structure.

Key Features:

• Support all the most popular music file formats.

• Browse and play your music by albums, artists, songs, playlists, folders.

• Support notification status: show play/pause, skip forward in notification status.

• Custom and save your Playlist.

• Improve Sound Quality – Bass boost & Virtualizer effect

MP3 player is a must have music player for everyone . This elegant application makes your music experience super cool. create your own playlist with this ultimate mp3 player.

MP3 Player has built-in musical equalizer, which can give you the any music feeling you want. Use MP3 Player to enjoy playing high quality songs and offline mp3 music, personalized customization your MP3 player. You can listen local songs and audio from your offline music library.

Powerful and Fast Mp3 player, Music player with elegant design. Music player lets you manage all your music files quickly and easily. This audio player supports almost all types of mp3 , midi ,wav , flac raw aac files and other audio formats.

The more attractive and intuitive User Interface combined with the crisp and clean layouts will give you the best user experience. Select background skins to make your player look more outstanding, and these also make your player get the next level experience.

Add a new feel to your favorite music with the beautiful and elegant interface. It is developed to create a better interface and feel. It is a simple yet stylish music player / mp3 player.

Simple interface, totally new design, professional and HQ sound effect, customized UI…Player Pro, bring you into a wonderful music world. Give you the most essential music sound effect.…/id1488376019

Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 54.07 MB
Seller: Jogani Bhavesh Keshubhai
Released: 2019-12-06 22:28:47