Weight&Water&Step Weight&Water&Step

Weight control, not only weight, but also BMI, water consumption and daily steps, all of which will affect your weight change. Keep a good record habit every day, make the record a part of your healthy life, and I believe that you can get the perfect body you want.

Functional support
*Record your daily weight, water, steps
*Strong interaction and better experience, all kinds of indexes and curves make you clear at a glance
*Step counting interface supports synchronizing step counting and mileage data of healthkit in iPhone health data


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Tak5 Tak5

Use Tak5 to make good referrals.

If you have ever found yourself recommending a service or product to someone, this app is ideal for you to use in your daily life.

That’s because you will be able to win for each of your referrals made through Tak5.
It’s really easy.

Refer a customer to Tak5 and each time they use the app you will earn a percentage of the value of the products or services.

Our first product available in this app is transport. This way you will earn 10% of all trips your app makes.

So refer Tak5 to all your customers.

· Open the app and request a ride
· Our driver will be there to pick you up in a few minutes.
· You have many options for a comfortable and safe trip.
· You can choose the car category from the low-cost to large group transportation, plus black town cars
· You can select the driver by their language so that the non-English users can have a better experience.
· You can also use coupons on your trips.
· See the cost of your ride in advance

· All of Tak5’s drivers are professionals
· Drivers are rated by passengers and only the highest rated drivers are allowed on the road.
· All drivers have commercial insurance.

Download Tak5 and start earning.


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Next Too You Driver Next Too You Driver

We are a company designed to offer a service for all types of public, especially families looking for a different form of transport using a platform of latest technology and easy use that allows a simple way the request of services by our customers from their initial location towards your destination in complete detail always offering the fastest routes available in real time, with very comfortable vehicles and most importantly the best humanized attention by our allied drivers, transforming a simple car trip into a comfortable and warm experience.

In our company we understand the great need and limitation of a large percentage of the general population that has limited mobility or lack of social and family support to achieve their daily activities such as: the need to go to a hospital, a bank, a shopping center, a gym, a park, recreational centers among others, so we create a service where our allied drivers have the possibility to offer our customers an accompaniment service for each of these activities with a humanized, safe and High quality so that you feel like in the company of a family member or friend and always be by your side.


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Trotte – For Hotels Trotte – For Hotels

Trotte is a ride-hailing app for fast, affordable and reliable rides in minutes—whether day or night. Trotte For Hotels now allows hotel partners to set up travel-desks and kiosks’ to book rides for guests. Just tap to request a ride, select your preferred vehicle option and enjoy every moment with Trotte.

Where do you want to go for your next Trotte ride? Download the app, complete the easy signup process & take your first ride today.

Benefits of using Trotte For Hotels;
Travel-desk: Have your Travel desk agent equipped with Trotte technology to help guests request taxis in minutes. The travel-desk solution can be accessed by logging into the ‘Partner Login’ using a travel desk account.
Request a taxi with a travel-desk in just a few steps. Here’s how;
1. Open the Trotte Hotels App.
2. Enter guest name, room number, and mobile number
3. Select the vehicle option.
4. You’ll see the driver’s picture, vehicle details, and can track their arrival on the map.
5. Let the guest enjoy the ride to the destination
6. Make payment by Trotte money, credit card, mobile money, cash in select cities, bank transfer and more on behave of the guest.

Kiosk: In case the hotel does not wish to have a dedicated travel agent to operate the travel desk, they have the option to place the app on a tablet or iPad in the form of a Kiosk. This solution helps the guests to be able to request a ride on their own using the Trotte Kiosk.
Request a taxi with Trotte Kiosk in just a few steps. Here’s how;
1. Place the tablet or iPad on the Travel desk and login as a kiosk.
2. The guest enters their name, room number, and mobile number
3. Select the vehicle option.
4. See the driver’s picture, vehicle details, and can track their arrival on the map.
5. Let the guest enjoy the ride to the destination
6. Make payment by cash.

Trotte gives your guest an option for their every day to the premium. Some of the popular vehicle options available on the Trotte Hotel app are;

Trotte: Trotte is the original. An economical, comfortable and reliable ride for your daily commute with the best drivers.

Trotte LUX: Are you riding with friends and family? Trotte LUX is an inexpensive Luxury car, with room for everyone and that extra bag.

Tuk Tuk: Got a quick errand? Get a low-cost Tuk Tuk.

Moto: Hate waiting on Traffic each day? Trotte Moto is the best way of beating traffic. Just by the touch of a button get a low-cost Moto within minutes.

Trotte App features:
Know your trip fare upfront before requesting a ride.
Set your pickup location (E.g. Home, Work, Airport, Railway station, current location, etc.)
See all available cabs near your location being displayed on the map
Tap the type of vehicle you want & tap ‘RIDE NOW’ or ‘LATER’
Get instant confirmation with trip details
Track your driver in realtime
Pay by Trotte money, credit card, mobile money, cash in select cities, bank transfer and more. We’ll email you the receipt after every trip.

Get info if Trotte is available in your city at https://www.trotteltd.com
Follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Trotteltd/
Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/trotteltd/

Need help? Just head out to trotteinc.com/knowledgebase


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Ficam Ficam

Ficam is designed for connecting our company’s car camera which can record your road and provide proof for emergency event with high video definition. You can use it to preview video and set car params. It can also play the GPS routes in the map when playing the video. Also you can share the video and image to your friends or social platform.


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Rueddo Rueddo

Rueddo es la nueva forma de solicitar fletes de manera sencilla, segura y rápida.

Enviar y recibir muebles, electrodomésticos, colchones, realizar pequeñas mudanzas o entregar productos y trazar repartos para tu negocio, nunca fue tan fácil.

Disponé de un vehículo de carga exclusivo para vos. Al hacer un pedido de envío vas a poder ver la información del transportista a cargo, sus datos de contacto, seguir el vehículo en tiempo real y recibir la confirmación de la entrega con firma o remito. Al finalizar el viaje podrás calificar el servicio y sugerir mejoras.

Rueddo te permite customizar tu pedido de vehículo según cada necesidad:

– Ingresá las direcciones y puntos intermedios de tus entregas.

– Agregá detalles para cada destino.

– Elegí entre diferentes tamaños de vehículo.

– Pedí tu vehículo en forma inmediata o lo reservalo para el día y hora de tu conveniencia.

– Podés solicitar ayuda para la carga y descarga, incluyendo la opción de subida por escalera (sólo en Reserva)

– Elegí el método de pago de tu preferencia: en Efectivo (en origen o destino), Tarjeta de Crédito o Cuenta Corriente (exclusivo para empresas).

– Tus envíos llevan un seguro básico incluido, pero podés optar por un seguro premium.

– Podés ver la cotización de tu viaje antes de confirmar el pedido.

Nos apasiona brindar el mejor servicio y es por esto que ofrecemos atención personalizada para clientes y transportistas en todo momento. Además contamos con planes especiales para empresas.

Los transportistas son libres de tomar los viajes que sean más convenientes para ellos, sin imposiciones de horarios ni límites de aceptación o rechazo. Colaboramos con ellos para asegurar la satisfacción de cada uno de nuestros clientes. Además, todos los vehículos que trabajan con nosotros cuentan con la documentación pertinente actualizada para dar más seguridad a tus envíos.

También podés encontrarnos y hacer tus pedidos en nuestra Web,


o contactarnos para cualquier consulta en:


Si tenés un vehículo para fletes y te interesa trabajar junto a nosotros podés escribirnos a:


Pedir un flete nunca fue tan fácil. Enviá a lo grande, envialo con Rueddo.

Nota importante: La aplicación, para el caso de los usuarios conductores, utiliza el GPS en forma continua durante los viajes. Esto puede disminuir la duración de la batería.


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AMV Track AMV Track

AMV Track offers comprehensive software solution for commercial fleet tracking and management. Our GPS vehicle tracking devices offer worldwide GPS satellite coverage with nationwide customer sales and service network. Globally check your vehicle’s usage and recover it efficiently in case of theft. As a fleet operator our data helps you eliminate unsafe practices and increase security of drivers and vehicles.


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INDIA Hills AR is an Augmented Reality Viewer for finding hills around you on you cameras screen.

indiya hils ar ek ogamented riyalitee vyooar hai, jo aapake chaaron or pahaadiyon ko kaimare kee skreen par dhoondhata hai.

It includes a 3D Map, distance depth slider, search function, information display and camera to take photos or videos of your scenes.

isamen ek 3d maip, distens depth slaidar, sarch phankshan, imphormeshan disple aur kaimara shaamil hain jo aapake drshyon kee tasveeren ya veediyo le sakate hain.

Simple to use, fast to start, informative whilst adding loads of fun to your outdoors adventures!

upayog karane ke lie saral, shuroo karane ke lie tejee se, jaanakaareepoorn apane aautador romaanch ke lie maza ke bhaar jodate hue!

It covers the whole of India and contains information on over 20,000 hills, mountains, peaks, slopes and valleys – along with a few prominent islands when in coastal areas.

yah poore bhaarat ko kavar karata hai aur isamen 20,000 se adhik pahaadiyon, pahaadon, chotiyon, dhalaanon aur ghaatiyon ke baare mein jaanakaaree shaamil hai – tateey kshetron mein kuchh pramukh dveepon ke saath.

If you like, then you can also check out our other Hills AR Apps on the App Store including the UK, USA, France, Austria, Italy, USA and Germany.

agar aapako pasand hai, to aap yooke, yooese, phraans, ostriya, italee, yooese aur jarmanee sahit aip stor par hamaare any hils eaar aips kee jaanch kar sakate hain.


Enjoy and Please Rate and Review your App!

aanand len aur dar aur apane app kee sameeksha karen!


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Bronco RideShare Bronco RideShare

Make commute easier than ever with our rideshare app for Cal Poly Pomona students.

Intuitive Driver and Passenger page to request a ride or pick up your peer to commute to school together.

Make more connections along the way!
For Passenger:
‣ Make a request by entering pick up place, time and date.
‣ Cancel Request instantly when your plan changed.
‣ Real-time request status (accept or pending).
‣ See your driver info once the request has been accepted.
For Driver:
‣ Two different request finding button :
‣ Finding passengers within 25 miles away.
‣ Find passengers with no distance restriction.
‣ Displaying Route on the Map from your current destination to the pick-up location and to Cal Poly Pomona with the “Get Direction” button.
‣ See the passenger pick-up place before Accept with “See On Map” button.
‣ Once accepted a request, click on the “Accept” button again to see passenger information.
‣ With “Arrow” Button your Map’s camera will always move toward your current location for Navigation.


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