Missing Pet Finder Missing Pet Finder

Missing Pet Finder

Helping to reunite missing pets with their families

Losing a pet can be very distressing for both the pet and owner.
Download this app and receive a notification within minutes of a pet going missing in your local area. 
Follow the story and see updates on how a search is progressing.
Use the private and group chat options to unite with other pet owners and animal lovers in your location. 
Pet owners can instantly print out posters with QR codes and easily share with other social media platforms.
Not a pet owner? It doesn’t matter, if you have eyes, you can help.

You could be the one who makes a difference.

The idea for this app was born when a friend’s cat went missing the day after they moved to a new house.
A group of us spent days walking the streets putting up flyers and posting through letterboxes in an attempt to try and find their missing pet.

Sadly their story didn’t have a happy ending, and we were all left feeling that perhaps things could have been different if we’d had a more immediate and effective way of spreading the word.

This app allows you to…

Create your own pet profile –
Input your pet’s details, description, and photo. You will then be ready to share this in the unfortunate event of your pet going missing, saving vital time.

Location-based missing pet notifications –
Should your pet go missing, everyone within your local area that has the app, will receive a notification within minutes of you reporting them missing.

Quickly and easily print out missing posters –
We understand that not everyone owns a mobile phone. But these people could still help you to find your faithful friend. Using the information already provided in your pet profile, you can quickly and easily print out ‘Missing Pet’ posters to put up within your community or share on other social media platforms.
No longer do you need to make your phone number public. The poster contains a QR code that takes them directly to the app. From here they can contact you and more safely exchange details.

Chat to other pet owners within your local area –
The ability to chat with other missing pet app users within your location base could be crucial in helping you to track down your absent companion. Receive real-time sightings with descriptions and photographs from other users, allowing you to chase up potential leads or eliminate false ones, saving precious time.

Invite friends, neighbors, family, and colleagues to download the app and multiply the possibility of finding your missing pet, or somebody else’s. It doesn’t matter if they’re not pet owners, if they have eyes, you need them!


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Voice Tech Paris 2019 Voice Tech Paris 2019

Le salon Voice Tech Paris 2019 vous offre un panorama complet sur les technologies et sur les enjeux liés aux technologies vocales. Les conférences stratégiques et les ateliers vous permettent de vous tenir à jour, de vous informer ou de renforcer vos connaissances.

Grâce à l’application Voice Tech Paris 2019 :

• Retrouvez le programme détaillé des conférences et des ateliers.
• Repérez vous sur le salon grâce au plan interactif
• Constituez votre parcours en sélectionnant les exposants, start-up et interventions qui vous intéressent.
• Découvrez le profil complet des conférenciers qui interviennent sur Voice Tech Paris 2019.

Téléchargez dès maintenant l’application et profitez de la meilleure expérience possible lors de votre venue sur Voice Tech Paris 2019

Corp Events est ravi de vous accueillir les 26 et 27 novembre 2019 pour la deuxième édition du salon VOICE TECH PARIS 2019.


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ATH-Handball ATH-Handball

Achenheim Truchtersheim Handball « ATH » est un club de Handball situé dans le Grand Est comprenant plus de 350 membres.

Le club est heureux de compter parmi les meilleurs clubs Français depuis l’accession de l’équipe Féminine en Championnat de France de Division 2 lors de la saison 2018-2019.

Vous trouverez par cette application interactive le moyen de découvrir, de communiquer, de suivre et même de faire l’actualité du club :

• La composition des équipes compétitions (D2F et N1F)
• Le Club avec ses équipes féminines et masculines
• Les partenaires du club
• Le score en live des équipes D2F et N1F
• Les résultats
• Les news et brèves de l’ATH
• Et les règles du Handball, édition 2016/2017 de la FFHB

Vous êtes supporters du club ATH ou visiteurs, suivez l’actualité et le score en direct de votre équipe favorite.

Évidemment, cette application n’est pas encore parfaite, elle nécessitera encore des mises à jour, des modifications, des adaptations qui viendront avec le temps et son utilisation…

N’hésitez pas à nous rejoindre, à nous contacter, à nous transmettre des infos ou photographies d’anciens ou anciennes joueurs(ses).

Télécharger les données lors de la première utilisation et pensez également à rafraichir régulièrement l’application en appuyant sur le bouton de synchronisation en haut à droite de la page de garde ou du score en livre et brèves.

Une note dans le store et un petit commentaire feront toujours plaisir… merci d’avance !!

Sportivement !!!


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Space Matters EDU Space Matters EDU

Have you ever wanted to learn about the stars but didn’t know where to start? Or maybe you’ve been interested in hearing what NASA has been up to? Learn all about them with Space Matters.

New to Space Matters? Follow us on Facebook!

Space Matters is the space-education app for people of all ages and backgrounds. Facts are easy to learn and come with high-resolution images. A news tab is available for easy access to recent space articles so you never miss out on the next great space discovery.

Space Matters features include:

• Multiple tabs to discover space-related content
• Education facts about the solar system and outer space missions
• Up-to-date news articles pulled from the web

We’ll be adding a lot more features soon so stay tuned!


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Financial Notices Financial Notices

Financial Notices is the first financial notice portal in Nepal that presents you with every financial institution’s notice, information, and data through the web. Financially related notices published in daily newspapers and web portals of Commercial Bank, Development Bank, Finance, Micro Finance, Insurance, Merchant Banker, and Cooperatives are included.

Viewers can find accurate information of Branch locations, ATM networks, Branch less banking agent and, insurance agent.

Financial Notices Features:
1. Filter Option
Users can easily filter notice of specific bank and financial institutions as per different categories.

2. Notification
All registered users get notification of updated notices after setting filter option.

Users can marked required notices as favourite.

4.Download & Share Facility
User can download and share notices in their respective social media.

5. Date Based Search Facility
Users can search notices according to the date.

6. Latest financial News
Viewers find financial news related to financial institutions which is published in various economic web portals in Nepal.

7. Finacial Institutions info
All the information regarding the Branch locations, ATM Networks and Branchless Banking Agents can be found easily.

8. Daily Share Price
User can get complete information of share market, Today’s Share Price. (Traded Companies, No. Of Transaction, Max Price, Min Price, Closing Price, Traded Shares, Amount, Previous Closing, Difference Rs.)

9. Economic Horoscopes
Users can find out free daily, weekly, monthly and yearly economic horoscopes insights to make smart move with your liquid fund.

11. Share IPO/FPO Results
Users can find out the Share IPO/ FPO application result by Full Name and BOID Number.

11. EMI Calculator
Users can use the EMI calculator to calculate their monthly loan EMI payouts. EMI is the payment which the borrower makes every month towards loan repayment of the loan. EMI constitutes the principal amount along with the accrued interest.

12. Foreign exchange rate:
Users can get daily latest update of foreign exchange rate price.

13. PAN No. Search Facility:
It’s helps to search for your PAN Card details easily.

14. Financial Literacy
It plays a vital role to promote the financial literacy among the general public.

15. Covers all Newspaper
Users can find all financial related notices published in different newspapers.

16. Secure & Fast
Users can easily get instant and accurate information related to any financial institutations.

17. Amazing Support
Users can get direct help of authority in case of need.

18. Mero Share Login
User can fill the share online for all the IPO / FPO, right/ bonus shares in one place. This is the link of meroshare login.


The financial notices service is provided by Triumph Media Pvt. Ltd. Triumph Media is a professional digital advertising agency established with a vision to enhance and utilize the web industry whilst attracting relevant viewers to their portal. Our mission is to establish long-term relationship with clients based on trust and commitment.The next stage in our business model is to make people’s “right to Information,” secured in the context of financial notices, thus making them aware of all necessary information & updates without trawling through newspapers. We aim to gather all past/present financial notices & information and hold it all in one place and provide customers with an effective financial information online hub in Nepal.


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Garv Punjab Garv Punjab

GARV PUNJAB TV – A premium infotainment Punjabi TV channel with high quality HD content based on rich Punjabi ethos. This includes entertainment shows, culture, news, live and recorded community events, heritage, business, current affairs, Live talk shows and music. A channel with a fragrance of Punjab values, culture, religion and ethics. The highly engaging Programs produced in Punjab (India), Canada and the USA with professional teams in each region.


– Compatibility with earlier versions of iOS

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AgWiki AgWiki

AgWiki is a community of farmers, researchers, nutritionists, and consultants seeking to discover solutions to sustainability and world hunger…socially. Our mission is to connect agriculturalists from all over the world. In short, our mission is “To Solve World Food Problems Socially.”

Our ambition is to facilitate relationship-building, improve environmental production practices, and eliminate unnecessary food waste.

Learn more about our app features below:

Join groups with similar interests, geolocations, and topics.

You can private message and share with anyone in the network.

Share research documents with your followers or in groups.

Nothing to download. Takes no space on your PC, tablet, or phone.

News on all ag topics aggregated from around the world and always up-to-date.

Never miss a beat with the latest market updates and analysis on ag commodities.

Ag experts from around the world provide analysis, advice, and commentary on AgWiki.

Get the latest real-time weather updates and forecasts for your local area.

Find or sell used equipment or connect with a local equipment dealer to buy it new.

Stay on top of emerging trends and industry happenings, along with reports & updates.


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Campuskonekt Campuskonekt

Campuskonekt offers campus students the opportunity to grow one another through showcase of their creative works, talents, businesses and also provide them with the platform to build relevant network of friends, co-collaborators, business partners from different campuses all over the world.

School days can be frustrating or fun and interesting with the right persons. We want to make sure campus and college students make the most out of these days and most importantly stay connected even after moving on with life.

On CK you can:
– Share images, videos and audios and let people rate, comment or hype them.
– Search and make new friends from different campuses all over the world.
– Private messaging with your peers
– Find interesting and recent news about what’s happening in your campus.
– See friends nearby and follow them up
– Read edifying articles and stories.
– Buy and sell both new and fairly used products.

…And so much more still on the way

The CK team is committed to bringing you the best. We will appreciate your suggestions and reviews on how to make this platform better for all.

Enjoy while being konekted!!


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