RealityScan RealityScan

Capture the world with RealityScan, a free 3D scanning app with cloud processing. Create realistic 3D models with your iPhone or iPad, and upload them directly to Sketchfab.

3D scan objects easily—wherever you are
– No special hardware! Scan with just your phone.
– Preview portrayal in colors to reflect photo coverage of the model for quality check.
– Easily select objects for export with the crop box.
– Fully-automated cloud processing.
– Upload to Sketchfab, the ultimate platform for publishing, sharing, and selling 3D, VR and AR content.

Use 3D scans to:
– Create realistic assets for your game, project, VFX, or AR/VR experience.
– Create assets for 3D visualization, 3D prints, and prototypes.
– Capture and preserve your memories by 3D scanning special objects or places that have meaning to you.

– RealityScan is compatible with any iPhone or iPad device which supports iOS 16.0 and higher.

There is so much more to come—more integrations, more uses, more technological breakthroughs. But for now, we’d love any and all feedback.

And if you create something fun, share it using #realityscan. We’ll be highlighting our favorite finds on all of our channels.

Privacy Policy:…/id1584832280

Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 36.18 MB
Seller: Epic Games International, S.a.r.l. (Unreal Engine)
Released: 2022-12-01 08:00:00
Updated: 2022-12-01 12:37:36

Nufa: Body Photo Editor Nufa: Body Photo Editor

This update comes with new visuals to improve the quality of your experience! Taking into consideration the needs of our users, we are constantly improving our tool. Enjoy!
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Nufa is a handy body editing app with the help of which you can easily get a slim and skinny body. You don’t need to spend hours editing your body photos using difficult photo editors anymore. It will save your daily routine time in order to obtain other complicated skills. Nufa will help you take beautiful and perfect photos just with a click. Publish your cool and sexy photos on social networking sites and get more likes in a short time!

It is a cool photo editor app and a lifesaver that every person needs. Indeed, there was a time when all girls and men were very shy about their bodies and physiques. It was not unusual to see them photographed in short T-shirts or skinny dresses with endless blemishes and sometimes even congenital flaws. But now, the Nufa photo app is born to help people be more self-assured when they show up in their photos.

Nufa doesn’t only fit for girls but also includes different features that are really for strong guys. If you think that our body editor tool will simply help you modify your figure, you are mistaken, because it also allows you to insert some personal features to your body to look more sexy and engaging. You can review the beautiful options available on Nufa and see which instrument is most applicable to your picture’s problems.

With the Nufa figure editor tool, everyone will become a great photographer. It will help you meet the best version of yourself, reshape your body, add muscles, as well as add aesthetic filters and make a magical transformation. Simply open the perfect Nufa app and enter which body part you want to fortify and the activity level best suits your current physical condition. Our body and beauty app has progressive targets that help you stay more motivated.

Our picture editor app is simple: just a few little touches can transform your body into a model’s figure! You don’t need to be technically advanced or buy expensive apps. Taking photos without any fear has become easier for daily use. No more time-consuming for manual retouching of necks and shoulders; with Nufa, complicated areas can be made perfect in a very short time. Create perfect profile pictures that will help you differentiate yourself from the masses of social media users.

So, if you are motivated to lose a few extra kilos and get super hot, use the Nufa app to see what you could look like with another thin body. With this easy-to-use and free photo editing app everything is fast and funny.

Nufa offers Premium subscriptions that give you access to additional features. Nufa offers weekly, annual, and permanent subscription options. Premium subscriptions are automatically renewed until they are canceled in the Settings section of your account. We will notify you if the Premium Subscription price increases and, if necessary, request your consent to continue. The fee will be charged no more than hours before the last paid subscription period.

Nufa lets you look into the future, transforming your body by turning a problem into an advantage.
Download the Nufa photo editor app and share your perfect photos with friends, family, etc.!

Enjoy your Nufa!

Privacy policy:
Terms of use:…/id1633718757

– Bug fixes and minor improvements

Price: Free
Version: 1.0.44
Size: 121.88 MB
Seller: Mimesis, Inc.
Released: 2022-11-28 08:00:00
Updated: 2022-11-28 18:59:46

Fractal Architect Fractal Architect

Fractal Architect is a very powerful flame fractal creation and design app for iPhones and iPads.

It makes 2D and 3D fractal images of great beauty. A huge variety of beautiful and unique fractals can be created with tools that are both simple and advanced.

Flame fractal images can be awesome images of exquisite beauty. The eye is drawn to symmetry and color patterns, which fractal images possess in abundance.


Metal GPU Accelerated. 10 to 20x faster rendering than on the device’s CPU, an option which is also included. We have over 10 years of experience making fractal apps supporting GPU rendering.


Fractal Architect works great with touch and supports iPad features like Multitasking, Multiple app windows, Split View, & Slide Over and Drag & Drop. It has a GUI that works well on both iPad and the smaller iPhone.


Fractal Architect is available on iOS, iPadOS and MacOS. It has been on the Mac for many years and is now available there as Fractal Architect 5 and Fractal Architect X. But the iOS and iPadOS app is not a *lite* app. It has the same rendering engine as its counterpart on MacOS and the files and the Lua scripts are 100% compatible between the different platforms.


It supports the Apple Files app, with image thumbnails and Quicklook previews, and you can easily share files with your Mac or iOS devices through iCloud.


The app has 2 random fractal creation tools. Configured fractals, where you can make your own mixes of 374 different variations (the stuff that builds fractals) both for 2D and 3D flame fractals. The other random tool is Scripted fractals, where you can choose from 46 factory scripts or write your own, by simply saving a good Configured variation mix as a new script.


The script language in FA is Lua. It is used both as Random Fractal Scripts and as Tweak Scripts. Tweak Scripts let you easily make variants of an existing fractal by adding variations and doing different tasks in the app. With Tweak Scripts you can mangle a fractal totally beyond recognition. A basic script editor is included in the app. Compatible with iOS text editing apps like Textastic and GoCoEdit.


In the Transform Editor, you can change the very building blocks of the fractal or build your fractal from scratch. If you have used a flame fractal app before you will recognise the system with transforms that contain variations and are controlled by manipulating a triangle for 2D fractals. FA also lets you do the same with 3D fractals but with a 3D Tetrahedron instead of a flat triangle, editing fractals in real 3D space. FA also uses a unique system of serial and parallel groups of variations.


Here you can make very controlled random variants of a fractal by randomizing colors, symmetry, transform and variation weights, parameters, matrix, xaos and more. In this editor, you can take a good fractal and make a multitude of new great fractals from it. There is also a Target function that lets you decide exactly what part of a fractal to randomize.

All fractals you like can be saved in the Favourites, to build collections or making sure you don’t lose all the good ones you find. You can add fractals to Favourites from all parts of the app.


You can easily layer fractals. Simply select the fractals you want to layer and use a menu command to layer them. Layered fractals can also be randomized in the Variants Editor and edited in the Transform Editor.


Fractal Architect for iOS and iPadOS supports most of the features of the Mac version but not all. There is no animation and it lacks the advanced Animation Sequencer found on Mac.


GPU rendering may not work with all fractals. Render performance depends on the power of the iOS device’s CPU & GPU.…/id1445109024

For iPads, you can now show larger fractal images while previewing and editing. This looks great on the largest 12.9″ iPads as well as on smaller iPads.
You can select from 5 different sizes: Tiny, Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large.
For interactive editing, you want the images to render fast, so select a smaller editing image size that allows fast renders.
Users with older iPads should select either Small or Medium for editing. For editing, select @1X Retina.
Preview fractal images can be larger since real time editing is not required.

Price: $9.99 USD
Version: 1.3.3
Size: 28.29 MB
Seller: Centcom Inc. (Centcom)
Released: 2022-11-22 09:17:07

Philips Avent Baby Monitor+ Philips Avent Baby Monitor+

The Philips Avent Baby Monitor+ app keeps you securely connected to your little one wherever you need to be.

Download today and pair with your Philips Avent Connected Baby Monitor to see, hear and soothe your baby from your smart device.

Our Secure Connect System uses multiple encrypted links from the baby unit to parent unit and app, for a reassuringly robust and private connection.

Our app makes the most of the Connected Baby Monitor’s handy features:
• See every wiggle and hear every giggle via the full HD camera
• Check the coziness in your baby’s room with the room thermometer
• Make naptime more peaceful by setting the ambient nightlight
• Speak and listen to your little with true talk back
• Settle and soothe with diverse tracks to play, including lullabies, white noise, and nature sounds. And record your own for play back
• Easily add guest users to securely share monitoring with others

The Philips Avent Connected Baby Monitor and Baby Monitor+ use up-to-date, industry-standard encryption technology. We continuously monitor and update our solutions as technology develops.

The Philips Avent Baby Monitor+ app only works with Philips Avent Connected Baby Monitors (SCD921, SCD923, SCD860, SCD870).…/id1544760744

Just like your little one, the Philips Avent Baby Monitor+ app continues to grow day-by-day.
Thanks to our users’ feedback, we’ve fixed some bugs and improved the app experience.

This app update includes:
NEW: Live video view on home screen
NEW: Consolidated User Profile & Baby Monitor setting pages

Price: Free
Version: 1.0.4
Size: 206.86 MB
Seller: Philips Consumer Lifestyle, B.V. (Philips)
Released: 2022-11-17 08:00:00
Updated: 2022-11-23 08:30:25

Social Club :) Social Club :)

Social Club is where you meet like-minded people, or wild characters. You can discover or share interesting content, make friends or build up an audience, and then interact with them in private chats.

Social Club is a true open platform. This is your community. You decide what to turn it into.

So what are you waiting for? Now it’s time to have some fun!…/id6444059570

• A few subtle optimizations

Price: Free
Version: 1.0.1
Size: 50.64 MB
Seller: Battle App LLC
Released: 2022-11-17 08:00:00
Updated: 2022-11-20 21:46:46


Support : Record live tv
Support : Web interface playlist management
– Web interface includes adding and exporting playlists, favorites, etc.
Support : AIRPLAY full screen EXTERNAL DISPLAY
– Airplay support subtitle
Support : Parental control
Support : Automatic live stream re-connection
Support : Dynamic language switching
Support : Multiple theme

GSE SMART IPTV is a complete user defined Advanced IPTV solutions for live and non-live TV/stream.

With built-in powerful player that supports most formats including RTMP all options. Faster intelligence M3U playlist parser

Support M3U playlist formats , JSON formats , Database playlist formats etc.

If you ever want to play M3U , JSON live streams , if you need player supporting these live(non- live) streams, this IPTV is a solution for these requirements.

We have provided sample M3U , JSON etc. and ready to start. We recommend to read full instructions on menu tab.

– Built-in powerful player, No need to look for third party player to support these formats

– Support : Local M3U Playlists (user can upload via FTP and HTTP)
– Support : Remote Playlists (User can add their http remote playlists)
– Support : Secure Playlist (No need to type full url , just register http url with username , please note no need to provide user email)

– Support : Playlist Manager (User can add their local playlists to database , then edit , add , delete … )

– Support : Export database playlist to M3U format (export file can be found on and download via FTP , can be use even as M3U beautifier)

– Support : EPG in XMLTV format (xml , zip , gz formats allowed)
EPG xmltv formats can be import from local or also support remote epg source.
Remote epg source can be updated regularly.

– Support : Playlist can be upload via FTP or HTTP web interface

– Faster and better intelligence M3U parser

– Advanced built in player features:
Our player supports almost all popular formats including RTMP with all options including tokens.
No need to define separate options, just pass whole rtmp url with options , our application will handle the rest.
– Subtitle support in .srt formats, can be upload via FTP or HTTP

Extra features
-Best way to manage your playlists on IOS platform

2. Favourite playlist
– User can now add favourite channels from local, remote, database etc.
– Favourite playlist can be export to M3U, import back to database

3. Download Remote playlist to Local
– User can now directly download http remote playlist to local playlist

4. Remote playlist can be add to database straight away
5. View playlist contents
– User can now view what is inside the M3U/JSON playlist content for LOCAL/REMOTE
– Good for the beginner to see how M3U/JSON playlist works

6. Dynamic Language support features
– Language set to default language, however users can switch between 31 languages without changing device language setting
– Supported language
Arabic , Czech , Danish , German , Greek , English , Spanish , Finnish , French , Hebrew , Hungarian , Indonesian , Italian , Japanese , Korean , Malay , Dutch , Portuguese , Romanian , Russian , Swedish , Thai , Turkish , Chinese (Simplified) , Chinese (Traditional) , Catalan , Norwegian , Polish , Slovak , Ukrainian , Vietnamese

Please report any bugs if you found one or features request to [email protected]

– GSE SMART IPTV PRO does not supply or include any media or content except some sample dummy link with Sintel
“Sintel” is licensed as Creative Commons Attribution 3.0.
© copyright Blender Foundation |
– Users must provide their own content
– GSE SMART IPTV PRO has no affiliation with any third-part provider what so ever.
– We do not endorse the streaming of copyright protected material without permission of the copyright holder.…/id6443923265

Price: $2.99 USD
Version: 1.0
Size: 71.65 MB
Seller: GSE TECHNOLOGY LTD (droidvision)
Released: 2022-11-14 08:00:00
Updated: 2022-11-14 17:13:41

Reveal – photo dump ur friends Reveal – photo dump ur friends

On Reveal, you photo dump your friends daily with pics from your day. But pics can’t be seen until a random push notification is sent out – then you have 2 minutes to see what your friends posted, comment and like their pics.

You can post photos all the time, however many you like, but they won’t Reveal until the push notification is sent.

Once a day, all of your friends get together to look at all the fun stuff you did throughout the day.…/id6443991773

– Reveal Late if you what your friends posted
– Collect pixels so you can Reveal Late
– Get pixels by inviting friends

Price: Free
Version: 1.0.2
Size: 65.32 MB
Seller: Nibble Audio, Inc
Released: 2022-11-14 08:00:00

Insta360 Videos & Panos Insta360 Videos & Panos

Do you have an Insta360 camera or want to buy one? This app contains camera footage from various Insta360 cameras. In 16:9 and 360°, as photo, video and panorama. Many 360° panoramas as a virtual tour, look around in all directions. You can download some files from the Insta360 One X2, One R, Go2 and 360 1 Inch or open them directly in the app.

– over 290 Videos from Insta360 One X2
– over 90 360° Panoramas from Insta360 One X2…/id6444375436

Price: $0.99 USD
Version: 1.0
Size: 1.15 MB
Seller: Kai Bruchmann
Released: 2022-11-13 08:00:00
Updated: 2022-11-13 12:00:59

filmhwa – @hwa.min’s camera filmhwa – @hwa.min’s camera

Have the unique color of @hwa.min, an influencer loved by 1 million followers.
A camera with a special film, @filmhwa



hello. I am Hwamin who loves photography.
I have been sharing photos on Instagram since 2015.
Many people loved my photos, so I decided to release the app.

I often capture landscapes that can be encountered in everyday life.
I especially like warm moments filled with light.
I tried to capture the atmosphere and emotions I felt while taking pictures in the ‘filmhwa’ filter.
I hope you do not miss the brilliant of everyday life with the ‘filmhwa’ camera.


■ It is recommended for people like this
• who like the analog sensibility of a film camera
• who want to create a natural, basic camera feel.
• who like to take pictures of light, sea, flowers and trees

■ Unique atmosphere photo filters
• The secret of photo editing that people asked whenever @hwa.min posted a picture on Instagram.
• Reproduce emotional colors with filters made by @hwa.min.
• New filters will be added every month!

■ @hwa.min recommends filters according to the weather and situation and shows private photos.
• Filters suitable for the weather, such as holidays, cloudy days, backlight, and night.
• Filters for each situation, such as a lazy morning or a leisurely afternoon walk
• Check detailed info about each filters like a magazine on the home screen
• You can find out the date, time, location, and camera model that @hwa.min took.
• You can also see photos that haven’t been posted on @hwa.min’s Instagram yet!

■ Photo shooting/editing tool perfect for vintage film sensibility
• From basic editing functions such as brightness, exposure, and contrast
• Various effects such as grain, light, dust, etc.
• You can even edit the proportions for Instagram posts and story sizes at once.

■ Video shooting/editing tools for moving moments
• Capture the mood of the day with the @hwa.min filter
• Easy to share reel with full aspect ratio shooting

■ Wide-angle shooting, silent mode, and skin texture correction functions are also provided.

■ Instagram
@hwa.min : Follow and enjoy Hwamin’s photos.
@filmhwa : Follow us for new updates and events.

■ Customer Center
Send your enquiries to [email protected]!…/id6443723657

1. Fixed an issue where the screen layout was broken on some models
– Fixed the problem that part of the menu was not visible on the edit screen
– Fixed a scrolling problem in the filter introduction screen
– Fixed an awkward grid arrangement when shooting a camera
– Fixed the problem that the camera preview screen was tilted to the left

2. When taking selfies, the phenomenon that appears in wide-angle mode has been improved.
– If you need additional adjustments, try adjusting the zoom options!

3. You can use the zoom when shooting.
– Set the desired composition with pinch zoom/out.

If there are any inconveniences when using the service, please feel free to send it through the ‘Contact Us’ function in the app!

Price: $2.99 USD
Version: 1.0.2
Size: 97.49 MB
Seller: ARTTIC CO., LTD.
Released: 2022-11-09 08:00:00
Updated: 2022-11-12 10:21:04