Tari’ Tari’

State-of-the-art digital communications, alerting and situational awareness services. Digital communications with high-end cross-technology connectivity and flexible integration capabilities allowing you to automate incident response to a matter of seconds.


– New media gallery view to show attached files in a chat
– New Arabic translations and other text improvements
– Fixed an issue where the application doesn’t ask for camera permission if the user has declined it before
– Fixed an issue where attachment icons in the Media gallery weren’t correctly resized on device orientation changes.

Price: Free
Version: 1.68.0
Size: 89.11 MB
Released: 2022-12-01 08:00:00

Ishavskraft Ishavskraft

Vi i Ishavskraft ønsker å gjøre hverdagen din enklere ved å gi deg full oversikt over strømforbruket ditt og dine kostnader, samt gi deg mulighet til å administrere ditt kundeforhold hos oss.

I appen finner du:

— Ditt strømforbruk og kostnader, per time/dag/måned/år, og du kan til og med sammenligne med ditt forbruk for de to siste årene. Dette kan du laste ned, slik at du har tallene til eget bruk.

— Dine månedlige strømregninger med alle detaljer og betalingsinformasjon. I tillegg kan du laste dem ned, eller utsette betalingsdato om du skulle ha behov for det.

— Detaljert informasjon om din strømavtale hos oss, inkludert pris for inneværende time. Du kan også endre strømavtalen, og måten du mottar strømregningen på, helt enkelt.

Du kan også:

— Se spotprisene pr. time og dag; både historisk, og etablert pris fram til midnatt neste dag.

— Dele ditt kundeforhold med for eksempel familiemedlemmer, eller andre i ditt bofellesskap.

— Endre din kontaktinformasjon og administrere dine samtykker.

— Spørre vår Ishavs-bot om hjelp, blant annet ved å bli oppringt/kontaktet av kundeservice.

— Følge med på ny funksjonalitet, nyheter og tilbud.

…Og det kommer mer!

Vi er i stadig utvikling og forbedring av appen. Vårt ønske er å kunne tilby viktig funksjonalitet for å få enda mer oversikt og innsikt i din egen strøm. Ny funksjonalitet vil bli forklart nærmere under Nytt og Nyttig-seksjonen i appen, så vet du hele tiden hva som er det nye.

Har du noen forslag, kanskje? Gjerne ta kontakt med oss her, via chatboten i appen eller på ishavskraft.no. Vi setter stor pris på meningene og ideene dine – denne appen er jo utviklet for DEG!

Hilsen oss i Ishavskraft


I denne versjonen har vi gjort det enklere å finne frem til spotprisen. Takk for at du holder deg oppdatert og bruker Ishavskraft-appen!

Price: Free
Version: 2.5.6
Size: 27.62 MB
Seller: Ishavskraft AS
Released: 2022-11-30 08:00:00

Good Todo Good Todo

Access your todos any time with this simple but powerful todo list. Good Todo is easy to use and syncs with your online account. iPhone AND iPad versions are both included in one download.

Create new todos, edit existing todos, mark todos as done or undone. Reorder todos up and down the list. Other features include categories, viewing attachments, separate todo lists for each day in the calendar, the ability to redate todos to different days, and emailing a todo to any email address.

The main feature, though, is the SIMPLICITY of the tool. Anyone can begin managing their todos immediately with Good Todo.

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– Reorder your todos (iPhone and iPad): tap-and-hold until little drag icons appear on right. Then drag todos up and down the list, and tap Done when complete.

– View links (iPhone): tap “View links” button to turn into links any phone numbers, email and Web addresses, etc. in the todo detail.

– Full screen (iPad): tap “Full screen” button to use the entire iPad’s screen to read through any todo. This also turns on any links. (Operates much like “print” link in the web app.)

– Clear details (iPad): To clear the view of the right-hand pane in the iPad app, leaving only the todo list visible, swipe the right side of the screen to the left with two fingers.

– Capitalize first word of title (iPhone and iPad): new item in Settings allows you to decide whether the first word of a todo title should be capitalized by default.

– Swipe left to move ahead one day. Swipe right to back back a day.

– SEARCH: Pull down the todo list to reveal the search field.


“Good Todo is best system I’ve ever worked with.” – Julien Smith, co-author of “Trust Agents”

“Folks who find Getting Things Done too vague or complicated should check out ‘Bit Literacy’ [the book describing Good Todo].” – Lifehacker.com

“Good Todo is the fastest, simplest tool to help keep your priorities straight.” -Carolyn Pittis, SVP, Global Author Services, HarperCollins Publishers

“I LOVE LOVE LOVE Good Todo. It really has made me feel a lot better about my productivity and my workload.” – Nick G.


We fixed a bug that affected users trying to redate a todo.

Comments/questions? Drop a line: [email protected]

Price: Free
Version: 4.3.3
Size: 26.37 MB
Seller: Creative Good Projects, LLC
Released: 2022-11-27 09:16:41

Anaveo Anaveo

Anaveo Viewer®
Solution de Vidéosurveillance à distance

Anaveo Viewer® apporte à la vidéosurveillance les avantages complémentaires du nomadisme.

De chez vous ou de n’importe où dans le monde et quand vous le souhaitez, vous allez pouvoir accéder à vos différents sites vidéosurveillés en temps réel.

De multiples avantages et fonctionnalités :
– visualisation des sites en live (4 points de vision en simultané)
– consultation des séquences ayant généré des alertes
– relecture des séquences enregistrées
– pilotage des dômes à distance
– affichage d’un point de vision en plein écran
– haute qualité
– fluidité des images jusqu’à 25 images/sec


FlexC & Distant Access Evolution

Price: Free
Version: 2.7.27
Size: 7.37 MB
Seller: anaveo (Anaveo)
Released: 2022-11-24 08:00:00

Nomad Internet Nomad Internet

The Nation’s Leading Wireless, High-Speed Internet Provider for Rural & Traveling Nomads! Now order your Nomad Modem through your phone app. You can also pause your modem to stop billing and unpause to start your connection again!


Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 50.20 MB
Seller: Jessica Garza
Released: 2022-11-24 08:00:00
Updated: 2022-11-24 08:33:26

Pocket Cowbell Pocket Cowbell

The Pocket Cowbell brings the fun excitement of ringing a cowbell at sporting events to your smartphone!
Featuring cool designs and interchangeable styles and sounds, Pocket Cowbell is unlike anything else! Enjoy!


Price: $0.99 USD
Version: 1.0
Size: 18.15 MB
Seller: Jesse Hollingsworth
Released: 2022-11-23 08:00:00
Updated: 2022-11-23 20:58:12

ApecReals ApecReals

Ứng dụng ApecReals là ứng dụng giúp các nhà đầu tư bất động sản theo dõi và nhận thông báo từ chủ đầu tư kịp thời và đẩy đủ.
– Các nhà đầu tư có thể đăng ký sử dụng App bằng số điện thoại đã đăng ký với chủ đầu tư.

– Các tính năng bao gồm:
+ Nhân thông báo từ chủ đầu tư
+ Tra cứu các đợt thanh toán
+ Tra cứu công nợ
+ Tạo các yêu cầu cho chủ đầu tư


– Update giao diện mới
– Bổ sung chức năng đặt lịch bàn giao

Price: Free
Version: 2.0.1
Size: 45.18 MB
Released: 2022-11-21 08:00:00

Meetme Meetme

Book meeting instantly

Place your booking anytime, day or night! Ensure date match your agenda.

Create visibility online for your business

Manage your planning and let people book meeting with you instantly. Don’t get disturbed, focus on what you do best.

Secure booking

Get reminded about your meetings. Your data remain private in a datacenter located in Switzerland.

Terms of use : https://www.meetme.io/terms-conditions
Privacy policy : https://www.meetme.io/privacy-policy


Enhancements and bug fixes

Price: Free
Version: 2.3.0
Size: 19.25 MB
Seller: Romain de Wolff
Released: 2022-11-20 08:00:00
Updated: 2022-11-20 10:32:36

EAM Mobile for Manufacture EAM Mobile for Manufacture

The HxGN EAM Mobile for Manufacture app allows organizations to perform functions such as Work Management, Materials Management, Inspections, Checklist and Asset Inventory. The app, after an initial sync, can operate in a disconnected mode allowing users to continue to create and modify data even when a data connection is not available. Once the device re-establishes a connection, another sync is required to save the new and modified data from the app to the server as well as to retrieve the latest data from the server.

Certain HxGN EAM version is required to work with this version. Network connection is required for the app to sync with the server. A database script may be required to support certain versions of HxGN EAM. Contract HxGN EAM Support for more details.

Note: By downloading this mobile application, You acknowledge to reading and agreeing to the corresponding end user license agreement.


Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements
For a complete detailed list see Product Release Notes

Note: 12.0 Mobile DB script is required for this release. Script is not required to rerun if it is already applied. Please see following Hexagon Smart Community Knowledge Article 000035833 for more details.

Price: Free
Version: 12.0
Size: 186.69 MB
Seller: Intergraph Corporation
Released: 2022-11-19 13:01:56