Sleep: Sounds & Meditation Sleep: Sounds & Meditation

Are you having trouble catching enough zzz’s? SleepApp is specifically designed to help you say goodbye to insomnia, fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.
* Explore our selection of sounds and music to create a soothing atmosphere. Each melody was professionally recorded and perfectly looped to help you unwind and sleep throughout the night.
* Add a sleep meditation to your favorite melody to quiet your mind and guide you to a deep slumber. Let yourself be guided through a gentle meditation practice that will ease you into a deep sleep.
* The relaxing sounds can continue playing in the background for as long as you want without worrying that your sleep may be disturbed.
Achieve specific goals such as reducing your anxiety or clearing your mind. Blending meditation practice with soothing sounds will melt your worries away and will lull you to sleep in no time!…/id1476252089

Small bug fixed.

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Fetal Movement Record Fetal Movement Record

Fetal movement is a symbol of the existence of life in the uterus. The number of fetal movements is a simple means for pregnant women to monitor the fetus.
Fetal movement reflects the baby’s development. Use this app to record the number of fetal movements and pay attention to the baby’s growth.…/id1495151128

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Pregnancy Assistant Pregnancy Assistant

A software dedicated to remind pregnant mothers of birth inspection
It can record the history and the date of the birth examination of pregnant mothers in detail, automatically remind the date of the next birth examination, and specially arrange a detailed schedule of the birth examination for the expectant mothers, and urge the expectant mothers to carry out various examinations on time, so as to ensure the health of the mother and the fetus, and help the expectant mothers successfully spend the unforgettable 280 days
●Inspection calendar for reference only, the actual situation may be different…/id1494848676

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Clothing Size Clothing Size

Clothing Size is a size conversion tool, which mainly provides the size conversion of tops, pants and shoes in daily life. Support multiple countries. With it, you can quickly convert your own size to the size of other countries to help you buy more suitable clothes and shoes…/id1495015530

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24MEX币行世界 24MEX币行世界





1.适配iOS 9.0

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UK Driving Theory Test Lite UK Driving Theory Test Lite

UK Driving Theory Test 2020 for Car

Latest 2020 DVSA Car theory test materials including recent updates to questions, answers and explanations.

** Practice **

Exclusive DVSA study content. Each practice question contains the explanation of the answer from the DVSA, which will increase the effectiveness of your driving theory test preparation. Track your progress so that you know when you’re ready to take your theory test.

** The Highway Code **

The Official Highway Code to revise all the latest road signs and rules. Track your reading progress for Highway Code.

** Bookmark Questions **

Bookmark important questions to review them again later.

** Offline Support **

Practise for the driving licence test anywhere, anytime, without worrying about data usage.

This app is designed for learner car drivers who need to practice for the UK DVSA driving theory test to obtain a driving license.

* Crown Copyright material reproduced under licence from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency which does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the reproduction.…/id1494512344

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Seletar TMC Seletar TMC

In the beginning, Seletar TMC started worshipping at Seletar Air Base. The church held Sunday worship services, WSCS, MYF and Sunday school. In 1935, Rev Subramaniam from Tamil Methodist Church, with the help from S.M. Thevathasam and Rev S.S Bakiyanathan formed Seletar Tamil Methodist Church at Seletar Air Base.
In 2005, the Lord has blessed us with a place of worship at St. Georges Chapel at Changi Loyang Ave. We also want to thank and acknowledge Rev. Lona Khoo former pastor from Living Hope Methodist Church for facilitating the move to St Georges Chapel. We have been worshipping at Changi since 2005. Our service starts from 8am every Sunday. The pastors appointed were, Rev Prabhu, Rev Vinson Samuel, Pastor T. Jeevanantham, Rev C. Saravanan and Rev James Nagulan. The church properties landlord is the Singapore Land Authority (SLA). Maranatha Presbyterian Church and Seletar Tamil Methodist Church are co tenants of the SLA.
In 2013, with the help of former Bishop Dr Rev Robert Solomon, we started Bedok Preaching Point at Bethesda Bedok Tampines Church. The worship service starts at 5pm every Sunday. We see some progress at the preaching point.

We have been blessed with the memorable journey in which our Lord has guided us, beginning from Seletar Air Base till now at Changi with addition of Bedok Preaching Point.…/id1493883978

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– Updated Recent Events
– Other minor bug fixes

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