Ski Legends Ski Legends

Ski Legends is a free to play sport simulation game that allows the player to break into the snowy world of alpine skiing. Visit numerous winter resorts ranging from easy to very challenging and learn how to quickly and efficiently navigate around all the obstacles that lie in your path. Rocks? Deep snow? Ice? Nothing will slow you down! Collect an assortment of exceptional skiers, compete in slalom, giant slalom, super-G and downhill against your fellow players and become a legend!

The features of the game include:
– Experience the adrenaline of high speed downhills and technical slaloms.
– Become the number one pro skier in the solo career or multiplayer.
– Visit numerous skiing slopes with various obstacles.
– Compete against your friends.
– Improve your gear and collect new characters.

Note: You can install the game on your ios device for free. The game contains in-app purchases and requires Internet connection.

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Version: 3.2
Size: 196.95 MB
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Real Swimming Pool: Water Race Real Swimming Pool: Water Race

Welcome to the water sports swimming competition Top Season 2019! It is safe to say that you are going to win and swimming fun race 3d? Continue Diving into the water pool and keep flip swimming or aggressive swimming to achieve quicker speeds and swimming tips and best swimming strategies and genuine pool games 2019 and long-distance race 2019 or race and pool 2019. The powerful free-form swim is ideal yet you can attempt other expert swimming styles and how to swim quicker like backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly store, sidestroke all. Practice these stores, picked your preferred swimming crew and beat other swimming dashing while at the same time flipping all through the water. Practice water sports in a sensible 3D condition! Do your best in various athletic occasions and mess around with Real Kids Swimming water pool Race-Top Season 2019! and basic pool summer fun water slide experience.

Start water stunts and swimming ingrained instinct and water stunt title in the genuine pool and genuine swimming race game. In this best recreation round of 2019, you will end up being a saint swimmer agent as a secondary school kid in the best of children pool games and swim and play. Start the Real Kids Swimming water pool Race like an expert competitor Top Season 2019! play as a genuine swimmer contends in a swimming match sorted out by children swimming school in this Kids pool game and pool summer games and best swimming preparing.

Highlights of the Real Swimming Pool: Water Race

– Specially structured pool for school children swimming experts.
– Real experience challenge and children water race test system.
– Superb 3D swimming illustrations and HD ongoing interaction with children swimming match-up.
– Addictive interactivity in water pool games.
– Realistic livelinesss and child’s conduct while pool race.
– Beautiful pool condition
– All swim styles to practice and race
– Wide scope of game pool characters to play from.
– Addictive and insane games with intriguing challenges.…/id1481439466

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Version: 1.0.2
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Paintball Shooting Battle Game Paintball Shooting Battle Game

Get ready for the paintball battle and take part in pvp shooter contest.
Be the paintball shooter and enter in the battle of paintball survival.
Take out your nerf gun, paintball gun for color shoot.
Select your favorite paintball battle color and use various guns.
Capture the flag by defeat your all rivals to become the best shooter.
The rivals are spread all around the paintball arena and strike by using their paintball guns.
Enjoy to color strike your opponent with paintball gun and conquer that battle.
Get into the paintball battle competition with multiple gameplay modes.
**Key Features**
• Easy to play
• Amazing paintball gunner characters with multiple shooting arena
• Paintball gun amazing shoot out environment
• Capture the flag survival missions
• Dazzling color strike as well as paintball shooting offline modes
• Build your battle simulator skills by playing training modes
• Exceedingly 3D graphics with visual sound effects…/id1480361817

– Changed Game Difficulty
– Changed Gun Textures
– Bugs Fixed

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Version: 1.0.1
Size: 257.96 MB
Seller: Arslan Tanveer
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APEX Racer APEX Racer

From the developers who brought you Mini Legend. This isn’t your normal racing game. Every aspect of your car is modular. Swap out different parts, customize and tune your car to perfection. Takedown the competition and show who is the apex racer.

Customize Your Modular Car. Advanced customization system!
Over 200 Performance Parts and over 1 million combinations! 6 performance parts categories with hundreds of parts to modify the dynamics of your car. Infinity color wheel or choose from a variety of different skins to stand out from the crowd.

Research & Development System
Unlock further customization and control every aspect of your car through 3 categories of research and development: Speed, Utility and Tech. Advancing through the tiers will also unlock aesthetics mods for your cars.

Game Features:
– 30+ Cars
– 5 Themed Racing Circuits
– 20+ Racing Tracks
– Personalize Your Race Car
– Complete Modular Car Customization

Go head to head with the competition in various racing modes that will test your racing spirit!…/id1472325713

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Version: 1.0.2
Size: 708.03 MB
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Cricket Live Streaming Online Cricket Live Streaming Online

Are you cricket lover? It is right place for they. Live cricket score & update provided all information about IPL and World Cup with fantastic User Interface. Other content is player ranking, news, Team Profile, commentary ball wise and some other like these.
Live Cricket Score & Update app is formed for good cricket sign. you’ll be able to get pleasure from live match ball by ball in single screen, no ought to navigate through the app supererogatory. you’ll be able to follow the small print of the any live match and can also see marking by overs and bowlers.
Live Cricket score
IPL and Cricket News
Point table of IPL & world cup 2019
Commentary ball by ball
Player information
Team player details
Score card
Player rank
Live Cricket Scores searches like bellow
IPL 2019
ICC Cricket World Cup 2019
live cricket score
cricket score
ipl score…/id1489166888

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Version: 2
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Wilderness Sports Wilderness Sports

The Wilderness sports app is an integral component of the JARO ecosystem, a secure sports management platform designed to aid the interactions between Schools, sports and co-curricular associations, coaches, managers, students/athletes and parents/guardians. These interactions deal with training, practice, rehearsals, competitions, fixtures and other events. Manage student attendance, welfare, injury/incident reporting, fixture reports, in game statistics. Tie it all together via JARO’s central communcations hub.…/id1487296979

Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 66.79 MB
Released: 2019-12-07 14:24:21

Dartista Dartista

Playing darts is one of the many fun ways we can spend time without going out of the house. Just simply invite your friends, then play darts! If you are alone, then you can still play darts, of course. Why not practice until you get a bull’s-eye, right?

Now, regardless of whether you are playing darts alone or with your friends, you need an app like Dartista! With Dartista, you get to learn about the different kinds of darting games and their respective scoring rules. Not only that, you also get a glossary page that will help you learn the terms used in darts.

What are you waiting for? Play by yourself or invite friends over, start throwing darts, and score them yourself! Download Dartista now!…/id1490540468

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Version: 1.0
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Live’s Fitness Live’s Fitness

Con nuestra APP estarás al tanto de toda nuestra información, actividades, horarios, novedades y promociones. Recibirás notificaciones instantáneas con toda la Info importante, conocerás al momento cualquier cambio en nuestros horarios, las nuevas actividades que incorporemos a nuestra parrilla, o cualquier aviso urgente.

Además podrás visualizar tus Rutinas de entrenamiento y dietas personalizadas, nuestra intención es interactuar con nuestros clientes de manera dinámica y eficaz.

Queremos dar el salto al siguiente nivel y ofrecerte una APP moderna, útil y fácil de usar. De manera rápida e intuitiva, con un solo click nos tendrás en tu dispositivo móvil.

Nuestra APP cuenta con un novedoso sistema de reserva de clases integrado desde el que podrás reservar plaza en tu actividad favorita, con solo pulsar un botón sabrás si hay plaza disponible o entras en lista de espera. Olvídate de tener que llamar por teléfono, de apuntarte en listas, de coger tarjetas, de hacer colas en la puerta de la sala… queremos dejar atrás todo eso y este es el momento.

Descarga nuestra APP y disfruta de todas las ventajas… no te quedes atrás y da el salto con nosotros.…/id1488758248

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Version: 1.0
Size: 12.57 MB
Seller: Noelia Monge Perez
Released: 2019-12-07 10:17:26