Anime Painting Anime Painting

It brings you a relaxing and pleasant experience; click on the picture to release the pressure. You only need to color by number; you can create beautiful pictures and download them to your mobile phone.Our Anime Paint-Coloring By Number has many pictures and has more than ten categories, including anime and anime kid, fashion, flowers, mandala, unicorns, animals, etc.Anime Paint-Simple and addictive:-Simple gameplay combined with well-designed digital markers, users only need to click on the predefined numbers to obtain beautiful pictures. Coloring has never been easier!-Much new anime, anime kid, and other pictures are updated every day. You can share your work with friends.-Rediscover the joy and relaxation of comic paint anytime, anywhere together.Anime Paint-Colorful:-More than a dozen categories of different styles to help you find your favorite anime and anime kid pictures as soon as possible!-Thousands of beautiful pictures, allowing you to fully enjoy the fun of coloring and getting beautiful pictures!-Continuous updates and well-designed wireframes will make you feel a relaxing and pleasant gaming experience!-The gameplay for all ages brings such a pleasant and stress-free moment to players, allowing players to relax and be creative.It is worth noting that Anime Paint-Tap Color By Number helps develop children’s awareness of colors and numbers.Improve their concentration and stability most interestingly and creatively.Features of Anime Paint-Anime & Manga:Rich anime themes and picture categories!Let you refresh the coloring game quickly and easily!Enjoy an exciting, unique color experience, and eliminate stress!Explore amazing daily pictures, happy colors, and get a happy life!Anime Paint-Coloring By Number is the best way to reduce stress! Discover many beautiful free pictures immediately to create your own artwork. Let us try this fantastic game and share it with your friends!

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Long Braid Long Braid

Include 24 animated stickers:

Girl saying “Hello!”
Girl makes a gesture of thanks
Girl is crying
Girl shows “tired”
Girl is petting little butterfly to sleep
Girl is riding bike with a “bye” ballon to say “Goodbye”
Girl and her friends saying ”Sorry…”
Girl and littler butterfly show “expecting” face
Girl scratches her head in confusion
Girl is playing on a swing
Girl is shy
Girl is playing with a pencil
Girl is working
Girl is playing video games
Little butterfly is flapping its wings
Girl shakes her head saying “no”
Little butterfly is angry in girl’s arms
Girl and Little butterfly are good friends
Girl is happy
Girl is working out with dumbbells
Little butterfly is eating
Girl drags a birthday cake


Step 1: Open a message with a friend and tap the “A” icon.

Step 2: Tap the Long Braid icon and start using it in your chatting room!

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Pop Art – GIFs & Stickers Pop Art – GIFs & Stickers

Pop art design stickers for iMessage with a lot of varieties, from comic speech bubble to hand gestures stickers + much more that you can use in your daily conversation to express your feeling and share your feelings.

Open any message you have and at the bottom of the screen, you will see the buttons of your app list out. If you see this app, please tap on it and the stickers collection will show up, if not, please slide to the left to find this app.

+ Tap the sticker you want into your message.

We would love to hear from you & appreciate your suggestions. Feel free to send them to [email protected] or via the app.

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Frenchie Lifestyle Frenchie Lifestyle

Download and Share ‘Frenchie Lifestyle ’
Adorable Stickers for Text messages and WhatsApp of OoGGY The famous French Bulldog Star of the brand Poshyc.

Share with your friends and all your loved ones the cutest Lifestyle Frenchie Stickers Pack for WhatSSApp and iMessage.

How to use stickers:
– Tap to put it in message field and send it

– Or Tap, Hold, and Drag the sticker to the message bubble you want to put it onto and place it where you want it. Or use your Stickers pack to WhatsApp

Have fun!  
Discover and Download Also, OoGGY in all her Stickers Packs “So Frenchie” and Frenchie Holidays .…/id1546746001

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