FriendNotes FriendNotes

This is the app that help user to record your friend appoinment and data on cloud to prevent that you will forget your appointment or data.
This app:
-Don’t have any paid content inside this app. Its free!
-Its able user to record any information that they want in this app.
-Support multiple language for user.
-User may share their information to other user in app.
-Planning to add an notification function for user.…/id6443735079

Price: Free
Version: 1.0.1
Size: 30.58 MB
Seller: Mei Qiang Koh
Released: 2022-10-12 07:00:00
Updated: 2022-10-12 14:08:02

Selfie Stickers Selfie Stickers

Make your selfie sticker packs for iMessage, WhatsApp and Telegram, share to your friends or use as a profile picture:
1. Select name and author for your pack
2. Take a selfie of you or import from photos library
3. Select a style and turn your selfie into an anime or artistic style
4. Choose an emoji
5. Repeat the steps between 2 and 4 a few times
6. Export to iMessage, WhatsApp or Telegram
7. Alternatively, sent your individual stickers to any application or use as a profile picture in any social network

For the best quality of the artistic styles, please crop the photo so that your face is clearly visible (see app screenshots for an example)

– Free and No Ads
– Automatic background eraser
– Different artistic styles, e.g., anime, mosaic, starry night
– No internet connection is required.
– Your photos are kept on your device and never sent to the cloud…/id1619509105

Full body artistic style support and improvements.

Price: Free
Version: 1.15.0
Size: 27.13 MB
Seller: Madiyar Aitbayev
Released: 2022-04-16 07:00:00
Updated: 2022-11-14 14:26:12

Street Mojis™ Street Mojis™

The Street Mojis™ App incorporates incredibly lifelike interactive, fully-customizable, 3D hand sign imagery that can be sent in iMessage and other DM apps!

With its built-in 3D editor, the wide variations you can make from the rich catalog of Mojis are designed to satisfy the creative expression of each and every user.

Developed with state-of-the-art 3D technology, Street Mojis™ photorealistic emoji hand signs can be personalized almost limitlessly, with a vast array of rotation and color options for each individual selection.

With a massive catalog of fully-manipulable representations, Street Mojis™ hand signs can be easily and seamlessly infused within a variety of communications platforms.

Street Mojis™ is the hottest and most unique App to ever “hit the streets”!…/id1610418233

Price: $1.99 USD
Version: 1.1.0
Size: 129.26 MB
Seller: VQV Holdings, Ltd (VQV Holdings, Ltd.)
Released: 2022-03-23 07:00:00
Updated: 2022-03-23 17:03:25

Roman History Stickers Roman History Stickers


Share and enjoy the ancient Roman empire’s geography, flags, personalities, people, jobs and architecture through beautiful curated stickers.

What is Ancient Rome?
The city of Rome, which is located in central Italy; and also the seat of the empire it came to rule, which covered the entire Mediterranean basin and much of western Europe. … Rome’s location in central Italy placed it squarely within the Mediterranean cluster of civilizations and became one of the greatest empires in human history producing much great architecture, art, philosophy and personalities who continue to share the world even today!

Roman History stickers aims to share some of the beauty and the magnificent history of Rome for all.

Now you can share the carefully curated greatness of Rome in sticker form with all your contacts on iMessage.

Enjoy the greatness of Rome!…/id1584431713

Price: $1.99 USD
Version: 1.0
Size: 6.76 MB
Seller: Nik Kraljevic
Released: 2021-10-30 07:00:00
Updated: 2021-10-30 11:43:53

Joe Biden Stickers Joe Biden Stickers

Joe Biden Stickers is an iMessage Sticker Pack providing 12 hand-drawn stickers with faces and gestures of Joe Biden.

You can use the Biden Stickerpack to express your feelings in any conversation.

Peel and place stickers on anything in your conversation – bubbles, images, and even other stickers.


Disclaimer: This application is not in any way associated with Joe Biden, or any organization affiliated with him. This application is not meant to have a political position. Feel free to delete the app whenever you desire, including if you are offended.…/id1591788254

Price: $0.99 USD
Version: 1.0
Size: 3.46 MB
Seller: Oleg Sedykh
Released: 2021-10-25 07:00:00
Updated: 2021-10-25 11:55:51

Jesus Stickers Animated Jesus Stickers Animated

Send positive vibes + spread the love

Brighten up your iMessages and express yourself through Jesus with these colorful, positive-affirming, wholesome stickers.

This set contains 50+ large (600×600 animated) stickers to share with your family and friends.…/id1590989770

Price: $0.99 USD
Version: 1.0
Size: 18.76 MB
Seller: The Sporting Cat Aesthetic Co. Pty. Ltd. (The Sporting Cat Aesthetic Co.)
Released: 2021-10-22 07:00:00
Updated: 2021-10-22 12:08:34

Ave Maria stickers Ave Maria stickers

Ave Maria stickers
This is a collection of stickers dedicated to Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God.
The Hail Mary prayer is included in both English and Latin.…/id1590017061

Price: $0.99 USD
Version: 1.0
Size: 23.43 MB
Seller: Sigma SKY, LLC (Sigma Sky, LLC)
Released: 2021-10-13 07:00:00
Updated: 2021-10-13 18:19:07