Train Simulator Rails Strategy Train Simulator Rails Strategy

Every new railway station represents the new step of human transport revolution; where you have to give train services from one place to another. Cho cho train is coming pick and drop passenger from one railway station to another without wasting time. Be the best train driver to drive locomotive train, steam engine or other electric trains to give best train experience for your valuable customers. Be the best player of this train simulator game and give pick and drop services on multiple railway tracks in train simulation for idle train conductor lovers. Be the best train driver and drop passenger that are already late from offices.

**Main Features**
• Easy but addictive trains simulator game-play
• Trains customization option in real train games
• Multiple railway station levels for more fun…/id1507958556

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Money Converter: Currency Rate Money Converter: Currency Rate

As the world is getting more flat, currency rate of exchange needs to be updated every minutes to catch up with the world economy transformation. Money Converter provides the most accurate and fastest real-time currency rate of exchange for more than 160 countries. For those who love traveling, this app is a must-have for your pack to discover other countries.

Money Converter Features:
√ Support 160+ Currencies
√ Fast & Accurate Converter
√ Calculate conversion in a matter of second.
√ Real-time rate of exchange updated every minutes
√ Save the latest converter when offline
√ Monitor as many currencies as your wish
√ Multiple output currencies for only one input
√ User friendly interface
√ Use 2 decimal digits for better accuracy

We are still developing more features which give you the most convenient currency converter right in your iPhone. You also need this app if you are investing in foreign currency trading. Stay updated and connected to the world!…/id1510066367

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Scotland’s Route 66 Scotland’s Route 66

Scotland’s Route 66 is based on the popular NC500.

We differ in that we believe there is more to the Northern Highlands than just a circular road.

Starting at Culloden Battlefield to give you the perfect introduction before you travel is our No1 Tip and should be your No1 Stop.

Key Features

The App has over 20 maps, covering all you need to know about where to go.

With built-in Navigation for your own created Maps.

Local weather from over 10 places around the Route.

Maps are downloadable for offline use.

Help is just a click away With our FAQ’s and Helpful video.


The Maps are split into categories to allow easy navigation for creating your own trip. Maps for B&B’s or Hotels, Camping and Caravan sites to Glamping Sites takes care of your accommodation.

The Routes attractions are split into 4 easy to understand roads, The East and the West the High Road and the Low Road, all making planning easy rather than one large map with thousands or pointers and markers.

You can zoom in on all Maps to find the exact location and markers you are looking for…

Each Marker has its own short description with links to websites for more information. Accommodation Maps also has links directly to the provider, allowing you to cut out the 3rd party and allowing you direct communication with your Host.

Curated Maps.

We have curated some Maps to help you plan your trip.

If you think your trip is perfect, then submit your Map for others to see and use.

All Accommodation, Attractions are a given up to 5-star rating, but our choice of accommodation means your getting the best on offer, no one stars here!


With Local Weather from around the route, it is easy to check if you need waterproofs or shorts at your next destination, but in the Highlands, you may need them all.

FAQ and helpful video to show you how it is all done is also available within the App.

Need personal Help, simply head over to our website and we will help you with any queries for any part of your trip.

Email us direct at [email protected]

Developed by

Email: [email protected]

Thanks to :

Britain Express

The Castle Guy

Top 100 Golf Courses

Walk Highlands

Special Thanks to

Gus Taylor
Mary Thain…/id1514600972

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Enjoy@Summer [email protected]

Where are you going to the beach this year?

With Easy Summer you find the closest safe beach to you, book your place and order a snack directly from the umbrella.

No queues, no time wasted and no disappointments. See only the beaches that interest you.

By scanning the QRCODE, you can view all the services on the beach where you are.

A convenient, fast and free system to enjoy the beach!…/id1516146515

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Pondicherry Celebrations Pondicherry Celebrations

The “Pondicherry Celebrations” iPhone Application is an initiative of the Department of Cultural Affairs. This will provide you with an enormous collection of the vibrant festivals of God’s Own Country.

A data bank of traditional, religious and cultural festivities, one can avail of information regarding the festivals, its date and venue.

Download Now & Know about Pondicherry Celebration(Festivals).

Thank you…/id1516186600

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A-club A-club

Приложение позволит вам:
– быть в курсе всех персональных акций и новостей сети АЗК;
– узнавать актуальные цены на топливо;
– упростить поиск наиболее подходящей АЗС по виду топлива и предоставляемым услугам;
– заранее рассчитать затраты поездки проложив соответствующий путь;
– задавать вопросы и получать оперативную обратную связь;
– использовать виртуальную бонусную карту для начисления и списания бонусов;
– легко следить за последними операциями по вашей бонусной карте.…/id1513150785

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Flip Flops Cyprus Flip Flops Cyprus

The mission of the app is to give the public all the necessary information regarding all the beaches across the coastline of Cyprus.

Free and Easy to use.

Everybody can easily download and use the app for free. It is designed to become a useful guide for the tourists during the summer season to get directions to the finest beaches of Cyprus.


Currently available in English


Any update available for the app can be downloaded whenever you have internet access.

Your number one guide to all beaches across the island of Cyprus.…/id1512029145

– Unlocked Paphos region beaches
– Minor code changes

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Livet Host Livet Host

Live It Up!!

Create your digital presence and reach to thousands of tenants looking for properties like.

Check into your way of business:

Your LIVET app now comes with exiting features like:


List your properties on livet platform, create your better digital presence for free. Tenants are looking online get the lead or direct booking.


Be worryfree livet captain will coordinate with tenant and you like schedule visit time, show him property so you need not to worry about anything.

Digital Payment

Recieve payment digitally.

Visit us:
Call us: +91 9398739841
Mail us: [email protected]

We’re social! Stay connected with us on

We are not done yet, and we will continue to add more customer-centric features to the app and ensure a hassle-free experience for your stay with Livet! Stay tuned for further updates.…/id1512653214

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Allie -Smart driving assistant Allie -Smart driving assistant

Allie – Handsfree driving assistant that helps you avoid distracted driving. Allie’s drive-mode acts like a driving companion that helps you stay focused and connected on road. Allies voice-enabled commands and large buttons let you focus on your driving and avoids no texting while driving.

Just use voice controls or single taps to navigate seamlessly through Drive Allie.

1. Allie automatically detects driving and launches the Drive mode.
2. Route to your next destination with real-time GPS navigation and traffic alerts.
3. A hands-free voice assistant that handles navigation, start a call, read and send message
4. Avatar Mode – Easy access to Call, Messages and share trip
5. Share your real-time location with your family.
6. Create groups of contacts and view each other’s driving history
7. View Your Driving History to improve your driving
8. Get your Driving Score for your every trip
9. Allie keeps track of your previous parking places

Allie is a distraction-free driving app which reduces distractions from mobile phones by more than 95% and reduces the risk of accidents due to mobile phone distractions by more than 25%. Allie Allie’s Drive mode Doesn’t allow texting while driving.

Allie is an automotive-grade interface designed and developed to keep everyone safe on roads.

Allie is currently available and completely functional in the UK and India.

Install Allie to keep you and your loved ones safe while on the drive. We let you avoid distractions and ensure to fulfil your happy and safe driving responsibilities with this clever automated driving assistant.

Happy Cruising !!!

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Minor Bug Fixes.
Add Some New Features.

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