Year of the Durian Year of the Durian

Plan your dream durian vacation! Year of the Durian’s Seasonal Guide to Durian is your ultimate resource for traveling in pursuit of your addiction — the mouthwateringly luscious custard fruit called durian.

Bringing you access to a network of more than 800 durian farmers in more than 10 countries, from Southeast Asia to South America, this App gives you Live Updates on When and Where the next durian season will happen and provides information and resources about each Durian Destination.

Don’t be intimidated to travel in rural fruit farming areas! Connecting with local farmers and eating fresh farm fruits is one of the most beautiful and rewarding cultural experiences.

This App supports small farmers around the world and features all farms for free. Want to see your durian farm featured in the App? Get in touch

* Get *live updates* on the durian season in more than 10 countries!
* Plan your trip with confidence by checking which farms have durians ready to eat right now or up to 3 months in the future
* Find upcoming durian festivals and other durian events

* Explore durian-specific Farms, Farmstays, Stalls, Markets, and Cafes
* Durian Hotspots can be filtered by category type or location
* Search durians nearby your current location
* Save your favorite durian destinations and curate your own personal itinerary
* Find upcoming Year of the Durian Tours and get discounts!

* Find articles and travel information about each Durian Destination
* Travel with confidence in rural farming areas!
* Book recommended hotels and accommodations nearby Durian Hotspots

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Year of the Durian’s Seasonal Guide to Durian Travel was developed by Richard Koivusalo and designed by Richard Koivusalo with direction by Hilographic (

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Exity Exity

Exity es la primera app que une el turismo y los “escape room”, te permite conocer la ciudad de una manera nueva y divertida y competir con el resto de jugadores. Exity incluye rutas para cualquier edad, desde las pensadas para jugar en familia hasta las mas “sangrientas” y “tenebrosas”

La ciudad se convierte en el gigantesco escenario de un “escape room”, el juego de pistas y acertijos que, habitualmente, tiene lugar en un espacio cerrado. Rompe esas barreras, ahora tienes toda la ciudad a tu alcance.

Gracias a Exity, monumentos, enclaves destacados, lugares con encanto, comercios… son los protagonistas de electrizantes historias, misterios, acertijos y cultura.

¿Como funciona Exity?

1. Conoce rincones nuevos, aprende la cultura, historias y ciencia de la
ciudad de una manera diferente.

2. Resuelve los acertijos para averiguar el siguiente destino.

3. Camina y acierta a tu ritmo o vive la aventura a contrarreloj.…/id1489459516

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Marco Trip Planner Marco Trip Planner

Marco is the easiest way for you to plan your next adventure.

Create your trip, invite everyone who is coming with you, and begin collecting all of the important travel details in one place. As your departure date gets closer and plans become more concrete, set your itinerary and Marco becomes your go-to app while on the go.

No more searching for important info in long email threads and group chats. No more trying to open a spreadsheet on your phone.
No more following a static itinerary in a PDF or a shared screenshot.

Marco has everything you need in a trip planning app:

– Everyone on the trip and all the important trip details in one place
– Collect, share, discuss and decide on trip ideas
– Collaboratively build your itinerary
– See your day mapped out and discover new ideas in places you will be
– Trip specific group chat (No more green chat bubbles, Chad.)
– Easily share your suggestions and recommendations with friends when the trip is over

Marco was built by travelers for travelers with the hope that we can make trip planning simple, save you time, and keep you more organized on the go. We would love to hear from you if you have ideas or want to be a part of our journey. So let’s connect:

Twitter: @tripswithmarco

We hope you enjoy Marco and look forward to hearing from you if you have feedback!…/id1462804365

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Set it Straight Set it Straight

You try to take a photo of a painting you love. You cannot quite get straight in front of it (crowds, reflections, just not very accurate or patient).

Now just take that photo without any worries and press a single button to straighten it.

Then you can save it to your camera roll or share it straight away.

Also, what about using your phone as a photocopier?
Results always look a bit amateur?

Use Set it Straight to get a perfectly straightened and cropped image. I sometimes get awful shadows from my hand and phone when I try to photocopy with the phone. Now this is no problem as I can take the photo from the side, press the Set it Straight button and get a perfect copy. As good as any photocopier.…/id1490570539

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Next Too You Driver Next Too You Driver

We are a company designed to offer a service for all types of public, especially families looking for a different form of transport using a platform of latest technology and easy use that allows a simple way the request of services by our customers from their initial location towards your destination in complete detail always offering the fastest routes available in real time, with very comfortable vehicles and most importantly the best humanized attention by our allied drivers, transforming a simple car trip into a comfortable and warm experience.

In our company we understand the great need and limitation of a large percentage of the general population that has limited mobility or lack of social and family support to achieve their daily activities such as: the need to go to a hospital, a bank, a shopping center, a gym, a park, recreational centers among others, so we create a service where our allied drivers have the possibility to offer our customers an accompaniment service for each of these activities with a humanized, safe and High quality so that you feel like in the company of a family member or friend and always be by your side.…/id1490213239

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Termag Hotel Termag Hotel

Termag Hotel App, the new guest experience at your fingertips.

Main features:
– Book trips, quad bikes, massages, special offers…
– Book your next stay directly from the App
– Be informed about news, events & places
– Real-time interaction with hotel from anywhere
– Explore beautiful ski routes and hiking trails
– View all the activities, services and offers we provide for you.
– Be always informed about all your expenses

Start using Termag Hotel App by simply browsing around.…/id1490402338

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Trotte – For Hotels Trotte – For Hotels

Trotte is a ride-hailing app for fast, affordable and reliable rides in minutes—whether day or night. Trotte For Hotels now allows hotel partners to set up travel-desks and kiosks’ to book rides for guests. Just tap to request a ride, select your preferred vehicle option and enjoy every moment with Trotte.

Where do you want to go for your next Trotte ride? Download the app, complete the easy signup process & take your first ride today.

Benefits of using Trotte For Hotels;
Travel-desk: Have your Travel desk agent equipped with Trotte technology to help guests request taxis in minutes. The travel-desk solution can be accessed by logging into the ‘Partner Login’ using a travel desk account.
Request a taxi with a travel-desk in just a few steps. Here’s how;
1. Open the Trotte Hotels App.
2. Enter guest name, room number, and mobile number
3. Select the vehicle option.
4. You’ll see the driver’s picture, vehicle details, and can track their arrival on the map.
5. Let the guest enjoy the ride to the destination
6. Make payment by Trotte money, credit card, mobile money, cash in select cities, bank transfer and more on behave of the guest.

Kiosk: In case the hotel does not wish to have a dedicated travel agent to operate the travel desk, they have the option to place the app on a tablet or iPad in the form of a Kiosk. This solution helps the guests to be able to request a ride on their own using the Trotte Kiosk.
Request a taxi with Trotte Kiosk in just a few steps. Here’s how;
1. Place the tablet or iPad on the Travel desk and login as a kiosk.
2. The guest enters their name, room number, and mobile number
3. Select the vehicle option.
4. See the driver’s picture, vehicle details, and can track their arrival on the map.
5. Let the guest enjoy the ride to the destination
6. Make payment by cash.

Trotte gives your guest an option for their every day to the premium. Some of the popular vehicle options available on the Trotte Hotel app are;

Trotte: Trotte is the original. An economical, comfortable and reliable ride for your daily commute with the best drivers.

Trotte LUX: Are you riding with friends and family? Trotte LUX is an inexpensive Luxury car, with room for everyone and that extra bag.

Tuk Tuk: Got a quick errand? Get a low-cost Tuk Tuk.

Moto: Hate waiting on Traffic each day? Trotte Moto is the best way of beating traffic. Just by the touch of a button get a low-cost Moto within minutes.

Trotte App features:
Know your trip fare upfront before requesting a ride.
Set your pickup location (E.g. Home, Work, Airport, Railway station, current location, etc.)
See all available cabs near your location being displayed on the map
Tap the type of vehicle you want & tap ‘RIDE NOW’ or ‘LATER’
Get instant confirmation with trip details
Track your driver in realtime
Pay by Trotte money, credit card, mobile money, cash in select cities, bank transfer and more. We’ll email you the receipt after every trip.

Get info if Trotte is available in your city at
Follow us on Twitter at
Like us on Facebook at

Need help? Just head out to…/id1487916828

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Gravity Haus Gravity Haus

Download the Gravity Haus app to connect with a community of like-minded outdoor enthusiasts, book unique experiences, and unlock insider experiences in Colorado and throughout the world.

Join the Gravity Haus community and unlock special discounts. Get active and social with community of outdoor enthusiasts. Unlock 15% off F&B discounts, unlimited usage of StarterHaus coworking space, attend members-only social and active happenings, and unlimited Dryland Sports fitness & recovery sessions.

For Gravity Haus hotel guests, download the app to unlock insider experiences and convenience. Optimize your entire stay. Order your gear, request more towels, sign up for fitness classes, check-out, & more. Save time so you can make the most of your stay.…/id1467235137

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Hoedspruit Hoedspruit

This is the official Tourism Mobile Application of the Hoedspruit Area, providing Safety, Security and Information to the industry as well as National and International visitors to the region. Our Panic button is handy in case of any Emergency. App users will also be notified about dangers, specials, and events in the area. As the official map developers in the region, we will provide maps to all that require them. This app is the information portal to the region which will provide info on accommodation, safaris and more……/id1490619037

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