Weather Tracker & Live Alerts Weather Tracker & Live Alerts

It’s easy to receive the weather condition around you and all over the world. Get live alerts, minutes-by-minute weather updates, and your entire local forecast information directly to your phone in just a couple of minutes.

Check the weather of different cities before travelling and don’t forget any detail to enjoy the maximum of every trip.

Don’t worry about interrupting your plans because of the bad weather receiving all the information you need to know about the current conditions in your city and some of the most important cities around the world.

Receive a daily report with the latest weather data and be aware of how the day is going to be.

Look for specific locations and places to check how the weather like is.

Receive updates with real-time weather changes for you to don’t be surprised.

Current pressure, humidity, wind speed, and some other important weather information.

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Weather Radar-Tracker & Storm Weather Radar-Tracker & Storm

The interface is exquisitely displayed and the weather forecast app is simple to operate. It presents the weather conditions of the day, the weather of the next 15 days, and the health index in the most intuitive way, which is convenient for viewing and giving you the most intimate protection.

【accurate locating】
▪ The location is accurate to the county and the location is accurate. The weather forecast is more accurate.

【Weather forecast】
▪ 24h real-time weather forecast, the area rainfall is known early, make preparations before going out, so you can travel with peace of mind.
▪ Weather forecast for the next 15 days, the weather will be known in advance in the next 15 days, and more weather information will be mastered to ensure your travel safety.
▪ Real-time weather warning reminder, weather warning by color level, weather conditions can be mastered.
▪ Minute rain reminder, understand the travel status in real time, make travel preparation and protection.

【Health index】
▪ Daily dressing suggestions, providing professional advice, dressing suits the weather of the day.
▪ Air quality indicators remind you to do proper travel protection, wear masks to travel in dusty weather to protect your health.
▪ The air quality index in the next 5 days, the air index is mastered, suitable for long-term business trips to do travel protection.

【Special feature】
▪ The display of new weather icons brings a different visual experience.
▪ Rain belt position reminder, real-time know the rain position.
▪Calculation of rainfall probability, to do safety protection in advance.

The weather speed version brings you a new visual experience with different previous user interfaces and a new forecast reminder method. It features weather reminder messages. The weather news is controlled by you to give you the most intimate protection.…/id1522640110

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Version: 1.0.0
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EarthDesk TV EarthDesk TV

EarthDesk TV is a map-lover’s dream and a stunning display for your Apple TV. The app converts your Apple TV into a beautifully crisp, near real-time, dynamic image of our planet, continuously updating throughout the day. The application uses current satellite weather data to display global cloud coverage with transparency and moonlight reflection, as well as accurate sun, moon, and city lighting. Configure the map, sit back, and enjoy the view!

EarthDesk includes four beautiful, high-resolution maps and four map projections, including a brilliant globe.

Without a data subscription, EarthDesk’s cloud data updates every six hours at a detail level of 2 megapixels. An optional data subscription is available for 1, 3, 6 and 12-month periods. Data subscriptions include more frequent high-resolution cloud data at 16 times more detail than free cloud images, as well as near real-time earthquakes, tropical storms, and International Space Station tracking.

Adding a Standard Data Subscription gives you high-resolution clouds updated every three hours and earthquakes updated every 15 minutes, as well as tropical storms and the position and track of the International Space Station. Adding a Premium Data Subscription gives you high-resolution clouds updated every hour and earthquakes updated every minute, as well as tropical storms and the position and track of the International Space Station.

– High-resolution clouds are precisely geo-located and parallax-corrected, with data from up to 23 satellites, including polar regions, at a detail of 32 megapixels.

– Choose the minimum earthquake magnitude to display, the number of days to be displayed, and whether to fade out older quakes.

– Track major tropical storms, cyclones, typhoons, and hurricanes. Choose how to label the storm and whether to display the Safir-Simpson category.

– Follow the International Space Station, including its recent and future track.

EarthDesk TV is designed to match as closely as possible the features and functionality of our EarthDesk desktop software for Mac and Windows. Differences are due to the varying capabilities of each platform.  EarthDesk’s wide variety of map projections and graphic styles gives you complete control over the maps on your TV and make a wonderful showpiece for your home or office.…/id1489010548

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Icona Meteo Icona Meteo

Icona Meteo è l’app con le previsioni meteo di Meteo Expert, l’unica App meteo gestita da un centro di ricerca applicata in ambito meteorologico e climatologico d’Italia.
Scarica GRATUITAMENTE l’App di IconaMeteo e resta sempre aggiornato sul tempo previsto nella tua città con un’app.
Semplice, veloce e con una grafica innovativa: Icona Meteo è l’unica ad avere le icone animate per descrivere al meglio l’evoluzione meteo nell’arco della giornata.
Perché il tempo cambia ma la qualità resta, grazie al continuo monitoraggio da parte dei meteorologi qualificati e certificati di Meteo Expert.…/id1523645012

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Pwoteksyon Sivil Ayiti Pwoteksyon Sivil Ayiti

PWOTEKSION SIVIL AYITI is the crowdmapping and social network smartphone for monitoring, vigilance, alerting by each of us of the impact of natural or man-made disasters, the extreme effects of climate change, crises of which we may be witnesses or victims.

With the app locate your sighting, take a photo, answer a few simple questions to describe the level of intensity of the phenomenon and its impacts on people, properties and assets, the environment and share your alert. That’s all. In return, you can access on the map other testimonials and alerts sent by other users in your neighborhood.

PWOTEKSION SIVIL AYITI allows to report, locate and describe many phenomena:

1. Flood
2. Flash flood
3. Forest fire
4. Rock/block fall
5. Earthquake
6. Cyclone / hurricane / typhoon
7. storm surge / coastal erosion
8. Tornado
9. Tsunami
10. Landslide
11. Heat wave
12. Drought
13. High temperature
14. Heavy rain
15. Locust invasion

And phenomena of human origin:

1. Troubles and violence
2. Marine and beach pollution
3. Wild or illegal dumping
4. Accidents / road or transport
5. Fires and explosions
6. Air quality
7. Attacks
8. health crises

The app also provides you with behavioral advice adapted to each phenomenon, and allows you to learn to recognize the level of intensity and impacts, and offers you links to institutional forecasting, alert or surveillance institutions from around the world.

You can also forward your alerts on social networks.
PWOTEKSION SIVIL AYITI also allows you to:

◦ Monitor 3 places of interest of your choice around the world and automatically receive real-time notifications for any alerts sent nearby by other users.
◦ use the “I’m fine” button to notify your loved ones by notification that you are not in danger if you encounter a disaster situation.
◦ Receive notifications in real time of vigilance, alerts or behavior to adopt issued by the Haitian CIVIL PROTECTION before, during or after events causing risks.

You can create your own surveillance network between neighbors and relay proximity alerts bewteen each other as soon as a member of your network detects a potentially harmful phenomenon for the neighborhood.…/id1515284896

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FOX 6: Milwaukee News & Alerts FOX 6: Milwaukee News & Alerts

News doesn’t wait, why should you? Take FOX 6 News everywhere you go! Our app connects you with top stories in and around Milwaukee— complete with breaking news alerts, live video, and real-time weather forecasts.

We cover topics that matter most to you including local & national headlines, weather, sports, traffic, politics, entertainment, food, education, crime and so much more.

– Breaking news delivered as fast as it breaks
– Stay in the know with our in-app live stream
– Streamlined content display for a user-friendly experience

– Hourly conditions and 7-day forecasts so you’re always ready
– Interactive radar 24 hours a day
– Fresh video updates from our meteorologists

– The best source for news on the Bucks, Brewers, and more!

LET’S BE FRIENDS! Follow us on:

Our News App provides you the option to enable specific geolocation tracking for precise location-based advertisements (review our Privacy Policy for more information on our use and sharing of location information).…/id1515638586

All-new, simplified user interface. Updated news and video services to deliver breaking news and broadcasts faster and more reliably.

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Version: 5.16.3
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Vacay Weather Vacay Weather

Nothing ruins a vacation like the wrong kind of weather!
Use Vacay Weather to find out where to go when, and when to go where. Tell us your ideal weather and we’ll help you pinpoint the perfect destination, and the best time to travel. Read all about the climate of your chosen location, and explore travel options to get there. Find new dream holiday destinations and open up your world to new adventures.

Created by TV and Radio meteorologists.

Key features:
– Select preferred day and night temperatures
– Choose your ideal amount of sunshine, rain or snow
– Refine search by coast, countryside or city
– Add specific travel dates if required
– Search for best time to visit a specific destination or by geographical area
– Avoid storm and other severe weather seasons
– Include maximum flight time
– See average temperatures, rainfall, sunshine, day length and sea temperatures by month at result destinations
– Sort by temperature, rain, sunshine or flight time
– Thousands of holiday locations included
– Read climate guide summaries
– Watch climate guide videos for featured locations
– Explore travel options to end destination
– Remember last three searches
– Share results via mail and social media
– Easy to use, easy to read
– Brought to you by TV/Radio meteorologists…/id1499111158

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Weather on the Way Weather on the Way

• Never again be stressed on a drive
• Say NO to weather delays
• Know EVERYTHING about weather conditions at any point of your trip
• Be smarter than 99% of drivers around you!

Features and benefits:

• Weather forecast for points along your route
• Avoid unexpected delays
• Temperature, conditions, chance of precipitation, weather warnings

• Pick the route with the best weather.
• Choose the time of departure up to 3 days in the future.
• Easy to read forecast

• Timeline shows time and place of sunset and sunrise
• General forecast for a day of arrival
• Privacy Focused – No creepy tracking, no ads, no analytics.

• Looks even better in dark mode
• Free PRO on your first 5 trips

Weather on the Way runs on iPhones with iOS 13 and newer.
Strict commitment to user privacy – both the app and our website collects NO personal information as defined by GDPR. We do not collect your location or chosen driving route.

Global – Works in 70+ countries. Severe weather alerts only in the US, Canada, European Union member nations, and Israel

* Privacy policy:
* Terms of Use:…/id1471394318

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Version: 1.0
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