Weather Station Live Weather Station Live

Application shows real-time weather data that are collected from network of automatic weather stations in worldwide.

This network consists of low cost automated weather station that anyone can buy, connect it to the Internet and contribute the conditions. Detailed weather info includes temperature, pressure, wind speed/direction, humidity, precipitation and much more.


* Very accurate REAL-TIME weather data!
* Support for more than 200.000 stations across the world
* Fast data refresh
* Different weather measurement units supported (Celsius/Fahrenheit)
* iPhone/iPad support
* Portrait/Landscape support…/id1637487828

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Version: 1.0
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All PDF Reader & PDF Converter All PDF Reader & PDF Converter

All PDF reader & PDF converter is the best PDF reading app for all type of documents. Free PDF Reader is the best office application that helps you interact with PDF files, PDF documents easily and conveniently. The PDF app manages and displays all PDF files on one screen. You won’t need to search for PDF files everywhere on your phone. Just select the PDF file you want to view and open it. If you are looking for a simple and effective document reading application to support your work and study, PDF Reader is a perfect application. PDF Reader & Viewer Document app is a professional PDF file manager. You can easily bookmark PDF files with a separate tab in the PDF viewer app.

1. Scroll PDF Documents page by page
2. Quickly open and view PDF documents.
3. Search, scroll, and zoom in and out.
4. Read All Files Through PDF Reader.

1. Doc To PDF
2. Text To Pdf
3. PPT To Pdf
4. PDF To Image
5. Excel To PDF
6. Image To Pdf

4. Image To Text
The free PDF reader will manager all PDF files on your device by automatically scanning all PDF files stored on your device and listing them in well-organized list that can be searched and sorted by name or modified date. PDF Reader & PDF Converter is a very fast and simple to use app that helps you open large PDF files; it supports reading PDFs of more than 200MB size faster than ever. PDF Reader & PDF Converter is simple and easy to manage and view PDF files. Enjoy all features you need in a All PDF Reader & PDF viewer…/id1633445009

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Hygo est une solution innovante qui vous permet d’optimiser votre utilisation de produits phytosanitaires. Associé à son capteur développé spécialement pour cette application, Hygo analyse les conditions extérieures et vous informe sur le bon moment et la bonne dose pour disperser vos produits. Ne gaspillez plus du temps et de l’argent en dispersant vos produits phytosanitaires dans des conditions où ils ne seront pas efficaces.…/id1494676431

Vous pouvez maintenant moduler HYGO selon vos besoin avec les deux nouvelles offres HYGO !
– Vérifiez rapidement les conditions de pulvérisation avec HYGO vérifier
– Tenez à jour la traçabilité de vos pulvérisations avec HYGO tracer
– Profitez toujours de l’ensemble des fonctionnalités ainsi que l’aide à l’optimisation de dose avec HYGO optimiser
Si vous possédez plusieurs pulvérisateurs vous pourrez maintenant associer un capteur HYGO pour chacun.

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Version: 5.0.1
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UV Index Tracker UV Index Tracker

Stay safe while enjoying the sun!

UV Index Tracker is a simple app to check the current sun radiation level (UV Index) for your location. It also lets you see the upcoming UV Index over 48 hours.

The app uses your coarse location data to find your approximate location and display you the current levels of UV radiation.

This App provides only information, is not medical or treatment advice, and may not be treated as such by the user. As such, this App may not be relied upon for medical diagnosis or as a recommendation for medical care or treatment. The information on this App is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images, and information, available through this App is for general information purposes only.

The UV Index scale used by this app conforms with international guidelines for UVI reporting established by the World Health Organization.…/id1572200655

Thanks for using the UV Index Tracker! New in this release:

– Fixed a bug where notifications wouldn’t turn off when turned off in the settings
– Updated localisation

Stay safe in the sun!

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Version: 1.0.1
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Litt Litt

Discover the position of the sun at any moment: set the hour and see from what direction sunlight will come at that time.

Litt solves problems for:
• House seekers: check if your future house has natural light at any time of the day.
• Plants lovers: ensure your plants get the right amount of sunlight.
• Photographers and Content creators: find the right light to plan shoots.
• Real Estate Agents: showcase the beautiful natural light of an house at any hour.
• Architects: get an idea of the sunlight direction when scouting a location.
• Campers: decide where to place their tents to ensure nice shade in the morning.
• Drivers: park your car in a place that will be in the shadow when you get back to it.
• People with skin-conditions: know how to avoid sunlight.
• Solar Panel Technician: find the optimal panel orientation.
• Travellers: organise your journeys.
• Joggers: create the perfect path where to run.

The clean and minimal interface will ensure an outstanding and intuitive experience. If you need more control, you can access Focus Mode to discover the sun direction everywhere in the world. You can pin your position around the world to discover the sun direction in a specific moment, in that specific place.

With Litt you also have the opportunity to keep track of the sun direction during the phases of sunrise, golden hour and sunset.…/id1628751457

– (New feature) Added a search bar in the map mode;
– (UI) New design of the sliders;
– (UI) New design of the buttons;
– (UI) New animations of several graphic components;
– (Improvements) Lowered resource usage;
– (Improvements) Bug fixes;
– (Improvements) Big maintenance of the source code.

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Version: 1.3
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Updated: 2022-07-28 16:33:03

Outfit: Outdoor Fitness Outfit: Outdoor Fitness

Outfit gives recommendations on what to wear for cycling and running outdoors in different weather conditions. As Midwest athletes ourselves, we know the pain of looking at a forecast and waffling with “But what should I wear!? Sure, it’s 60 out, but what about the clouds and the wind…”

So we designed an app to help take some of this guesswork away to get you outside faster.…/id1620997537

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Spotter Location Spotter Location

Spotter Location allows storm spotters and storm chasers out in the field to track their location. Spotter Location integrates with the Spotter Network API. This integration allows location coordinates to be uploaded to Spotter Network, and for storm spotters or storm chasers to submit Severe Storm Reports directly from the Spotter Location.…/id1627932897

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Version: 1.0
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Water My Lawn Water My Lawn

Get reminders of when to water your grass based on past rainfall and the upcoming forecast. Dew points, temperature and wind are used to calculate evapotranspiration rates at your location.…/id1180747825

You can now calibrate your water sprinkler rate for more accurate predictions.
Now supports inches!
Bug Fixes

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Version: 1.0.3
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Pilot Charts Pilot Charts

Pilot charts show the prevailing wind and wave conditions in our oceans for each month based on statistics of the last century.

This app gives you easy access to all those and lets you browse them month by month.

The charts are provided by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and cover:

– Atlantic
– Pacific
– Indian Ocean
– Caribbean Sea

The app comes preloaded with the chart for the North Atlantic. Additional charts can be downloaded free of charge.…/id1616211846

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Version: 1.0
Size: 53.56 MB
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Updated: 2022-05-19 19:25:02

Weather Radarpro-rain forecast Weather Radarpro-rain forecast

The weather forecast app with beautiful interface and accurate data is the first choice of most users in the world. Weather forecast provides you with 24-hour real-time weather information, up to 15 days of weather conditions can be checked. To clothing index, UV, comfort and other life index for you to open a better life!

[precise positioning]
The location is accurate to the county and district, the location is accurate, and the weather forecast is more accurate.
[real time forecast]
24-hour weather forecast, hourly rainfall forecast, early awareness, timely accurate protection.
The weather forecast of each region on the 15th will help you to complete the preparation for your trip.
Real time rainfall reminder, message reminder when it is about to rain, take your rain gear when you are about to go out.

[characteristic function]
Rainfall radar map: rainfall distribution display, real-time data update, rainfall distribution at a glance.
2-hour rainfall reminder: 2-hour rainfall forecast reminder, take rain gear, go out early to make plans.
All the forecasts only provide you with a better guide to life, so that you can master the weather conditions, travel worry free!

The pro version is ad-free and unlimited!…/id1621449031

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Version: 1.0.0
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