Weather Tracker & Live Alerts Weather Tracker & Live Alerts

It’s easy to receive the weather condition around you and all over the world. Get live alerts, minutes-by-minute weather updates, and your entire local forecast information directly to your phone in just a couple of minutes.

Check the weather of different cities before travelling and don’t forget any detail to enjoy the maximum of every trip.

Don’t worry about interrupting your plans because of the bad weather receiving all the information you need to know about the current conditions in your city and some of the most important cities around the world.

Receive a daily report with the latest weather data and be aware of how the day is going to be.

Look for specific locations and places to check how the weather like is.

Receive updates with real-time weather changes for you to don’t be surprised.

Current pressure, humidity, wind speed, and some other important weather information.

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Contact Lenses Management Contact Lenses Management

More and more people wear contact lenses,Compared with traditional glasses, contact lenses have a wide variety of colors, which can meet the requirements of people’s eyesight, and also enhance the aesthetic sense of glasses. Your eyes are big and beautiful. Many people use it every day.
Contact lenses can be divided into daily throwing, monthly throwing, quarterly throwing and annual throwing,
You can use this app to manage your contact lenses and usage.…/id1515217782

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Gift Manager Gift Manager

Help you manage all the gifts you receive and send, and better maintain good interpersonal relationship.You can record every gift you send and receive by adding it manually; at the same time, you can view the status of gifts through data statistics.…/id1515074723

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Meteoclim Meteoclim

Meteoclim is a meteorological App developed by the Atmosphere area of ​​the Spanish technological company Wireless DNA. It focuses on nowcasting (short-term forecast) of high temporal and spatial resolution (every 10 min and up to 250 m in some areas). The main features of the application are:

Definition of alerts at current and preset locations
Map on current situation (precipitation and lightnings) and forecast for the next 2 hours
At any location:
Rain start time
Amount of rain expected in the next 2 hours
Nearest lightning distance
Active official alerts

This application is the result of several R&D projects developed by Wireless DNA that have allowed us to develop our own nowcasting models based on 5GMeteorology technology. Said technology may include different layers of information such as radar, satellite, meteorological models and information extracted from the telephone network itself. The use of different sources of information allows us to improve resolution and reliability in the short term.…/id1480805175

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Caja de Ande Caja de Ande

Esta aplicación le permite tener rápido acceso a los servicios de asistencia de Caja de Ande asistencia en cualquier lugar del territorio nacional. Solicite con un clic el servicio necesario de las amplias coberturas que Caja de Ande tiene para sus accionistas. Vea en tiempo real el recorrido del proveedor que va a asistirle y realice la encuesta de satisfacción del servicio recibido.…/id1510823454

Se ajusta módulo de video llamada.

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YourMeteo YourMeteo

Social Weather – Real time Meteo

YourMeteo is the first free social app for weather forecast. With this innovative app you can check the weather forecast through  pics, videos and messages shared by the users who are geo located in the places you are interested about! 

Are you moving for fun or work? 
Are you tired of the same old innacurate weather forecasts? 
If your answer is YES, check YourMeteo and find the pics and videos of the area you are looking at!

Are there no  updated posts?
No problem, ask the community for a real time weather of that area! 

You can share your info with anyone, post about the area where you live with your friends and family, where you work  or show the location of your vacation!

You can follow other users and chat with them, or you can explore new locations through the posts of the inhabitants of that site! 

After all, everyday we ask ourselves: what will the weather  be like today?”

YourMeteo has the answer! Download YM and start posting!…/id1497562245

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Version: 1.1
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Cal Poly Thermal Comfort Cal Poly Thermal Comfort

This app is designed to collect data from volunteers during their day at Cal Poly University. A user takes the survey twice a day and the data is categorized and the location is saved to show which building and rooms need extra heating or cooling (great start to make the campus sustainable). The data is also used for a research project to determine the effect of thermal comfort and productivity/education.…/id1514435694

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JAG Weather JAG Weather

Just a few weeks into homeschooling, the children noticed that weather predictions seemed inaccurate compared to usual, where “usual” can already be quite chaotic in Calgary in early spring! They theorized all sorts of reasons why this might be so, including:

• Using the”B” team at the weather station
• Possible difficulty predicting the weather from home
• Lack of staffing at some weather stations due to work-from-home recommendations
• Or maybe lots of meteorologists off work

When they looked into it further, the curious students discovered that the grounding of thousands of airplanes was affecting the ability to predict the weather! It turns out, airplanes gather and transmit information on temperature, air currents, and other data while they are flying. This data is used to make longer-range weather forecasts. There was a shortage of information to work from, so the weather predictions were not as accurate as we were used to expecting.

From there, “Just a Guess” weather app was invented! The children thought it might be fun to see if they could guess the weather coming up just as well as the meteorologists working with limited information. They designed the specifications of the app, including the landing page, order of operations, weather options, icons, etc. Adult help was used for the coding aspects.

Remember: The current weather is accurate, but the forecast for tomorrow and into next week is Just a Guess!…/id1514831924

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Version: 1.0
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WeatherScan WeatherScan

Welcome to WeatherScan!
This is an easy to use iOS application that will aid anyone who needs to know the weather of any location around the earth at real time.

Main Features:
* Works universally on iPhone and iPad
* Weather Simulations (Rain, Snow, Thunderstorms)
* No adds or annoying popups
* Inbuilt battery monitor to optimise device performance while running the application
* Inbuilt map to show locations
* Customizable dashboard. Simply search for and add a new location

If you have any feedback or any suggestions for potential improvements email me at:
[email protected]…/id1516086300

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Version: 1.0
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Updated: 2020-05-31 21:39:08

Insightful Insightful

NASA’s space rocket InSight is taking daily weather data from Elysium Planita on Mars. Use Insightful to check the fluctuations in temperature, wind, and pressure on the surface of Mars.

Data is publicly accessible from NASA archives through NASA’s API.…/id1516125056

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Version: 1.0
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