Me.teo Me.teo

Me.teo is a different kind of weather app. It is all about the weather in your own backyard, as monitored by a personal weather station.

While some short-term forecasts are available, Me.teo is really focused on your current and past weather data, slicing and dicing it in a way that is both useful and easy on the eyes.

** You absolutely need a personal weather station to use this app, and your station must continuously upload its data to the Weather Underground service.…/id1576466705

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Version: 1.0
Size: 14.87 MB
Seller: Pascal Bourque
Released: 2021-10-01 07:00:00

Weatherproof Weatherproof

No more wet clothes or unnecessary freezing/sweating
Let the app check the weather conditions before leaving the house. A quick tap, and you know the best outdoor clothing for the next few hours.

Rain protection
Swiftly check if you should take an umbrella with you. Maybe it´s just drizzling rain, or maybe the wind is so strong that the umbrella will not work and therefore a raincoat is the best choice. This app knows the answer!

Cold protection
The app recommends thin or thick jackets, scarfs, caps and winter hats for cold weather, thin or thermal gloves and mittens for extreme cold conditions. It simply knows the best weatherproof combination for all conditions.

UV protection
If you underestimate the power of the sun then you may quickly get sunburned. The clouds may lower UV rays by only 10%. The app will suggest the use of low, medium or high sunscreen according to today´s UV Index.
Your eyes being very sensitive must also be protected with sunglasses if there‘s too much UV radiation.

Warnings for severe weather conditions
Get official alerts for natural disasters like floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis for the US, Canada, European Union countries, and Israel.

Select your outdoor activity
The optimal clothing selection depends highly on your outdoor activity. If you will be partaking in exercise, then you will not freeze as quickly in comparison to standing for 30 minutes. On a bicycle, gloves are needed more often due to the chilling wind. The app has profiles for people who tend to freeze quickly, who tend to freeze slowly or who tend to get a sunburn quickly and more frequently.

A clean user interface with less numbers and more symbols
The user interface displays only the information relevant to you. Instead of presenting the speed of wind and humidity in numbers it shows you info signs and warning signs to see if any of those numbers have a major effect on you. This keeps the user interface nice and simple so that you can understand all the information quickly.

Improved “felt temperature”
The clothing recommendation function can only provide good results when they use accurate temperature estimations. The “felt temperature” known from many weather forecasts is useful for taking wind and humidity into account and telling you how cold it will feel. However, they only consider the temperature in areas with more shade but on a day with a clear sky, you are more interested in the `felt temperature` in the sun. The app provides this value by taking the sun´s angle and the amount of cloud cover into the equation.

Get the app now for free and never worry again about what you need to wear again!…/id1585503526

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Version: 5.4.9
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Seller: Alexander Dr. Rieger
Released: 2021-09-26 07:00:00

Weather Updates PK Weather Updates PK

We bring you Highly Accurate Real-Time weather updates Across Pakistan. Updates will be presented for easy understanding and interpretation – this is what distinguishes us from other weather portals. Keep our standard we present Pakistan’s First Highly Accurate Weather App. Get Nowcasting / Real Time Weather Updates across Pakistan.
Powered by: Weather Updates PK / Karachi Doppler.…/id1585986964

The latest version contains bug fixes and performance improvements.

Price: Free
Version: 1.0.3
Size: 43.68 MB
Seller: Jawad Memon
Released: 2021-09-22 07:00:00
Updated: 2021-09-23 18:32:34


The best tool to find weather information, tide data, buoy station information, safety, and fishing regulations for the Gulf of Mexico all in one easy-to-use application. MAPP allows you to prepare for your next boating trip in Gulf of Mexico properly, efficiently, and safely.

MAPP solves the problem of taking scattered data from many different sources and conveniently putting it in one application. With MAPP, you can view latest weather, get information for a specific tide station and buoy stations, as well as the latest safety information.

– View hourly weather, 7-day forecast, and current weather
– Get the latest tide station data by clicking on a pin to receive information including high and low tide times, tide height, and wave height
– Get the latest safety information
– Navigate to a buoy station to get the latest buoy information…/id1564134784

Price: Free
Version: 1.0.4
Size: 65.33 MB
Seller: The University of Alabama (University of Alabama)
Released: 2021-09-21 07:00:00
Updated: 2021-09-21 15:14:03

Horror Granny House Escape 3D Horror Granny House Escape 3D

This is a Scary Granny 3D – Escape Granny’s Haunted House in Town and you have to explore the house of rabbit horror game find next door Granny neighbor suspicious activities in town and escape safely before strange midnight man neighbor fat scary Granny & guy start shooting finally and caught you.…/id1586621409

fix bugs

Price: Free
Version: 1.1
Size: 312.02 MB
Seller: Ali Sajjad Waseer
Released: 2021-09-21 07:00:00
Updated: 2021-09-23 05:02:21

Weatherly Weatherly

Weatherly is designed to translate complicated weather data into an easy-to-read format for all users to enjoy. With screen time so high nowadays Weatherly makes sure you get your weather related answers in no time at all. With the easy to use interface and search functionality, there is no need to waste time on interpreting complicated graphs.

Easily customise your experience with a light or dark mode, imperial or metric unit settings and much more!

Features you will love:
– Your locations current weather.
– A 24 hour forecast for your location.
– A 7 day forecast for your location.
– Search capabilities for any city across the globe with map AND text search feature.
– Save an unlimited amount of locations to your personal list.
– View current, 24 hour and 7 day forecast for a saved location.
– A saved location displays forecasted values to its real timezone.
– Customisable wind speed units, temperature units, time format, rain units and much more!
– 24 hour and 7 day forecast graphs.
– Sunrise and sunset time.
– Moon-phases.
– Dark theme & light theme.
– Ad-free.

Where does the data come from?
The weather data originates from the global weather API provider OpenWeatherMap, providing you with pinpoint accuracy data. Don’t agree? Then utilise our weather-accuracy feature, coming soon in an update, to help improve the data.

Terms of Use:…/id1583456822

Initial release with some added flavour.

Price: Free
Version: 1.0.1
Size: 26.86 MB
Seller: Jadon Hansen
Released: 2021-09-20 07:00:00
Updated: 2021-09-21 20:32:36

Environment Environment

Singapore weather need not be complicated.

Environment aims to bring you uncomplicated weather info, not just on your iPhone, or on home screen, but also on your wrist – on the Apple Watch.

One should not have to scan through the entire app to find the weather condition reading, such as the Pollutant Standard Index (PSI), or even just the next weather forecast.

This is why Environment is designed to be simple and pleasing to use. Everything is clearly displayed and colour coded if suitable, for your ease-of-use.

View the latest PM2.5, PSI, UV index, temperature or humidity with weather forecasts, directly on your Home Screen. Each widget can be set to display a weather condition reading such as the temperature, of a specific place, which you had added in the app.
This should bring even more convenience rather than to need to open the app each time.

All weather aficionados will know that, even if forecasts are as accurate as can be, nothing beats the ever-changing rain weather map, that showcases the intensity of a rain, at a specific region. While most apps in the market only support this feature on the iPhone, Environment brings it to your Watch for your convenience.

You can view up to 2 hours of rain map data on the watch by spinning the Digital Crown, or up to 4 hours of rain map data on your phone.

View the past 24 hours of PSI, PM2.5 and UV indexes, presented to you on a bar chart.

The visuals of the app are designed to be simple, yet colourful enough for one to quickly glance at an element so as to get the information they want.

Not only can you view the rain map on the watch, you can also view Singapore’s average, and the temperature, humidity, PSI, UV, PM2.5 indexes of your current location or locations you’ve added on your phone, all, right in your watch.

Use your current location or add your own locations all around Singapore, to get the closest weather station’s data provided by local agencies for the best accuracy.

Nobody likes getting looked at, or tracked by anyone. Environment only uses the internet when it needs to, such as calling weather APIs of Singapore, as well as Apple Maps for mapping and location search. That’s it.

Environment is free for everyone to use. No ads, no frustrations, no limitations.
You can, however, buy me a drink in the app, if you wish to show support for the development hours spent on this app!

Proudly Made in Singapore.

My name is Vincent, and I have been making apps locally for quite a while now. I hope this app will bring convenience and enjoyment to you.

NOTE: Environment is not supported/endorsed or affiliated by any local agencies, official entities or apps, in any way.

Environment uses only the local data sources listed below:
© National Environment Agency (NEA)
© Meteorological Service Singapore (

Have any great ideas for the app? Feel free to talk to me via the “Email Me” option in the settings page of the app!

Thank you!…/id1569224845

Hey Singapore!

Environment just got better. 
In this update, bugs are out, widgets are in, and you can customise Environment better than ever.

This update aims to bring even more convenience to you by providing the weather readings, conditions and forecasts straight on your home screen, through the new widget.

We hope you enjoy this update, and have a great day!

Price: Free
Version: 1.1
Size: 33.19 MB
Seller: Vincent Neo
Released: 2021-09-20 07:00:00


BendAIR for your iPhone and Apple Watch is your personal air quality monitor for Bend, Oregon.

Powered by air quality stations throughout the city of Bend, this free app provides curated Air Quality Index (AQI) readings to ensure you’re always prepared.…/id1476948815

Price: Free
Version: 1.0.0
Size: 6.12 MB
Seller: 2Toad, LLC (2Toad)
Released: 2021-09-19 07:00:00
Updated: 2021-09-19 22:26:43