FishTimes and HuntTimes 2023 FishTimes and HuntTimes 2023

42 years ago, Doug Hannon, “The Bass Professor” produced his first “Moon Clock” calculator and Moon Times as a predictor of the best times to see fish, game, birds and all other wildlife. As one of America’s most respected naturalists, inventors and wildlife experts and videographers, Hannon used the times to make the best use of the time he spent in the field and on the water.…/id6444165987

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Weather App – Accurate Weather Weather App – Accurate Weather

Weather App – Accurate Weather is one of the best weather forecast apps and it is a completely free weather app. Meet Live Weather Forecast, the most beautiful & dynamic weather app, is now available. You can check weather reports, UV index, typhoon track, heat index, and thunderstorm distribution anytime and anywhere via Live Weather Forecast.
What’s more, Live Weather Forecast provides severe weather alerts such as excessive heat warnings, tropical storm warnings, severe rainfall alerts in time. With this severe weather alert & warning app, you will not have to worry about going out anymore.

Accurate Weather Forecast
Daily Forecast: Today’s weather report and 10-day weather forecast/14-day weather forecast
Hourly Forecast: Detailed weather information, 24-hour weather forecast
Get updated with current temperature, air quality index (AQI) data, minimum & maximum temperature of the day, important Weather activities in a single view
Rain, snow, wind, precipitation, relative humidity, gusts, T-storms, cloud cover, pressure, dew point, visibility, UV index, sunrise & sunset, etc
Local Weather & World Weather Information

Completely Free Accurate Weather Radar
Local Weather Radar: View real-time radar map on your home screen to see current weather at your location quickly.
World Weather Radar: Use doppler radar to check worldwide weather situation
Future 10-day Radar: Track future 10-day weather
Wind radar: Your timely storm tracker, tornado tracker, Typhoon track, and tropical storm radar tracker
Rain radar: Your rain alert to track future rain thunder, thunderstorms, and rain accumulation
Temperature radar: Check current temperature and prevent high heat

Considerate Extreme Weather Warning & Alerts
Severe weather events such as a tornado, tropical storms, hurricanes, cyclones, lightning strikes and extreme weather affect us all. Since travel and outdoor activities are severely curtailed by heavy rain, snow, hail or fog, Weather Warnings can be very useful in insuring the safety of human life. Weather Warning & Alerts will never miss any weather disaster information that endangers your safety.

With dynamic weather background, you won’t have to look out the window as Weather will make you feel like you are already outside.

Other features:
– Relative humidity
– Sunrise & sunset
– Rain, snow forecast
– Wind speed & direction
– UV index
– Atmospheric pressure (for some weather sources)
– Visibility & cloud cover
– Quick switch between Celsius (C°) & Fahrenheit(F°)

Still troubled by typhoon, severe rainfall, and other severe weather? This Weather forecast app provides the best weather radar and accurate weather forecast for free, which is easy to use! Live Weather Forecast will become a shield to protect you!…/id6443949924

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Nebraska Weather TV Nebraska Weather TV

The Nebraska Weather TV App is the weather app of choice for residents of Nebraska. With access to the region’s first all local 24/7 digital weather channel, live doppler radar, instant watch & warning info, daily forecast updates, and so much more, never again be caught off guard by storms or have to wonder what tomorrow’s weather will bring.

From Meteorologist Tim Jones, turn to the all-new Nebraska Weather TV app that is specifically designed for you! We are dedicated to providing you the very latest weather information all from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. With direct access to the region’s first all local 24/7 weather channel and much more, we are here to serve you with the latest information to keep you safe and informed during all forms of weather across the State of Nebraska.…/id6443707188

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RainParade RainParade

Do you ponder how much it rained yesterday? Are you concerned about precipitation for your crops, trees, or garden? Do you wonder if this spring was wet or dry? Are you curious if the hiking trails will be wet and muddy? Is it time to water your grass or conserve the water? Are you a coach or parent concerned the field will be too wet for practice?

If the amount of precipitation we get impacts your life, then RainParade will benefit you. RainParade visualizes data from CoCoRaHS under the Creative Commons License. Only high quality rain stations are shown in RainParade. You can search and favorite stations in areas that interest you the most, then view the station details.

Recent precipitation totals are shown on the stations details page. The totals are broken down by month and year. The totals are compared to 30 year averages to determine if the totals are above or below the norm.

Rain is essential for life and a healthy environment. You should celebrate the next time it rains on your parade.

The Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network, is a non-profit, community-based network of volunteers who measure and report rain, hail and snow in their backyards.

Volunteers use high quality rain gauges and then submit their observations using the CoCoRaHS website or apps. Observations are immediately available to the public via the CoCoRaHS Web API.

CoCoRaHS is supported by many sponsors and collaborators. To view a full list please visit the CoCoRaHS Web site. Please consider donating to CoCoRaHS today!

CoCoRaHS data is available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.…/id6444072478

Updated copy and increased the size of the search button. Changed the min iOS version to 15.0. Brought in more stations and improved map performance.

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Aeromet – Pilot App Aeromet – Pilot App

We offer efficient access to Aviation Weather, METAR, TAF, NOTAM, SIGMET, SIGWX, Flight Aware, Satellite Images and more. The most important information is stored in the device’s memory for offline consultation, and it is up to the user to pay attention to their validity.

Remembering that those responsible for the data are the public organizations that publish them, and the application is only responsible for disclosing the data, exempting itself from other responsibilities.…/id1549597697

Best performance;
Ad network update.

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Blacktail Deer Magnet Calls Blacktail Deer Magnet Calls

High above the ground, you’re sitting on a blacktail deer stand. A blacktail deer appears out of nowhere in the High above the ground, you’re sitting on a blacktail deer stand. A blacktail deer appears out of nowhere in the clearing ahead. As you grip the trigger, a dribble of sweat drips down your face. You’re aware that you just have one opportunity. The blacktail deer’s ears flicker. You aim, hold your breath, and pull the trigger.

Did this moment happen by chance?

Not this time because you created a perfect combination of grunts and doe estrus calls from your phone that lured that elusive monster blacktail deer to where you wanted him.

Bagging a blacktail deer without the right gear is almost impossible. It’s important to have a gun or bow you right for the job. Blacktail deer stands will also help you succeed. Good hunters take everything they need to bag a blacktail deer with them into the woods.

One of the most important tools for a successful hunt is a good blacktail deer call.

No longer do you need drag along bulky blacktail deer grunt calls or the even more cumbersome set of antlers to bang together. With this blacktail deer hunting calls app you can simply select from 30 different blacktail deer sounds to attract the blacktail deer to your hunting stand.

The sounds included are blacktail deer grunts, doe estrus bleats, antler rattles, fawn distress calls and blacktail deer snorts just to name a few.

You can play the sounds individually and set them to repeat after the amount of seconds that you desire. Or you can manually tap different sounds create a deadly combination of calls that will work perfectly for the blacktail deer you are hunting.

So are you ready to stop leaving your blacktail deer hunting success to chance?

If so download the Blacktail deer Magnet – Blacktail deer Calls app and get ready to bag a blacktail deer of a lifetime!…/id6443939098

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Winter OPS All-Fluids 2022-23 Winter OPS All-Fluids 2022-23

Winter OPS is an Application for De-/Anti-Icing & SNOWTAM Decoding for the winter season 2022-2023.

To ensure operational safety, the holdovertimes won’t be usable anymore, once the new regulations have been published in autumn 2023.

Contains all – almost 100 – specific Fluid data based on the FAA, EASA and Transport Canada Holdover Time Guidelines.

Degree-specific Hold Overtimes are available if your operation allow their usage.

According to the EASA Safety Information Bulletin SIB 2017-11 the FAA Holdover Time Guidelines are to be used instead of the previous AEA Guidelines.

With Winter OPS you can not only easily find your hold over time, but also set an alarm to warn the approaching expiry of the HOT.

With just one glance you get an overview what HOT other fluids would have, then choose the required or sprayed fluid to get your HOT.

Find useful information such as qualified fluids, weather definitions, anti/de-icing definitions & application guidelines.

Dark mode helps you not to ruin your night vision.

Decode the SNOWTAMs for your airports. Enter the Data by either Text input or Picker input, it’s your choice.
The Decoder translates the number and letters into plain language and lets you chose the approach Runway to get correct information for your landing.

Terms of Use are available on:



• FAA / EASA / Tranport Canada
• Weather condition selection
• Weather intensity selection
• Flapsettings
• Wingsurface
• Precipitation Speed
• Rotation Speed
• Temperature setting
• Fluid / Water Mixture selection
• Fluid selection (incl. overview of all fluid HOTs)
• HOT Display
• Start Time settings (UTC / Device Time)
• End Time settings (UTC / Device Time / Countdown)

• Application Guidelines (1-Step / 2-Step / all Fluids / all Temperatures)
• Qualified Fluids (lists the fluid names included by FAA or TC)

• Weather Definitions
• De-/Anti-Icing Terms & Definitions

• E-Mail De-/Anti-Icing Information to OPS

• Light & Dark Color Scheme

• Warning Levels (Initial Warning / Last Warning / Expiry)
• Individual Notification Settings

• SNOWTAM Decode
• Text Input / Picker Input
• Selection of Approach Runway possible
• Snow Intensity Decoder based on prevailing visibility

• iPad supports both orientations / iPhone only portrait.


If you find any mistakes in the program, please contact us at [email protected], we will then rectify the error immediately.

We are also happy to integrate user requested new features.

Some more Information you can find on our website:

If you require a template for integration into your Winter OPS Guide, please contact us at [email protected], I will then send you the documentation.


NOTE: This Application reflects general recommendations only and local airworthiness agencies’ rulemaking and guidance as well as aircraft manufacturers’ documentation must always be followed. As individual icing situations or aeroplane types/models may require special procedures, this application can never replace the responsibility of the aeroplane operator’s judgement. The responsibility for the correct de-icing/anti-icing of aeroplanes always stays with the operator of the aeroplane. Although great care has been taken by the developer, errors or misprints can occur for which neither the developer nor the FAA/TC (information source) can be held liable. The developer or the FAA/TC (information source) do not accept liability for any damage, personal injury, death or any other negative effect that may result from the use of the information contained in this application as a whole or parts thereof.
Anybody or any organisation using this application and the information contained therein does so at its own risk and responsibility and must check, among other things, for last update available.…/id6443687536

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Our Earth in 3D Our Earth in 3D

Explore our beautiful earth in 3D. In addition to the current, exact weather for 6 cities, you can explore the earth in 3D in different views. Interesting hotspots, photo locations, flight times. You can rotate and zoom the earth in all directions. The day/night zone is precisely calculated and projected onto the sphere.

– exact weather for 6 saveable cities
– Settings for temperature and other units
– 3D view of the earth with hotspots
– 3D view for flight times
– 3D view for photo locations
– Map with weather queries of the current day
– Sun, moon and zodiac signs
– Moon in 3D
– Summertime
– 360° panoramic views
– Show webcam for current city
– Weather for 5 days in advance

System requirements:
– iOS/ipadOS from 11.0
– Internet connection…/id6443698795

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Version: 1.0
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Storm MAX : Hurricane tracker Storm MAX : Hurricane tracker

Max Radar : Hurricane tracker – the most useful storm tracker weather app. Ever. Now available on the App Store.

Don’t let severe weather surprise you! Whether it is storm, hurricane, tornado or flash flood, MAX radar will provide you with current weather conditions and storm term forecast in your city and multiple locations all around the world.

subscription information:
Our weather service offers extra data and more frequent updates. It’s an auto-recurring year subscription worth $19.99 or 1 week auto-recurring subscription valued at $2.99 with 3 days trial available. By subscribing, you authorise us to charge the subscription cost monthly to your iTunes Account. You can cancel at any time. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. The account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase. Our privacy policy can be found at Our terms of use can be found at Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases.…/id1607069659

– UI Improvements
– Bug fixes

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Version: 1.6
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